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Japanese Girl, in our house!

Cute Japanese GirlSee that little girl? No she wasn’t in our house. But one very similar! I first saw her months ago while we were having a family gathering. A cute little Japanese girl (About 3 years old) was walking among us carrying a little pink handbag. We knew something was wrong with that picture, how did she get here!

It later turned out (I found out) that our previous house keeper now works for a Japanese family and was baby sitting so she brought the little girl over. Everyone was saying how cute and adorable she was! And she really is! Recently, I’ve been seeing a lot more of her since our ex-housekeeper comes around in the afternoon usually leaves when the family driver is ready to pick them up.

Whenever I see her in our house, I can’t help but think that a cute little anime character is standing right in front of me! I’d always try chatting with her but somehow I’d have a hard time understanding what she was saying. After much debate I managed to actually tell her something in Japanese, and so I said, “Konichiwa” She smiled a very cute smile and replied, “Konichiwaaa”! Allah ekhaleha enshalla mashallah 3aleha.

Her friend, my 4 year old nephew is a different story! I don’t know they communicate when they play together but I guess they have a way of understanding each other.

27 Responses to “Japanese Girl, in our house!”

  1. Q8cuteberry |

    First of all, Mabrook that you are finally on Safat, now we can bug you some more ;P

    Japanese babies are SO CUTE! And yeah I agree, they do look like toys or cute anime :)

    Konnichiwaaaaaaaaaa (*^_^*)

  2. Sarah |

    Small children are genuine and unprejudiced, that’s why they are able to communicate with anyone. They speak with their heart… Unfortunately, it all changes as we age!

  3. eshda3wa |


    ee i really dont get how kids can just get along!
    wherever u take em theyll find another kid and BAM their best friends

    i adore kids!

  4. Peony |

    that is the most cutest thing i have ever read.. !!

  5. Marzouq |

    me steals small anime toy and battles my gundam!!! FAAAITTTOOOOOO!!!! (Fight in Japanese!)lol!

    Ana akharib kilshay! loool!

    Give her paper and see if she can automatically draw! looool!

  6. Shale |

    I dated a Japanese girl about twenty years older than her some time ago. She was cute like an anime character.

  7. MishMisha |

    kids are so cute and surprisingly wiser than we give them credit for.. we could learn alot from them…

  8. N. |

    Allah ebarek eb 7ayatech ^_^. I’d hope you’d bug me more, isn’t it bug season anyway? ;p Yeah they are so cute! Mashallah 3aleha! You have got to see her smile, hehe.

    The harsh truth is that as we age, our communication gets worse? :/

    Yeah! That’s amazing, I think grown ups can learn a lot from kids :p

    aw! If you see her, I’m sure you’ll think she’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen ^_^ mashallah 3aleha!

    loooooooool! Wow, I bet she’d start scribing, some weird Japanese calligraphy :p Either that, or she’ll start a summoning sequence! lol, Just imagining that haha its so cute!

    They are! Have you seen some of those Youtube Japanese shows! They’re all cute, up to their old age! hehe.

    Oh, yeah I’m sure we can! I say we let them do all the work, and we should learn to be kids again ;P

  9. pearls |

    I love their silky black hair …

  10. Sarah |

    The harsh truth is that as we age, because of the society we live in, we have prejudice, we are not “genuine” anymore…
    For example, we were not born racist/xenophobe but became so (not all of us, thank God) because of school or because our parents are. Racism is just one example, there are many others.
    Adults tend to speak with their brain, always planning what they are going to say and analizing what the other says, whereas kids speak with their heart, they just say what they feel (don’t we say that the truth always come out children’s mouth? well in French we have a saying like that)
    Children are open up, that’s why i guess, everywhere they go, they always make friends with other children! And if u have the possibility one day, take a moment and watch children playing with each other (specially if they don’t “speak” the same language), u will be amazed at how they can “understand” each other.

  11. MSB |

    Japanese kids are very cute mashAllah.. next time, try these words:

    arigato: please
    sayounara: goodbye
    tomodachi: friend

  12. N. |

    Yeah, it is beautiful mashallah!

    You’re so right. This brings me to the point where I would want to know, how the transformation happens. Do kids suddenly realize the harshness of life, and the truth that is adulthood and simply lose that heart-full communication? Strange indeed. I like connecting with kids, I guess thats the part where we let our hearts speak rather than our analytic minds.

    They are mashallah. It seems you got quite a vocabulary there! :) Thanks ;) I forgot about tomodachi hehe. I know a few other words, but I’d love to put them in phrases.

  13. Laialy_q8 |

    what fun, there are a lot of Asians in the MIS program back in the states but there is this one guy i swear he looks just like those cartoon characters and they way he acts is just soooo funny
    Allah e5alehaa inshala -_-

  14. N. |

    lol! That’s cool ^_^ Some of them have such light spirits.

  15. Ra-1 |

    Hehhe cute chan 9awart-ha!
    Mako Chinese?

  16. Shoush |

    Awww, that’s so cute!

    “I cant help but think that a cute little anime character is standing right in front of me!” Lol!

    I admit, they make such cute babies! Madri leish at5ayalha she looks like Marocco the cartoon. If so then she’s

  17. Shoush |

    Awww, that’s so cute!

    “I cant help but think that a cute little anime character is standing right in front of me!” Lol!

    I admit, they make such cute babies! Madri leish at5ayalha she looks like Marocco the cartoon. If so then she’s so cute!

  18. Shoush |

    Ops, duplicate comment. Plz erase the 1st one. ;P

  19. N. |

    I did take a picture! But I can’t post it :p

    lol. They do! And I guess she does look like Marocoo :p

  20. Navy Girl |

    my god those Jap babies are just cute !!

  21. N. |

    Navy Girl,
    They are! I talked with her bit today too :p

  22. N. » My Sister, The Baby Eater |

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  23. Very.Q8ya |

    woyyyyyyyyyyy kharbo6a haddi kharbo6a ;***

    7araaaaaam u dont have a pic for her =/ 3ad 3yalhom eshawgon!

  24. N. |

    lol, enty la etshofenha 3ayal! Mashallah she’s so pretty and cute! She’s more cute that the girl in the picture :p I do have a picture! But I don’t want to post it cause I’d assume I would need her parent’s permission. :/

  25. Very.Q8ya |

    call her parents and tell them outkasty wants to c your daughter, o 6ab3an once they hear “outkasty” theyll refuse LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL fa gool very.q8ya :P

  26. N. |

    lol, Sadly, I hardly doubt they will approve :p

  27. Anime Boys |

    I really think its awesome. I should make my own blog about this =)

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