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It is YOUR Birthday

200313456-001 Yesterday my friends and I had dinner at TGIF. We rarely go there because it is mostly crowded and my cousin has discount cards for other places. I had forgotten about all their birthday ceremonies, but yesterday a phenomenon happened, one that could not repeat itself in history. There were a total of 8 birthdays during the 2 hours we were there! Allah ehaneehom.

Doesn’t that sound like too much. I know there could have been a couple of groups having fun with it, most of them were genuine though, taking pictures, etc. (Why has the sudden thought of taking pictures make it genuine.. hmm) Anyway, they were mostly female groups and families. If indeed there were eight people with their birthday on the same day at TGIF, then my dear friends, that was a historical moment, that will forever be remembered in (my) history.

On a totally unrelated note, I haven’t had a spam comment in a while. That does not seem natural.. I feel abandoned, naked, and unloved.. Where’s the spam? :/

34 Responses to “It is YOUR Birthday”

  1. blue dress |

    LOL, you miss spam! hahaha.

  2. chikapappi |

    Hehehe!!! You want spam!! I hate birthdays! bas it’s funny when you watch people celebrate in public

  3. KJ |

    OMG wow! That must have been something awesome

  4. Zed |

    click on the link and watch the movie, you can thank me when you are done

  5. asoom |

    there’s a steakhouse here that gives you free steak on your birthday, but they make you show your ID. One time I went out to eat with my cousins and some friends and they thought it would be funny to tell the waiters it was my birthday without me knowing what was goin gon, and before I knew it there was a cake in front of me and I was being serenaded and it was definately not my birthday! I was so confused but when I saw their hysterical laughing I realized what was going on. So I’m sure people play around with that

  6. Kaos |

    Thank you for inviting me for my 26th b-day srry I couldn’t make it. I was asleep ;p
    Hope you guys had a good dinner for me

  7. eshda3wa |

    wayed moz3jeen sara7a

  8. Ra-1 |

    Aham shay last sentence! LOL

  9. AlleyCat |

    Personally … there’s something really unappealing about the thought of poor philipino/indian/whatever nationality.. holding a tiny piece of cake/brownie/sundae singing some version of happy birthday and putting a big ol jolly FAKE smile for you… I think it would depress me :P

  10. N. |

    blue dress,
    Yeah.. strangely!

    I don’t want it, I missed it :p Yeah it is funny, you should have seem them yesterday!

    It was quite a performance!

    I will check it out for sure! Thanks Zed, and I will thank you now, so Thank you :D

    A free steak! I’d love to head out there. lol, sounds like you a had a blast! Who would turn down cake ;p

    I was sad you couldn’t make it! :(

    well they were decent yesterday, they don’t sing like before, they only play some music on the broadcast. They do have fireworks.. which seem like a little hazardous!

    :p I got some spam I feel better.

    Wow, that bad huh! True it would feel weird, think of them as a rent-a-band that isn’t so bad is it! ;P

  11. Noufa |

    I used to fantasize about Dumbledore and now he’s gay :(

  12. N. |

    The million dollar question is, why him? Why couldn’t it be some other old and crooked magician, oh lets say, like Merline for example! :/ Yes, shakoo indeed! :p!!

  13. Amethyst |

    I bet you have strangely insignificant moments in your history. Oh, and only you would feel naked without spam…

  14. Laialy_q8 |

    I couldn’t handle a birthday like that … i more of a low key person

  15. Noufa |

    N. Ummm probably ’cause I’m weird or I have no taste. I should also mention that I think Marlyn Manson is “cute” :P

    Back to your topic :P people should do birthdays, they’re so depressing to me. I mean you’re celebrating getting OLD :/

  16. Very.Q8ya |

    I’m getting nearly 6 spam comments per day, tabeehom? =/

  17. Delicately Realistic |

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  18. N. |

    Insignificant to others, and significant to myself, yes indeed I actually do! I don’t feel naked anymore, I’m good now :p

    What if someone made a surprise for you? How would you handle it?

    You have taste.. if I was a girl, I’d totally be hitting on him, Manson that is. Ok, who am I kidding probably not, but oh well, I think that is cute ;P So you don’t celebrate birthdays and aren’t happy when people tell you happy birthday? hmm.

    La I think they’re back again. ^_^

    lol! So it is actually called blam, and not spam. Interesting. Haha, and that’s a cute spam e-mail, I see someone is going to be rich! ;P

  19. Blueberri |

    u miss spam?! LOL!

    As for TGIF, there are always a lot of birthday parties whenever i go. 7ayak my blog

  20. 'GreY' |

    I want to comment something, but every thing is said already ! So just to let you know … … … .. i was here @12:21 am :P

  21. N. |

    Allah e7ayech! I’m there! :)

    Hahaha! Good to know, and thanks for dropping by! lol.

  22. Laialy_q8 |

    Because it’s in my nature to be nice, I would show a “happy” face but I wouldn’t be lovin’ it

  23. N. |

    I thought you were doing a McDee reference there, lol.

  24. |

    you think thats funny, come to chilis seef in bahrain on a thursday night. at least 15 or 20 birthdays per night (i doubt the authenticity of them though)

    oh, and spam? just means your site is getting popular. well done :p

  25. N. |

    15-20! That’s a lot of people born on the same day.

    Thank you, yes, I’m attracting more spam, yummy! :p

  26. Vixen |

    i like birthdays : )

  27. Navy Girl |

    ana elspaaaaaaaaaaaaam !! HUH THIS IS SOOO PISSING ME OFF !! its not only in your blog but also Princess & swair !! maybe it got to do with the wordpress thingy !! bs seriously its pissing me off !! hey that was off topic sorry lol :D

    anyways .. back to b’days !! :D i love b’days !! its a very important thing in my life !! i know everyones b’day oo i celebrate it even if i dont know those people very well .. a simple happy b’day or a small cake could mean the world to some people :) we are having a b’day party on sun :D

  28. N. |

    Celebrations ^_^

    Navy Girl,
    It could be wordpress thingie I can’t be sure though. ;( Did you change your internet connection maybe? Oh well, at least I’m able to get you out of there before it gets deleted!

    Oh, happy birthday then to the person whom you’re celebrating! :)

  29. Navy Girl |

    noooo i didnt , everything is just the same !! i thought you guys changed something ! madry its getting so annoying :’(

    oh its not one .. they are 2 girls hehehe :P

  30. N. |

    La walla we didn’t change anything from here! ;/

    Oh, then happy birthday to them both! :p Salmy 3alehom.

  31. Navy Girl |

    wala i’m clueless i have no idea what to do :’(

  32. N. |

    I don’t know either! ;/ I’m still getting your comments in the spam.. dunno why

  33. iseejou |

    omfg i was thereeee!!!
    the girl in the yellow shirt
    with the black pants
    looking bored

  34. N. |

    lol! Oh you were? It was pretty crowded. Yellow shirt black pants.. I don’t think I’d remember, I don’t even remember what I wore! It was enjoyable, with the additional firecrackers!

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