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More Pictures

Sharm Al Shaikh - Day 2 Since I have been away for a while now, I’ve taken a lot more pictures than I have in the past decade or so heh. Anyway, pictures of my latest trip to Sharm Al Shaikh can be found on my flickr site (Just click the picture to go there!).

23 Responses to “More Pictures”

  1. Amethyst |

    I’m glad you enjoyed that trip:)

    And *sigh* ba7ar Sharm..

  2. Nasser |

    Thankies ;p Yeah, big sigh. Already missing it.

  3. Balqees |

    yaaay sharm alshai5
    such a anice place ppl say
    but i have never been there b4
    anyhoo ver nice pics :)

  4. Mrm |

    what did i say about links?

  5. Harlow |

    mashallah u take beautiful pictures

  6. Nasser |

    It is beautiful there!

    I know, but then the page will take much longer to load, its only one click!


  7. Shaymaa |

    mashallah great shots! looks beautiful! oO 7amdila 3alsalama!

  8. grey |

    Nice pics.

  9. KJ |

    *horribly jealous*

  10. asoom |

    we have alot of the same sharm pics!

  11. manutdfanatic |

    Gorgeous. The sea and the blue is just gorgeous there…*swoons*

    Glad you had fun; you did “deserve” it, hehe. =)

  12. Vixen |

    Seems amazing. Did you tan? : P

    Hope you had tons of fun!

  13. enchanteurs |

    pretty-ness!!! abiiiiiiiiiiiii

  14. Ruby Woo |

    Summer in sharm beats summer in a country where its raining!

  15. suspic |

    Nice glasses. =O

  16. EI. |

    So ! do you wear speedo ? :I

    and if you do , is there a pic to show us ? :)

    LOL !

  17. Elaine |

    Look at the blue water…Really a great place for vacation.

  18. iRise |

    the water is sooooo blue! it’s beautiful…

  19. Navy Girl |

    wow mashala that beach looks amazing !

  20. Sarah |

    beautiful pics Nassoori! Im glad u enjoyed ur holiday (even the business trip seemed great!).


  21. MJKOUT |

    Mashala the water is so clear makes u want to drink it.. exactly same as the water in Kuwait.

  22. Sh7afana |

    sharm :( ..

  23. Nasser |

    Allah esalmech thanks :)


    Haha, take a vacation and go enjoy yourself. In Dubai you don’t even have to go far to have such great scenery (I don’t assume…)

    :D These are wonderful though aren’t they! I miss it already.

    Thanks a lot, it really is isn’t it.

    Lol, e7taragt mo bs tan!

    Very! It doesn’t really need a huge budget either..

    Ruby woo,
    Yeah it sure does!

    Thanks O_O

    What’s EI for this time? No I didn’t =p and no I’m not showing you any semi-nude pictures lol.

    It really is :)

    It is, and the weather was perfect albeit a tiny bit hot..

    Navy Girl,
    It does :D

    Thanks a lot ^_^

    lol, I did get to *drink* some while I was snorkling, and trust me you don’t wanna do that!

    Go =p

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