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My Sister, The Baby Eater

I talked about my nephew before, and that cute Japanese girl who was in our house a while back. I saw her yesterday too, she just got back from a long vacation. As soon as she saw me she came running to me giving me a big hug! She’s the most cutest kid I have ever seen! Today’s story, however, is of a different nature.. do not be shocked.

My nephew and sister were in the car talking about my nephew’s first day in school (He’s in KG1/Year 1). The conversation goes something like this (I’ll refer to her using Mother, and him as Son to make reading it easy):

Mother: What is the name of your teacher?
Son: Teacher Miss Huda.
Mother: Eh 7abeby, maygolon Teacher Miss Huda, Ya Teacher Huda or Miss Huda okay baby.
Son: Ohma egolon chithee.
Mother: Meno?
Son: El yahaal.
Mother: Eh Ba3th-hom chithee, o Ba3th-hom chithee.
Son: Yuma, laish bet-3ethenhom.
Mom: *shocked* Sheno? La el yahal ba3th-hom egolon Teacher Huda o ba3th-hom egolon Miss Huda.
Son: E, bet-3ethenhom?
Mom: *testaw3eb, o taqshi men el the7ek. She calls my mom and tells her the story.*

Later on they arrive at our home, and my nephew goes to my mom.

Son: *to my mom* Omy bet-3eth el yahal.
My Mom: *laughing* La! Ehya etgol ba3th-hom, ya3ne eshwaya menhom mo kelehom!
Son: *gets into it!* Laaaaaaaa. bet3eth-hoooom! HUMMM! *and makes a huge biting action*


26 Responses to “My Sister, The Baby Eater”

  1. Laialy_q8 |

    Kids can be so unpredictably cute ^_^

  2. chikapappi |

    cute kid :)

  3. princess |

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww hehehe thats so cuteee

  4. Marzouq |

    loooool! ya7laila, thats why I watch what I say in front of kids!

  5. Ra-1 |

    Hahahha :)

  6. G |

    LOL your nephew is something :P

  7. AlleyCat |

    Your nephew might be able to make it on SNL…

    Anyhow.. i’m not sure if its comforting that I understood what ure sister said in the same way your nephew did… Why does she want to bite them? Shako?

    I swear i’m not blonde..

  8. N. |

    lol AlleyCat!

    She said “ba3th-hom” as in some of them.
    He understood “ba 3th-hom” as in bite them.

  9. pearls |

    lool, sweeeet

  10. Chirp |

    LOL thats SOO cute!

  11. AlleyCat |

    Once again I AM NOT BLONDE… Seriously how many times do i have to state that?? ;p

    N i got the point of your story.. but when i first read what your sister was saying I understood it as biting… LOL

    Good thing i didnt waste my time and study lingustics :D

  12. Tooomz |

    Hehehe adorable.

  13. N. |

    I don’t think you are, my bad ;P Yeah I’d assume reading is different from hearing it! You want to know what’s funny? My sister majored in linguistics lol!

  14. Very.Q8ya |

    wassssssssssalim walah!! :****
    esmellah 3alaih thakkiy .. 3asa allah ekhaleeh lekom inshallah
    LOL gilt ilsalfa 7ag omeey 7ad’ha ghashat min ilthe7eeek lol

  15. EniGma |

    hahahaha yuma laish bet3theenhom?

  16. Maya // ???? |

    LOOOL! Mashallah! He’s soooo cute! :)

    Hahahahaha! Damn. And I’m here laughing like a nut after reading it. Wonder how it would’ve been like for you!

    OMG! :P Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Damn it. i got my laughter pill alright! :P

  17. Angelo |

    That’s a good idea. It makes your blog looks neat without any cluster.

    Oh my…I am in your Blogroll. I’m honored :)

  18. This Lady Says |

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.. Min sijji I am falling off my seat with laughter!!!
    Kids are so funny!! Ishawiiiiig! al7een he thinks his mommy is a child-eater 7araaaaam!

  19. shoosha |

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL moo mal u use heavy vocabulary with children

  20. Swair |

    hahahaha weshalem galba!

  21. Navy Girl |

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaay sooo cute !! kids can be so funny sometimes :D allah y5leeh lekom :)

  22. eshda3wa |



    this should be on kids say the darnest things !

  23. cixousianpanic |

    LOL! :P cute!

  24. Peony |

    hahahhaha.. !!
    omg, ur nephew is adorable !!
    allah e5aleelikm eyah inshalla !

  25. N. |

    thanks all :p

  26. Vixen |

    Kawaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii n________________________n hummm!! Ana weddi a3ethaa now!!!

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