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People Money Problems

Money ProblemsRegardless of how funny the comic is, this is a serious situation. There is someone, lets call him Mr. X who has a super close friend, we can call him Mr. Y, who has another friend, and lets call him Mr. Z. Mr Z. has got major money issues. Mr. X doesn’t know the exact details of why Mr Z has money issues because he’s not really his friend, he’s Mr. Y’s friend. Mr. Y who wants to help out Mr. Z doesn’t have enough cash to back him up, so he goes to Mr. X and borrows a certain sum of money to help Mr Z.

Mr. X and Mr. Y are life long friends, they are like blood brothers, nothing could separate them ever, but Mr. X is bothered by Mr. Z. You see, he doesn’t like him but he helps out because it seems that Mr. Y is distressed of the situation and wants to help out Mr. Z so badly.

Sorry for all the cryptic names, but it is necessary to protect the innocent, (or the guilty). What’s your take on the situation? It seems like Mr. X has no choice but to help Mr. Y, but Mr X just doesn’t like Z, for no apparent reason. Mr. Z is in trouble, big trouble, with payments, and I suppose that is why Mr. Y wants to help out so much.

This is a little confusing. I don’t know.. things always seem to get sensitive when someone’s having financial problems..

29 Responses to “People Money Problems”

  1. princess |

    hmm yeah, i dnt see why Mr X would feel obligated to help Mr Z with his money problems, i mean not unless Mr Y asked him to, then i say that thats a very good supportive friend person because he still helped out even tho he apparently hates Mr Z. madre it is confusing

  2. chikapappi |

    Well, by the time I got who mr. x, y o z is I went crazy!

    Not confusing, if they are friends and mr- i dunno what his symbol is- can help, ok not forgetting the most importany Egyptian saying:

    In kan 7abeebak 3asal, matel7asoosh kollo!

  3. N. |

    Yeah that’s the situation Mr Y asked Mr X.. and it is hard for Mr X to turn Mr Y down. ;/

    lol, excuse the confusion. I like that saying! It think I’ll use it more. It so true though, ppl can’t expect others to just give without takin or being given something in return, even if it was just emotional support or something.

  4. Laialy_q8 |

    Money always creates problems even between actual blood brothers
    my advise: zahib el dowa gabil el fal3a
    get it down on writing how and when will Mr. Z pay MR. X back

  5. N. |

    I agree, it has to be on paper. Money is sensitive, and it can create problems with close ppl! O 7aram 3alehom, the ones who actually let it create probs. That’s another cool saying, I think I’ll be using that one too!

  6. Zed |

    i’m confused

  7. eshda3wa |


  8. eshda3wa |

    First of all i think its wrong of mr Y to ask mr x to help mr z

    he cant want to help someone 3ala 7sab ghaira!

    and if mr z was responsible with money he wouldnt be in a financial rut to begin with

    so id think twice before handing him my cash
    and id definitly get it down on paper

    elqanoon la ya7me elmoghafaleen

  9. N. |

    lol.. try reading it again, I’m sure it will come through.

    Yes it does love you! I think it was just in a bad mood.. ;/

  10. N. |

    you’re right, but what if Mr Y was a super relative to Mr X? Like a brother? A parent? That would change things wouldn’t it?

  11. Shoush |

    Mr. Y shudn’t have asked Mr. X to help out since Mr. X and Mr. Z r not friends, so moo majboor yisa3da oo mala da3i Mr. Y ya7rij Mr. X by asking him to help cuz these situations can be sensitive and hard to turn down since Mr. X and Mr. Y are such close friends. Money matters are very sensitive problems. As Laialy said, they cud cause problems even between actual blood brothers. I wish Mr. X good luck. I hope Mr. z ma ya7rija cuz its also i7raj to ask for the money back. Wait.. is the ‘help’ salaf or help oo 5ala9? And it also depends on the amount. I think if Mr. X 7alta mirta7a financially and is capable of helping (salaf or watever) without being affected financially then its ajir. Helping a person in need, no matter how much u like them or dislike them, is always good. As they say, ilnas linas. When Mr. X helps someone today, maybe in the future when he needs help someone wil probably help him back. Life goes around in a circle.

