Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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String Words

Rambling. That is what I’ll be doing here now. I generally like to string my thoughts, make sure they are tuned and then put them out. I have noticed sometimes that what I say comes out totally wrong. When I speak without thinking, my words are mixed, and my thoughts are mixed, so what I say, doesn’t quite make sense.

This of course has nothing to do with my moments of nervousness. I sometimes become nervous and say completely irrelevant things. This has happened in quite a few occasions and I usually can spring out of it. I can be witty sometimes, other times I use diversions and other means to distract people from my faulty words of meaninglessness.

44 Responses to “String Words”

  1. chikapappi |

    you complain about wrong words coming out of your mouth! LOL you should listen to some of the things I say then you will be completely thankful ;)

  2. princess |

    yep yep nasser u do have rambling tendancies, kitha u go off on a tangent in a rather quiete voice hehe

  3. Ri |

    As usual, a total turn-on.

    Everything you say / do / think is totally sexy regardless of how much (or little) sense it makes.


    Footnote: Where’ve you been? I’ve missed you.

  4. This Lady |

    hmm.. i do say wrong things sometimes. but not all the time il7emdillah!

  5. Amethyst |

    Cheni emthay3a?

  6. KJ |

    *laughing uncontrollably at Ri’s comment*

  7. greyshorts |

    I usually distract them by suddenly complimenting them .

  8. Marzouq |

    Sometimes people just start going and going…

    then the thoughts just come together..

  9. Soul |

    *passed by*

  10. Nasser |

    lol! I can’t imagine.

    :p I can’t help it sometimes.

    Hmm, so doesn’t matter what I say? So I can ramble, and ramble, and ramble on.. that’s reassuring ;p
    Footnote: I’ve been around, just not on here much. You’re the one who seemed to have disappeared, your latest post is from nearly a month ago!

    This Lady,
    el7emdellah! Wrong, different than incoherent at least.

    7adech ;P

    She’s amusing isn’t she?;P

    Haha, okay now that is good.

    Yeah.. like a puzzle you mean? but going on and on isn’t always a good thing heh.

    Eshd3wa, have a seat drink something, have some sweets! ;P

  11. Shaymaa |

    …and then again…. Sometimes people just start going and going

    and the thoughts just never come together..

  12. Nasser |

    exactly.. which probably isn’t good at all!!

  13. Hamitaf La B |

    you know what… I always speak without thinking… its a disease… !!

  14. TheScreamer |

    In my ” case ” ! I cant hold my thoughts coming out my ” tiny mouth ” … they’r free & wild with no fear

    my only problem is I say the right things in the wrong time or to the wrong ppl :)

  15. Navy Girl |

    well nasser .. oh wait lemme tune out my thoughts first :P la la just kidding :P

    seriously though , it always happens to you ??? or only when your mad or nervous or maybe stressed ??? i think it happens when people are stressed .. it happens a lot with me when i’m pissed !!! i’d go nuts !!!
    just relax and say whatever goes on in that mind of yours .. oh no wait .. that may not be all good .. just say whatever good things stashed in that mind .. :P

  16. Shoush |

    I think i just lose my words instead of saying irrelevant things when am nervous. But ya, it’s very amusing when ur talking to someone who is nervous and u just hear them say irrelevant things, it’s funny. :P

  17. Shoush |

    Ok, i shudn’t laugh. Wat comes around, goes around. ;/

  18. Soul |

    LOOL mashkoor

    bas marrait o ma 3endi comment fa gelt agoolek enni marait ;p

  19. Nasser |

    A disease! I don’t think we have to call it that, then we’d say you’re sick… that doesn’t work heh.

    So the ppl its the problem, get them replaced with the right people then! Shouldn’t be too hard to fix now would it..

    Navy Girl,
    LOL! La It doesn’t happen all the time with me. Why shouldn’t I say what is on my mind.. ha? tell me? what is that is on my mind that you think I should not say? la say it? say it! ;P

    LOL! Yeah hehe it is funny though ;P

    el 3afo, 7ayach of course you can always say random and irrelevant things, there are no rules for commenting like people assume.. lol.

