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Unjust Arrest and Detainment of a Kuwaiti Blogger

In short I want to extend my deepest sadness and full support to the Kuwaiti community for this unjust behavior. I’d like to say that I do not condone such actions. The unjust behavior we have heard about yesterday must be looked into and we must stand together for our brothers and sisters.

For more information, here are some links:

Newspaper Article
Alqabas Newspaper Article [Arabic]

Blog Posts in Arabic:
19-08-07 [Image]
Article update and Resource [Source: kuwaitjunior] [Arabic]
News and Video of a discussion on the issue [Source: belkuwaitialfasih] [Arabic]

Blog Posts in English:
Two Kuwaiti Bloggers Attacked and Arrested by Secret Police [248am]
Free Bashar [K.TheKuwaiti]

Follow the links for more reading.

4 Responses to “Unjust Arrest and Detainment of a Kuwaiti Blogger”

  1. Sene |

    Yeah, I read about this. If it’s true and such a thing can happen to a Kuwaiti blogger, don’t know what will happen to us expats. And that too for no fault of theirs.

    It is sad, and I can’t begin to imagine what could happen!

  2. anonymous |

    Well, when the Abu-Ghraib scandal broke in the US, G. W Bush himself condemned the acts and promised to lawfully punish the wrong doers.
    Anyone thinks something like that is gonna happen in kuwait?
    I mean it is supposedly a semi-democracy eh?

    Yep is it sort of a democracy. Currently all parliament members have condemned the acts by the state police. It is now time for the government to respond. Issues such as these set the standard and the future of freedom (however much we have from it).

  3. Navy Girl |

    I hate to see such things !! everyone is supposed to say whats in their mind .. and think the way they like .. for sure there should be limits to everything or its gonna be a such a messy world .. but terrorizing people like this is just not acceptable!!

    Navy Girl,
    It is totally unacceptable!

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