  12. Shoush |

    r very sensitive matters not problems**

  13. N. |

    Yeah, life goes around in circles and this could bring good fortune to Mr. X depending 3ala el neyya. The amount as far as I know, is not a simple amount, and well the situation might be a bit more sticky. What if Mr X and Mr Y were relatives as I said, like a brother or father?

    I’m sure it would just complicate things, but there is a person in need. Yeah.. sigh

  14. eshda3wa |

    no it would not

    and if they were that close then u shouldnt have a problem declining and saying u dont trust mr z with money!

    maybe mr y can ask someone else

    oo wain ahal mr z? why arnt they jumping to help?
    that should tell u something

    (my god i have no sympathy im so mean!)

  15. N. |

    why has your conversation suddenly turining into “you should..” we’re talkin about Mr X, Y, and Z.. there is no U here :p

    Yeah, I presume the reason Mr Y asked Mr X was because he knows Mr X would be supportive.. ;l is that manipulation?

    True, wain ahal Mr Z, but what if Mr Z is in a real bad pinch and can’t even tell his family, o if he does things could get worse? We can assume that Mr Z is having real problems, and if he goes to his family things will only get worse.. much worse.

  16. Shoush |

    Well, Mr. X needs to know that he is not ‘obliged’ to help if its a large sum of money. He’s not. Mr. Z is NOT his friend. I know sometimes, in our society bilthat, ppl say may9eer oo 3ashla oo 3aib etc etc, bs when u think about it.. there is no obligation here. Mr. X lazim yifakir ib ma9la7ta awal, cuz that’s wat matters. If this finanical aid will affect him negatively then i say Mr. X shudn’t help. Simple as that. Am sure Mr. Y can find someone else to help. And if he’s mature about it, he’d hav no hard feelings towards Mr. X.

  17. Shoush |

    omg shino 3ashla!! I meant fashla********* :P

  18. N. |

    lol, don’t worry.. I totally understand.

    You’re right. Mr X is not really obliged. And our society is based on that, we depend a lot on relations and talking, and most ppl get into problems because of it!

  19. Shoush |

    Ya, thats y u shud tell Mr. X to ignore all that and think of ma9la7ta. Am sure if Mr. X was capable of helping without being affected, he wudn’t hesitate.

  20. N. |

    Great, thanks Shoush for the replies!

  21. HISteria |

    Mr. Z should try and solve his own financial problems by himself and try not to involve any one in it. If thats impossible for him and he would need a miracle, then he can ask someone close to him. A family member is the ideal, but if that would put him in more troubles and would solve nothing then it is time were he can look for a friends help. Well of course, he cant go to any friend. He has to be a very close friend. Ill presume that Mr. Y is the closest friend to Mr. Z. what Mr. Y should do is help Mr. Z as much as he can, thats if he can. And if he cant, he shouldnt ask his closet friend, Mr. X, since Mr. X is not Mr. Zs friend in the first place and Mr. Y must not efashil Mr. X. and Mr. Z should look for someone else to get help from. BUT, if Mr. Y DID asks Mr. X for help, then its another story. Mr. Y should understand that Mr. X is NOT obligate to help Mr. Z and it shouldnt disturb the friendship between them. If Mr. X decides to help, he has to be aware that he will not be affected financially. Otherwise, he shouldnt say yes in the first place. And if Mr. X that of a nice guy, he wouldnt ask when will he take back his money. Otherwise, everything should be written in paper, cause this is money we are talking about. And money is a critical subject that can destroy even empires, and what we have here is friendship. If Mr. X can and want to help, perfect. If he can but doesnt want to help, then he shouldnt and Mr. Y shouldnt be upset and say sorry to Mr. Z. If he cant but want to help (not in this case I presume), Mr. Y should understand and consider Mr. Xs financial status and stop him if he is a true friend and must learn not to do similar mistakes in the future. Mr. X and Y should be cool. Mr. Y and Z should try to solve it if Y can. Mr. X and Z should understand each other more if Mr. X wants to help. Mr. X must care about himself, his close ones, and then others. Mr. Y must learn not to be so emotional. Mr. Z must learn from his mistakes.

