Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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Sharing Files using Apache 2 on Linux

Sometimes on my Ubuntu box I want to share files with either my other machines, or with other people to give them quick access to download whatever they want from my machine. Instead of using ftp, rsync, or scp or a network drive even, I like to use Apache to set up a quick web directory.

This configuration has only been tested with my current Apache 2.2.8 version, so give it a go, and it could work with your version.

Just to note, most of these commands need root access so use sudo or su if you get an access denied message.

What you need to do is go to the Apache configuration files in the sites enabled folder:

$ cd /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/

Use nano or vi to create a new file, call it myshare or whatever you like:

$ nano myshare

Then add the following configuration and replace the _WEBDIR, _USER, _SHARED with the information from your machine.

Alias /_WEBDIR "/home/_USER/_SHARED/"
<Directory "/home/_USER/_SHARED/">
          Order allow,deny
          Options Indexes
          Allow from
          Allow from All

Save the file and enable the configuration using the a2ensite command:

$ a2ensite myshare

Then restart apache:

$ apache2ctl restart

And there you have it!

Order food with Style

Whats more amazing is how the Taco Bells guy actually managed to get all the food down!

My Internet Mess

That's what it feels like with all those social networks. We are all connected now arent we? Web 2.0.. the chaotic numbers of social websites.. there is no end to this madness.

I do admit, I do enjoy connecting with people, and I have my fair number of social websites. Im on Flickr and twitter, and Facebook. This is minimal compared to others who enjoy a much wider social presence online.

However, even with this many social networks, I ask myself

I got my photos on Flickr. Now I want to upload more wait, I can put those on Facebook. Hmm, but cant I put them on both Facebook and Flickr? I can, but why should I? Ill just install the Flickr app on Facebook. What about personal pictures? Oh.. Im not even sure if I should put those up there, or anywhere! I guess Ill keep them locally. Oh but wait, I can always upload the public ones to my Google Picasa web thingie, cant I? And upload the personal ones and set them as hidden? Or wait, cant I integrate that somehow with the rest of the social websites? Bleh!

I need to update my status, something happened and I need to share it with the world. Ill blog about it. Nah, it isnt worth a blog post, how about I tweet it. Hold on, I can also update on Facebook, at least I am not limited by 140 characters. Bummer, if only I can update both at the same time oh wait, I can do that! Great.. so what now?

Alright, I admit, it isnt as chaotic as I had suspected, but still very troublesome none the less. If only there was a way to put it ALL together. *staring at the blog*

welcome to the Internet.


It is without a doubt that we are all influenced in some way or other by the movies we see and by the stories we read and hear both fiction and non-fiction. The serious question is, how much have we been influenced?

Im mostly a TV person, even though I love to read and like listening to stories. So I wonder, had I not been introduced to the TV a long time ago, and had not seen what I had seen all these years, what would I be like now? Would I be who I am? Or would I be different in some way?

Growing up I loved watching TV. Cartoons were my life! With time I slowly started to see the real world. I began to be aware of the differences between real life and fairy tales, or stories on TV. I found out that life isnt as pretty as we imaged it to be. It was never as fair or as just or as easy.

It didnt take long for me to adjust, but it was a very large culture shock. Also, the fact that we live in this country and have these type of people around, makes it all the more shocking. Life, here, is far from a fairy tale.

Had I not been influenced by TV, would I have been more prepared for the real world?

Sometimes these stories motivate us, they push us forward giving us a charge of energy. However it does not last, soon enough when we are back in the real world facing real world issues, the motivation dies.

My plan now, is to find a way to keep that motivation running. It is a great feeling when something such as a story motivates us. But what is worse is when it fades away. There has to be away to sustain it.

I have to.

Superman Dreams


Poll Question: Ever had a dream about a superhero? vote on the right please!

I doubt that there any cooler dreams for a guy than those that involve Superman. The number one dream would be that the person dreaming would actually be Superman himself.

Last night, I was Superman.