  20. Laialy_q8 |

    it happens when i’m too sleepy to think …

  21. hammoodee |

    ur post reminded me of that song “sometimes i run, sometimes i hide” by britney spears…just kidding, well i have the “getting your tongue tied” problem and it’s not funny, maybe because i want to say so many things in so little time

  22. ammaro |

    ALLLLLWAAAAAAYYYYYSSSSSSSSSS THINK!@ before you say something :p

  23. pg |

    :p oh god u should see me when im nervous…
    its like a foreigner trying to speak arabic

  24. Navy Girl |

    oh see you started to sound un understandable already lol :P

  25. Touch |

    I bet everyone relates to this post.

    The bright side, at least you are fortunate enough to know that you’ve misspoken and that grueling feeling in your stomach keeps aching to be redeemed knowing that you shouldn’t have said whatever you had said and it forces you to promise yourself into not repeating it again. A healthy conscience with an inner alarm when you skew your designated path is priceless, unlike some people who has to be knocked on the head and still they fail to realize it.

    The question is, can you sleep at night? The restless moments when all those incidents combine into creating your mental whirlwind, knowing that you’ve betrayed your words. You’ll sleep better once you storm those moments and acknowledge them while telling yourself “N., you should control it next time”.

    Now can I sleep at night? Good night :)

  26. Kaileena |

    E 3adi! step into my shoes and you’ll know how lucky you are!

    BTW, I finished true tears! It’s nice..but also..bleh!

  27. Nasser |

    Yeah that’s acceptable heh

    yeah I know the feeling, rushing thoughts, mixed output!

    lol will do man!


    Navy Girl,
    go away :P

    It really depends how important the other person is. If he/she isn’t then there would be no need to make those thoughts linger in your mind. If the person is important then it would be okay, and probably mostly expected.

    I sent you an email about true tears, I guess it made it into your junk box. Yeah I liked it hehe, I didn’t like the ending much :/

  28. :::ShoSho::: |

    It’s good to let out how you feel.. I wish I could do that :(

  29. :::ShoSho::: |

    ait you mean you get nervous when you talk so you say things you dont intend or like if you are angry the words come out without meaning to? or you feel you say what you feel then feel bad and wished you have reconsidered what you said..

  30. :::ShoSho::: |

    LoL Now i am rambling and i don’t know what i just said.. I am not feeling good mind me lol..

  31. FourMe |

    Personally I prefer people who are spontaneous an say what’s on their mind even if it is a bunch of mumbo jumbo words.Sometimes el7achy elmnamaq w madroos is boring and reflect a boring personality. Whereas being yourself is just being yourself and giving out the true you.

    p.s. What am I supposed to vote on ?! yala get crackin and give us a new poll :p

  32. Elaine |

    I thought only me who have that problem…I overcome it with taking a rest and concentration for a while…

  33. Navy Girl |

    lesh 3shan got you busted ;P

  34. MJKOUT |

    well sometimes i think about a word to say but it comes out something else.. my compiler gets messed up when i don’t have enough sleep ..

  35. Nasser |

    lol, that is fine really. I meant that sometimes when i’m nervous or just too many thoughts in my head I say incoherent phrases!

    Spontaneous can be good, but dangerous at times!

    Taking a rest is one of the best thing you can do in this situation!

    Navy Girl,
    I’m understandable, you’re just twisting things and being mean ;P

    Heheh, yeah that happens.

  36. Navy Girl |

    meee ?? mean nooooooo nooooo :D

  37. Angelo |

    Ahh I do that all the time. Sometimes I pull a Freudian Slip by mentioning the wrong name of a person I recently met or by completely forgetting the person’s name. Of course, I tend to say stuff that’s might sound foul but it’s not…

    Don’t think about too much…we are human after all…we are allowed to make mistakes.

  38. Vixen |

    ramble away : )

  39. Nasser |

    Navy Girl,
    You deny it! :O

    Of course we are, some people however take the name thing too personally haha.

    And I shall ;P

  40. asoom |

    and that’s why we make good bloggers :)

  41. Navy Girl |

    noooooooooo your just un understandable .. i’m sorry what ? i dont undestand what your saying ???

  42. Nasser |

    Hehe, yeah I suppose you’re right there :)

  43. Nasser |

    Okay now you lost me, I don’t understand what YOU are saying ;P

  44. Navy Girl |

    thats the point ! :P

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