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??? ?????

I got pulled over at the bida’a round about because I was talking on the phone. I wasn’t pissed, it was more of, “oh you got me” kind of mood heh. He asked me to turn and park behind him. I went ahead and did that, and waited while he gave me a ticket.

The conversation went something like this:

Policeman: Nasser, wain saken? (Nasser, where do you live?)
Me: [Insert City here]
Policeman: Sheno a9lek? (What is your origin? [Could also mean where are you from, or what tribe do you belong to]).
Me: Kuwaiti.
Policeman: *Puzzled* Eh sheno a9lek? (Ok, what is your origin?)
Me: Eh Kuwaiti……….  (Kuwaiti…)
Policeman: ee sheno? 3nezi? 3azmi?.. (What?… Azemi? Anezi?)
Me: Oh–

Then another cop interrupted to ask about what they would have for dinner. Our conversation died out I didn’t get to tell him which tribe I was originally from. Funny thing was, while he was asking it didn’t even slightly cross my mind that he was talking about tribes…

And if you were wondering, he gave me the ticket anyway.

40 Responses to “??? ?????”

  1. manutdfanatic |

    Apart from the sadness of the policeman’s line of questioning, do you still get penalised if you use handsfree?

  2. Grey |

    I cant understand what difference it makes if you are from Certain tribe.. like you get less fine if you were from certain tribe or something?

    But i liked your answer, you are a Kuwaiti first , tribe comes second.

  3. Amethyst |

    It was funnier ams;p

  4. Swair |

    Shako he asks shino a9lek :/ I find that rude..

  5. Ruby Woo |

    It would’ve made a difference if he knew what tribe you originated from. i.e if you were 3nezi and he were, he would’ve let you pass, I think. It happened once to a friend.

  6. Laialy_q8 |

    that’s a bit odd, don’t u think …

  7. suspic |

    You are a naive puppy.

    If you’d told him anything he’d have probably let you pass, or just read his name tag and name the tribe he belongs to.

    The last cop that pulled me over asked me “?????? ??? ???????”.

  8. AlleyCat |

    LOL trust me some cops just want to give you hope that they’ll let you go home free if you mention the right tribe… Then they just shoot you down by saying ‘ well I too belong to that tribe but i’m still giving you the ticket..” :P yes this is spoken from experience..

  9. Sushi |

    Yeah to find out if we’re cross breeds. Similar to dogs & horses. Next thing you know they’ll run a contest show “who’s got the purest breed/blood”. Winner gets a pat on the head and a badge.

  10. Hasan.B |

    You certainly deserved the ticket, but he certainly deserves to be fired!

  11. Navy Girl |

    whats with them !!! ay shy !! :/

  12. Delicately Realitsic |

    LOL weird

  13. Harlow |

    i agree with alley.

    7eta lw enta min nafs his tribe, ham ya36eek il ticket. happens to me all the time =P 3abali besame7ni a5ir shay he laughs and says, “3abalich 3ashan nafs 3ayleti basam7ich?”

    malat 3al bamya!

  14. Intlxpatr |

    N., I really like this post because most of us (expats) are under the impression that the police NEVER ticket Kuwaitis! Only us!

    They actually gave you a ticket with a fine? After you said three times you were Kuwaiti? I am shocked! And amazed. You’ve rocked my entire world vision!

  15. ???? ?? ????? |

    Do you think this got anything to do with the

    ” ???? ????????? ” :I

    LOL !;b

    And welcom back to ( Ku.wait minute ) ! :)

  16. F. |


  17. Arabian lady |

    lol ! maskeen yabe ysolef , Bss kilish mu shu’3la =p

  18. Balqees |

    awaln LOOOOOOOOOOL @ “oh u got me mood”

    anyhoo the guy was ooo rude tra o marrah 3aib 3aleh, tra i can go on and on about this subject coz marrah yrf3li ’9a’36i, 7ag wesh a9lk, wehs gbltek

  19. maghaira |

    So, who was the asshole you were talkin to on the phone?
    he must pay your fine ..

    Actually it was better for you not to tell him your tribe , certain tribes hold grudges againts certain tribes ..

    p.s my comments virginity is gone ..

  20. Elaine |

    So funny :)…How come Kuwaiti sounds like Azemi and Anezi…

  21. KJ |

    Why would they ask that? You think they’d actually might not give you a ticket? That would have been interesting!

  22. hq |

    y am i not surprised..
    my frend drives a ferrari and once she was driving normally minding her business wen the police asked her to stop. so she did, wen she asked the officer wat the problem was he sed “halla walla” and tried flriting with her..
    the police here suck!

  23. Fayoora |

    They always let me go :P

  24. Nasser |

    Actually no, the ban was placed to encourage ppl to use handsfree and therefore, reducing accidents.

    I have no idea, it all depends on the man himself.