I wasnt actually the Superman, but Clark Kent from SmallVille the TV series. The funny thing is, I couldnt fly but only leap and my laser eyes were busted, and my first encounter was with a hotel security guard (guarding the roof) who was also; from another planet, looked human, but could turn into solid gold, and has a spear that can cut through anything and turn it into gold dust.

The scene commences: Not only was the guard protecting the exit to the roof, but the roof door was huge and made with a type of Kryptonian alloy. With one swoop with his spear, I was mere gold dust slithering down the stairs trying to move away from the Kryptonian roof to regain my strength and go through that door.

I woke up mid way through the fight, but the dream was awesome.

Other characters men like to dream include but are not limited to; Maifa Bosses, any person with a special ability, leader of some sort, a badass, and fictional heroes.

Whats your favorite dream character?



Does no one use the word nifty anymore? Really?

The image above is from Jouds tag.

Here are the rules:

Go to "", hit "Random Article" (or just click the following link)
The first random Wikipedia article is "The name of your Artist/Band".

Go to "", then click on "Random quotations" (or just click the following link)
The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the "Title of your first album".

Go to, click on "Explore", then click on "The last seven days" (or just click the following link)
Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

Crop the image to a square format. Use Photoshop or similar programs to put the text together in any way you like.

I tag; Amethyst, G, Laialy, Miss-Informed, KJ have I missed anyone?


Hand on Cheek I am human you know. I believe there was a group of people out there who thought I was an alien, I assure you, I am an earthling.

Now on to more pressing matters. Seriously.

This is the type of day I hate the most. I wake up early, after a good sleep, and I’m all ready to work and be productive then, I freeze. I dont feel like doing much, but I force myself anyway.

I open up a few windows on my laptop; My email, my reader, my downloads of the day, a couple of other websites for entertainment purposes, and a couple of programs related to work. I sit there staring at the screen. For the life of me, I dont know why, but I cant get myself to start anything.

Alright alright. Ill start with the easy stuff. I go through my email.

Oh nice. 3 unread. Read them, check.

Next. The reader. Now, ever since a couple of days ago, I cleared my reader so today I had only about 150 articles and blog posts to go through, most of which are comments and uninteresting articles so I go through only the headlines.

Reader status? 0 new. Excellent.

Next. Hmm, downloads? Got that done pretty quick anyway, and after that? Work? Read (work related stuff, or other interesting articles)? Surf? Chat? No. None seem quite interesting at the moment (even the interesting articles.)

What now?

I know. Ill blog about being unmotivated.

There you have it folks.

But wait. Blogging? Done. Now what?


Take You There

Im ADDICTED to this song (beats! beats! beats!)

Take you There Sean Kingston

N.’s Updates

So What have I been up to the past month or so?

  • Vienna with my wife.
  • Dubai Literature Festival
  • Reading (quite a bit)
  • Learning (programming)
  • Living.

Ill be posting more about all the above with time.


I had heard many times that being married is time consuming and that one is not able to see family or friends for months or even a couple of years. I didnt believe it to be so at the start. I thought, How hard can it be? Really?

Only after the marriage did I notice that this disappearance is actually a choice (who wouldnt want to spend ALL the time they have with their spouses after getting hitched?!).


I saw a couple of friends earlier last week at a funeral. Turns out, it is the social occasions (good or bad) that gives us a chance to get together even if for a short period of time.

The Elegant Banana

Elegant Banana Bananas are very elegant. You may wonder how or why but it is quite simple really. The shape of the banana makes it easy to handle. It can be held with one hand easily and pealed with the other with just as much ease.

The shape of the skin also helps to guide the person who is pealing the banana. The banana has seeds but they are soft and are easily considered an edible part of the banana.

The process of eating the banana is also simple and illustrates the elegance quite well. You can hold it with one hand and have your other hand free only to peal as you get closer to finishing it. It is also not so messy as you devour it you are slowly left with a peal that you discard at the end.

Elegance indeed.

Reserved, going to add something here later.