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Slip of the Tongue

Woman Calling from Work Me: Aloo
Her: Aloo, El Akh Nasser … (Is this Nasser…)
Me: Hala (Yes)
Her: Ma3ak sharekat el wataniya leletesalat. (This is Wataniya Telecom Company.)
Me: Ee Hala. (Yes, Hello)
Her: 3endena 3arth 3ala el Internet 3endena, etha momken akheth dedeega men wagtek, aw mash’3ool? (We have an Internet offer, do you have a minute to spare or are you busy?)
Me: La hala tefathely. (No, go ahead.)
Her: Blah Blah.. (Ougha Bouga..)
Me: Blah Blah.. (Ougha Bouga..)
Her: T7eb teshterek weyana fe hatha el 3arth? (Would you like to subscribe to this offer?)
Me: Al7een el wagt maynasebny, yemken 3ala el sena el yededa. (Now is not a suitable time, maybe at the beginning of the new year.)
Her: Eh *sounds a little sad* el 3areth yentehy 3ala 31/12, akeed mat7eb teshterek weyana? (Oh *sounds a little sad* The offer expires on the 31/12, are you sure you wouldn’t like to subscribe with us?)
Me: La walla sam7eny, 7aleyan magdar. (No, sorry, I can’t at this time.)
Her: OK, shakratlek – (Ok, Thank you –)
Me: Mashkoora. (Thank you.)
Her: El3afo 7abeeby. (You’re welcome, darling (love, sweetheart, *insert similar term here*))
Me: Bye.

Some of you may consider this normal, I assure you it wasn’t. I think she noticed in the end she said 7abeeby, and her voice trailed off before I said bye! I couldn’t help but laugh out loud!

P.S. Never use your own breath to blow up an inflatable bed! You’ll pass out! :/

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86 Responses to “Slip of the Tongue”

  1. Amethyst |

    Wahahaha! 7araaam. I know how that feels. I once called a lady prof (Dr. Ya3youni) Sir belghala6. Oh, and once I called her by her first name without Dr./Prof.. That was embarrassing..

  2. Mrm |

    quite the casanova these days arentcha

  3. MishMisha |

    loool mrm i was thinking the same thing!!

  4. Navy Girl |

    okay first .. ummm yeah I think she was trying to pull you on to get that offer ! lol !! I once said “hun” !! but it was totally a SLIP OF A TONGUE ! LOL I was like opps !! didnt mean that ! :D

    big no no !! I cant even blow a balloon up ! :D
    I dont know why I have the feeling that that last PS was directed to me lol .. I really just noticed the new poll :D

    so tshtrk with us 7bebey loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool ;P J/K !

  5. chikapappi |

    I does vote – some people use that on a normal everyday base, like this girl at work – 7abeeby o 3eeny o galbi is her only lingo bas she’s sweet! I would be offended personally if someone I don’t know goes like 7abeebti! :@

  6. chikapappi |

    MRM LOL! hehehe! N. is sweet :)

  7. Laialy_q8 |

    I need more choices on your poll
    “Ougha Bouga” LoooooooL that was sooo Funny
    Miskenah, zalat elsaan

  8. N. |

    lol.. Sir qaweya :p

    I know not of this Casanova you speak of!

    Who are you again!? :p

    Navy Girl,
    Lol, la maqsooda.. Hun haa??! Yes, I’ll ashterek weyakom :P lol

    I’m sure she is just sweet and kind like that, but yeah.. I would laugh about it, you’d be pissed :p poor girl doesn’t know she’s become the subject of this post :/

    What other choices would you recommend?
    That is the correct translation I believe :p
    Yeah, she’s not the subject of this post.. she’s a celebrity now!

  9. Very.Q8ya |

    I REALLY DIDN’T EXPECT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =o[

    3aib 3aib!!!!!! Its NEVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVER normal!!! ambaih 3aib =/ 3aib? o 3aib o 3aib o ham 3aib wa-aythan 3aib!!! =F

    ana ib-7alat sadma 7aleyyan wa fashlatah =|

  10. princess |

    laaaaaaaaaaaa la7ad yith7ak 3alaiha ana i do this all the time, it just slips out hehehehe 7abeebi, 7ayati, baby, babes, honey, sweety, hun, bitch, slut , ass all of those slip out to some more than others hehehehehe meskeeeenaaaaaaaa and yeah ouga bouga was funny hehehe ur silly :p

  11. EniGma |

    hehehe girls say “7abeebti” a lot! maybe she was thinking of her man :P

  12. eshda3wa |

    man that happened to me a few times
    telling strangers 7abeebe

    not a good thing!