    It was ;p

    I have no idea, I suppose its the easiest question to ask any Kuwaiti.. hmm

    Ruby Woo,
    Maybe, I don’t doubt that.

    It is.. but if I was in his position with his mentality, I wouldn’t be surprised at all

    Yeah, he probably would have, but then again, maybe he’s got a grudge against some tribe or something.

    lol.. ouchie, okay now that’s just plain mean

    Yeah, it is like that to them, and a lot of other people, sadly, even the most educated ones too

    Fired? Maybe but when you think about it, this is just too normal in a general view to be thought of as any type of discrimination. I think had he acted upon my answer, that would have made it worse..

    Madry ;l

    Delicately Realistic,

    All the time? lol, laish cham mara emkhalfa el qanon! Eh, la 3al aqal he’s fair ;p

    Oh I’m glad this shed some light on the issue, he was pretty fair, and I didn’t try to talk my way out of it, simply because I knew I deserved it. Hehe.

    ???? ?? ?????,
    Stop with those weird names already :p lol, la I dodn’t think it does, or else I would be set free akeed ;p Thanks … (insert your name here)

    Yeah, heh.

    Arabian Lady,
    lol! Eh gelt akeed yaby egol shay, cause ma kalamta o getla latkhalefny o men hal kalam ;p

    :p It might have been a little rude, true he doesn’t have a right to ask, but he did and I don’t think it was totally that bad, unless he used that to influence the ticket..

    He was an asshole I haven’t talked to in a while.. I should let him pay you know! You’re right about the grudge thing, it did pass through my head, which made it even easier for me to not just say anything. And great, now that you’ve lost your virginity here, just keep it comin

    Oh it doesn’t really sound like that, the “A” there is a better explanation on Wikibooks, check out the link here;
    2.3 Like “h” but vocalized

    Actually some wouldn’t! It depends on the guy really. And it really is considered normal!

    Yeah thats pretty bad heh, annoying also.

    lol! mashallah 3alech ;p

  25. Ms Loala |

    Ya3ny would your “a9il” affect the possibility that you might or might not get the ticket!!


  26. Nasser |

    Ms Loala,
    Yeah it shouldn’t really.

  27. Ra-1 |

    Weird :/

  28. eshda3wa |

    law gayela oo 6ala3taw nafs el tribe
    chan ma 3a6ak the ticket

  29. Soul |

    ma gal shay el police officer! akeed he asked men ur family name! maybe he knows someone from ur family! o ur family fi menha 3awazem o 3nooz.. ana fahamt chetheeh.. 3adi

  30. Nasser |


    lol, o law 6alaw tribe 7aqed 3aleh?

    Eh, I couldn’t quite tell, it seemed that he just wanted to have a conversation or so.. hmm, I prefer to stay safe and accept my punishment. heh.

  31. Harlow |

    all the time! ’cause you know ohma yet9ayedon il banat bil maay il 3akir. w ana all the time il kisha gayma, so he asks me shino a9li, mo ya3ni fan wila legafa nafs ur case.. la2, cuz yabi ye3arif il ma5louq wil kisha eli jidamah,

    ?? ?? ????? ?? ?? ?? ?? ???? ??????

  32. Nasser |

    lol! eh, hathy sowalefhom ba3d.

  33. Ruby Redux |

    I really thought it was a clever answer, because it gives no room for racism within this homogeneous society. Who cares what tribe I belong to unless it’s a matter of marriage (arranged or not)and the possibility of “getting along or not?”

    I think it’s best answered this way. An answer but not really. It’s diplomatic and yet firm.

  34. enchanteurs |

    loool !! typical kuwait ;p

  35. Sh7afana |

    ee baiiih :P et9eeer wayed.. yes2elooni “e9eerlech flan leflaaani” .. wana 3ala 6ool EEEE KHALI!! awwww WELD 3AMAT UBOOY!.. oo emashooni ;p .. oo mara shaf esmi chan egooli “wene3em wallah.. tewakelay 3ala allah.. mankhaleff **** e7na.. ” wana hehe :P okay!

  36. Nasser |

    Ruby Redux,
    Thanks a lot for that. It is, but not many would understand it that way :)


    lol! 3alech bel 3afiya ;p

  37. outkasty |

    chaan sakkaita eb wa7da o gitla (winta shako) LOL

  38. Nasser |

    hahah.. la qaweya =p I’m not rude to ppl for no reason

  39. Dodo |

    bekhte9ar a7ib agoolik enta RAYAL wene3im feek! ygoooolik shno a9lik etgoola KUWAITI! wene3im feek walla,,, alla ykather min amthalik,,
    9ara7a ma7ad kharrab hal deera ella sowalif sha9lik? shee3i wela seni? god law alla yfekna min halshaghlat e7na EBKHAIR! :/

  40. Nasser |

    Allah yen3am eb 7alek/ch. Thank you. Allah e7afeth deratna enshalla. :)

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