  22. N. |


    You’re so right about all that! I think the most important part here is that Mr Y, should not put My X. in a situation where he would sort of feel obliged to help! Sa7? That’s what you meant too.. I don’t think it can get more complicated and if it does, oh boy.. !

  23. touche' |

    For a moment I thought Quentin Tarantino is posting a segment from “Reservoir Dogs”

    I really loved those symbolic names, took me back to calculus classes :)

    I’m not quiet sure that I see the whole big issue in here UNLESS we are talking about all Mr. X’s saving which might jeopardize his financial status.

    A good deed is a good deed, I know the importance of money and how manipulative people can be when it comes to money. Just think of it tis way, is the money more important than your true real friend? Doesn’t the satisfaction of helping others excels money value which is going to be paid back in full (my whole argument is based on that assumption)?

    Sure Mr. X would rather to help someone who he really cares about, but we are talking about helping his best friend indirectly.

    Few situations can alter the action, either Mr. Z isn’t trust worthy with money debts or his situation isn’t completely helpless.

    Another perspective to look at it, would it make any difference (and this they way I would’ve done it)if Mr. Y asked Mr. X for money as it is for his own urgent need without mentioning Mr. Z?
    It’s a long shot since My. X probably knows about all Mr. Y’s financial status and would’ve guessed it that the money isn’t for him, but it worths the shot to try. It isn’t a lie since Mr. Y (presumptively) guarantees Mr. Z and would risk his own nick for him by having the debt as his burden.

    Finally, it would greatly affects the situation if Mr. Z is closely related to Mr. Y, Mr. X will have no other choice but to accept since real friendships are priceless. And please do not think that Mr. Y did that on purpose, he knows Mr. X’s financial conditions and he must have thought that he is more than capable of helping Mr. Z. He isn’t taking advantage of Mr. X kind heart or well financial status, he is merely trying to help someone who he believe is worth saving and who he is so concerned about.

  24. N. |

    The movie did cross my mind while I was writing it, I was tempted to go with Mr Pink, Orange, and Green, but I decided not to :p

    Thank you. That is quite a different and more reassuring way to look at it. Sure it is a good deed, and no good deed goes unpaid. I can’t quite say for Mr X’s financial situation, he isn’t really in a rut, but neither does he have the money or is currently using it. I.e. it is cash laying there that isn’t doing anything.

    There is no way for Mr Y to ask Mr X, they are practically only acquaintances.

    I like the way you put it so that Mr Y carried the burden rather than Mr Z, since it is Mr Y and Mr X who have a closer relationship.

    I really like that like that last paragraph. :) I suppose it is true. Mr Y does know Mr X’s sticky financial situation, and probably wouldn’t have asked unless he thought fully he could depend on Mr X.

  25. cixousianpanic |

    can’t Mr. Indebted with Large Sum of Money just get a loan from the bank? Why go to flan o flan? :P

    Mr. whatever never knows, they might drop the loans anyway!! lol (omg what has being in Kuwait done to my thinking!!)

  26. Navy Girl |

    oh i’d love to help anyone .. i mean i wouldn’t mind even offering my help to anyone that might need it . . but as a result i’ve been manipulated so many times .. so i dont really know .. maybe they should be more careful .. you don’t wana lose your friend over something silly !

  27. N. |

    What if Mr Z wants the money because he already has too many loans and is in trouble because of it! The problem with taking loans to fix a financial problem is that it just solves one problem and creates another. lol @ thinking Kuwaiti :p

    Navy Girl,
    Yeah, you have to be cautious nowadays. Sadly, even with friends, and more so with strangers.

  28. Marzouq |

    Wow some very interesting comments! I use to simplify things for me and try to keep tabs on my spending!

  29. N. |

    Thanks for the website! I’ve been actually lookin for something like that! I got gnucash since its free and really easy to deal with, but having stuff online is a whole lot better. Thanks!

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