  13. Purgatory |

    Let her call me and tell me 7abeeebi, I do not care :)

  14. DiiGMaa |

    I use 7abeby too much :P

    and stop inflating stuff ! :P
    especially beds !!!!!!????????!!!!!!!!!!

    ha ha haaaaaaay silly.. I’m in a silly mood..

  15. fadidra |

    hahaha “7abeby” along with sad voice! C’mon she only wants to close the deal… O did you see the Wataniya internet campaign? Ugh too lame, twit, stupid o they think its smart! WTH

  16. Jacqui |

    LOL Hehehe!

  17. N. |

    lol, was it you? admit it.. 3adi tra :p

    La mo 3adi, mayser it slips! La o babe ba3d? you’re gonna call a client babe? lol.

    Maybe she was :p I wont judge.

    hehe, yeah not good but it happens, so 6af :D

    Do you have a Wataniya line? She probably might.. She sounded very young, and calm not too girly, but girly enough.. just in case she calls you’d be able to recognize her hehe.

    There’s nothing called too much :p
    LOL! I bought the wrong pump, so I had to blow it up manually.. lol. Yes, you are in a silly mood :p Miss you being around :/

    I don’t think it was only about the deal hehe. I haven’t seen the campaign actually! :/ What is it?

    It was cute :P

  18. Purgatory |

    Hope she is chubby

  19. N. |

    Too bad you can’t really tell from the voice!

  20. fadidra |

    picture this bunch of women sitting in a room with laptop+wataniya net+(faj2a)
    stuff the type on the laptop from the net etkon ma3ahom in the same freakin room!!
    la wil moshkila they think its good ya3ni why wuld they bring ice+lion+keno i thnk+monkey+ etc do we really want that!!!!
    its irritating ;@

  21. Nomad |

    tsk tsk tsk…
    back to your old ways ha Mr. N. >.>

  22. N. |

    I think I saw those in Ramadan! The guy one was sort of OK, the women one was sort of lame. Especially at the end.. :/

    What! I didn’t do anything! :/

  23. Marzouq |

    Thats hilarious! Im very formal on the phone so people find it difficult to talk to me if they don’t know me! :)

  24. N. |

    Yeah! It makes it harder to talk to someone formal, but wouldn’t that just throw you off! lol!

  25. Swair |

    LOL was she the window-washer?! The same one in front of the men’s bathroom? :p

  26. Cat |

    LooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooL !!
    I did that before ! By mistake 6ab3an, kan fe customer wayed mesta3yel 3la she’3laah and I was like: ma 3leeeh 7abebi en6er eshway 3endena ’9a’36 !!!! and he was like: 7abebiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !! dam feeeha 7abebi nan6er 3adi :)
    men el fahsla 5thait wjaza 4 ayam ma dawmt :)

  27. N. |

    Swair LOL!
    I would sure hope not, the window washer guy was ugly.. she sounded terribly cute! :p

  28. N. |

    loooooooool! haha eshda3wa 4 ayam ejaza :D You made his day, you have a happy customer now :p
    I’m sure he’s going to come back!

  29. lone.rangeress |

    wht’s normal in that? kilshay lah 7idod..

    i believe that words like that should be said on specific occassions, not a day-to-day basis

  30. N. |

    You’re absolutely right. I do that. I don’t use those words unconsciously, or so I would think. However, I don’t think those who do, should really care or make a large deal out of it.

  31. MSB |

    that happened to me ONCE… i accidentally said “3ainy” to a guy on a business call.. and i did what she did… voice trailed off, got embarrassed and ended the call quickly.. i’ve never made that mistake again. i’ve since put in a 1 sec lag brake to give my brain enough time to analyze what my tongue’s about to ehabib!

  32. Mai |

    Abaii fashLa!

    WaaaYd t9er, ana last week knt akalm trainer, chan agola la 7beeby emBLa !!
    ya fashLteeeeeeeeeeeee ;/

    zallat Lsan, t9er, e7na bashar : ))

  33. suspic |

    You know what really would be odd? If she was a guy who told you “7beebi yalla, eshtirek o a36ek bossa!”.

    I always have fun on their expense, once I got a call for a job interview and this happened at the end..

    S: “Ayeb m3ai shy?”

    0 : “shityeeb y3ni?”

    S : “y3ni, mayooh 6fa7ya, bqlawa?”

    0 :”..?”

    S : “ayeb awrag? 9orat bi6aqa shy?”

    0 : “la.”

    S : “kthxbye”

  34. pink |

    ana mara gelt 7aq el khrbchee madree elnajaar 7beeby llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllla sdeet el tlfoon w knt bnt7rr

  35. N. |

    Heheh, a 1 second delay is tiering!

    Yeaaah etseer, I’m guessing a lot of guys are happy out there because of it :p

    LOL!, a guy? Err.. That would be depressing. lol.. ehya 7elo menha ely es2alat shetyeeb! o raddek a7la ba3ad! ahaha!

    Hehe maykhalef enshalla ma tetkarrar :D

  36. EniGma |

    wow its more common than i thought!

  37. princess |

    EEEEE! it just slips cuz i use it wayid hehehe

  38. N. |

    What can we say… looks like there’s a lot of sweet women out there with good intentions :p

    Yeah, lol!

  39. Navy Girl |

    laaaaaaaaaaaaaa mo mq9odaaaa wala !! :D the thing is .. when you are used to say these words .. sometime you forget that your addressing a totally strange person and shouldn’t say those words ..

    elashtraaaak b100000 $ ;P

  40. Chirp |

    hehehe thats funny. maskeena fashla , bas 9arat feeni cham marah

  41. N. |

    Navy Girl,
    You didn’t forget, just admit it, 3ady :p No harm done! Afa, la 7abeeby isn’t enough to convince me to pay $100000 :p

  42. N. |

    hehe Yeah, seems like its happened to all the ladies at least once!

  43. Zed |

    maybe she’s hot, find her

  44. N. |

    You have connections at Wataniya? It would be easier to find her that way hehe.

  45. Navy Girl |

    what would it take to get you in this offer 7iaty ?? just tell me ya galby LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL :D

    and dudeeeeeeee wala i didnt mean it !!! if i wanted to mean it would be more than HUN ! ;P

  46. N. |

    LOL! If I get this kind of treatment on a daily or weekly basis, I’ll subscribe lol!

  47. Navy Girl |

    loooooooooooooooooooooooooooool ambeeeeh do you think it would really get guys into it !! :D can you guys be that dumb ;P

  48. N. |

    Hehe, well I don’t really know if it would really work. It might. For example, when Bojacob and I went to the coffee shop in the weekend, I was feeling kind and nice, and because the waitress was asking us to order something in a very cute way, I went ahead ordered something. I don’t think it was some “evil” plan to get me to order.. neither was I dumbed to order, it was just the way she was lol and decided, “why not?” AND it was only ice cream, not an internet subscription lol.

  49. Navy Girl |

    yeah maybe its all about the thing they are asking you too .. sometimes being so hot & sexy is not enough lol !! :D i guess .. will .. maybe ..

  50. N. |

    lol, yeah.. of course, and its not to be taken seriously of course. Maybe someone will decide to do it just for that reason alone, and is serious.. erm.. oh well ;P I’ll ashterk khalas cause you’re nice.

  51. asoom |

    ahhh so you’re name is nasser, I’m glad to know that, it’s hard to have an image of “N”, LOL, come one now admit that you were flattered!

  52. |

    back in college i used to do that on purpose to all girls. well, cute ones anyway. halla 7abebty, ok 3yoni, ok whatever. when they get annoyed and take it personally, i tell them i use that stuff all the time. then they started calling me 7abeeby and 3yoni and so on. lol. i dont know what this has to do with your post.

    anyway; youre quite the translator aren’t you?

  53. hammoodee |

    aww poor mess, I welcome her to my club of CLUMSiness. I bet she was telling that story to her friends, while u were blogging about it in a parallel way, “Grease” style :P

  54. Missy-TheOriginal |

    loooooool Oh yeah the 7abibi thing! I did those a couple of times and I wanted to hide from existence hehehe…

  55. 'GreY' |

    So is that a bad thing ? i dont get it !

  56. Amethyst |

    Etsadeg, she didn’t notice la the Sir wala the missing title.. When everyone laughed at the Sir, she nodded and went “Heeeeeeeeh!”

  57. suspic |

    Presentation is key, whether it’s presenting yourself or your thoughts in the art of selling.

    Telemarketers(sp?) suck though. I always hang up after telling them “Yes, I’m not busy..” after they start talking.

  58. KJ |

    Dammit if you were in the US you would have *69-ed her immediately!!!!

    Yalla hay you got yourself a pre-valentine gift

  59. Noufa |

    Ougha Bouga :p

  60. N. |

    Yep, hehe. I was flattered! It was adorable of her really :p

    LOL! Isn’t that normal in Bahrain though. I’d always imagine everyine is so sweet to everyone!

    lol @ Grease! Haha, and then we become destined to meet? lol.

    Hehe, yeah it seems you can’t escape this! I wonder if guys do it by mistake too, or they just don’t care!

    It isn’t bad, as much as it is a breach of protocol and social standards! You don’t call someone you don’t know, “honey” or “darling”!

    HAhaha! I wanna meet her!

    I sometimes give telemarketers a chance, they’re only doing their job so I’m helping them do their job. I won’t necessarily accept thought!

    lol! Its pretty early for valentine!

    Ougha Bouga enty!

  61. Hope |

    hehe..I am sure it was a slip of a tongue cuz it happens to me too at times..when someone says my name..i go yes dear how can I help you..i try as much as I can to lose the habit..but sometimes ur just caught in thought and u dont realize what you say..

  62. N. |

    Even though it is socially not right, it is still very sweet! Somehow in English it sounds more acceptable than in Arabic too.. hehe.

  63. Peony |

    wee maskeena !! haha.. if i was her, i would want the floor to open up and eat me alive.. lool

  64. manutdfanatic |

    What were you doing anyway, going about blowing inflatable beds?


  65. Amethyst |


    Join us in class? Or.. you can join the guys’ class.. ;)

  66. N. |

    Ahleen, welcome its been too long! Yeah, she is maskeena :p

    I had bought one for my cousins dowaniya. As weird as this sounds, I don’t go home in between shifts so I go to the gym, and if I’m not going to the gym I prefer to get some sleep, I sleep in the dowaniya, then head to work. The dowaniya is super close to where I work.

    Uhh.. la no need to join you or the guys class :p just tell her N. says hi ;P

  67. Moey |

    hahaha! takser el kha6ir

  68. N. |

    Yeah I wonder what would happen if she found out about this post hehe.

  69. Amethyst |

    Haha, will do cuz mara7 testaw3eb ena she doesn’t know of your existence;p

  70. Mai |

    7da! Maswt 3laiha :P 70 comments lol

  71. Moey |

    she’d go nuts haha

  72. tinkerbella |

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL…as i was reading i was waiting for the punch line but I did not expect that!

  73. Shayouma |

    Finally I know what the N. stands for LoooooL everytime I come here I wonder lol!!
    So hello Mr. Nasser!!!!

    Hey wasn’t it you who said on Chika’s blog it’s ok a lady calls you 7abyby loool??*Checks back Chika’s blog* Yep that is you! Maybe she read that!!! lol!
    Bas lol many people think it’s ok, there’s an Eygptian guy I know his wife and he keep saying habibiti and I go red bas I guess he thinks of me as his daughter or something lol!!!

  74. N. |

    LOL! Yeah she probably has no idea!

    eh ma teswa 3aleha :/ Most of those comments are my replies o other commenters gargaaa! :p

    LOL! 3ayal enshalla she doesn’t find this place!

    lool! It was soo unexpected! It took me even a couple of seconds for what she had said to really sink in! :D

    Hello Mrs. Shayma! :) Haha! Ohh I totally forgot about that..on what post was it? this is weird, so she’s a stalker? :/ Oh he thinks of you as his daughter? Yeah, neyyat-hom zeeeena.. bs ma eser! lol.

  75. :::Shayouma:: |

    Hehehe the post about girls getting crazy something… yeah maybe only in Maser!

  76. N. |

    Ah i think I remember that one, but it would be hard to dig up! :D Thanks!

  77. |

    actually that was back in UAE in college and a lot of the people used to gimme wierd looks :p especially the emarati women :p got slapped almost a few times

  78. desert-roses |

    yeah …akeed theba7ha 9ootk el sexy :P….
    don’t blame her…poor she….em emra2a 3a6ifiya

  79. N. |

    LOL! almost? come on, I’m sure they loved your hot bahraini accent! hehe.

    Yeah, ana gelt chithee ba3d ;P

  80. Vixen |

    shenoo 7abeebi?!!! WEEEN ga3deen!! she should pay attention shenoo hatha! Lol im really shocked!

  81. N. |

    lol, yeah she should have been paying attention, i guess she lost it akher shay hahah!

  82. Vixen |

    maskeena.. LOL

  83. N. |

    yeah :P

  84. Greyshorts |

    You think that was a slip of a tongue . There was a cop 9afa6ney cuz i was speeding , I conviced him not to give me a ticket , at the end i said : ye36eek el3afya 7abeeby ” . I was so shocked i did a double ! I said : oh shit !
    I looked up and there was his grinning face .
    Elzebdah i changed my number for the hundred fucking time .

    Cheers .

  85. Greyshorts |

    * slip of the tongue*

  86. Nasser |

    I suppose if that grin looked like what you and i think it did, then yeah changing your number was best! and it must really suck having to do that over and over..!

    Hmm, I didn’t catch that typo until after a while, hehe!

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