Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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Today’s Headlines

I haven’t written about the news in a while, so today I’m going to share some headlines I read in the newspaper.

Eight Digit Phone System to Be Effective Oct. 17th
As you all have heard (and might have noticed) we are running out of phone numbers in Kuwait. With a new communication company opening up soon, there will be a huge shortage, and the ministry has to account for expansion in the future. The system will be as follows*:

New Number Comments
0 International Calls 00
1 112 will replace 777. Only for emergency calls (fire and police)
2 All land line numbers.
3 For future ministry numbers.
4 Zain telecommunication company lines starting with the number 4.
5 For the third telecommunication company 50-000-000 -> 59-000-000
6 For all Wataniya lines which start with the number 6.
7 To be added to Zain and Wataniya lines which start with the number 7.
8 Reserved for future.
9 To be added to Zain telecommunication company lines which start with the number 9.

I found it surprising and quite great that 112 is slowly becoming the universal emergency number. It was recently introduced in the EU and is making its way now to the middle east it seems.

Female Police Cadets’ admission starts Sunday 29th June
The article claims that females with degrees ranging from High School (60% in Science major and 65% in Arts) and up to University graduates will be accepted into the program. Classes will be held only in the mornings and the program will only be one year.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. It would be a good thing I suppose to have women who are ready to serve and protect. This would also benefit in terms of dealing with female citizens for those who feel uncomfortable around men. Though I wonder if their trainers will all be men or not?

How do you feel about female police officers in Kuwait? Share your thoughts below!

* Data from Al-Watan Daily newspaper, June 23rd 2008.

27 Responses to “Today’s Headlines”

  1. Zed |

    maybe now we can flirt with them to get out of tickets, oh wait, we couldnt done that with the male officers and it wouldve been more effective

  2. BB |

    Female officers! hmmmm … htaha elli nagi9na!!!!
    Did u see the women working in the airport? FULL makeups, wear what ever they wish to, laughing so LOUD!

    Lots (not all)of women here dont like to follow regulations .. instead they like SHOW UPS!

    So, imagine an officer with FULL makeups,LOUD laughing and so on ! Will citizens respect them?!

  3. Sushi |

    I think those “with the right personality” will make great officers in Kuwait. It’s possible but not applicable to the majority.

  4. M. J. Kout |

    i guess we have to see how it goes its only one year away…

  5. iRise |

    WOW! Really?

    I think it’s great… but I bet it will be hard on the woman, given the way the male police men are. Who will train them? Who will apply? Are 3abaya’s allowed?

    Will it be something like this:


  6. iRise |

    opps… the link didn’t post…

  7. Ruby Woo |

    We just had a discussion about that in class like an hour ago. It’s a really hot topic at the moment. The guys in class basically said that women should not be on the streets as they aren’t phyisically capable of handling men! Honestly, i’m not with it 100% but I thought that there’s no harm in trying, right?

  8. Angelo |

    - I heard about the first news. I think I’m interested in the new phone company.

    - That’s totally new to me. Let’s hope our gals turn out to become outstanding police officers.

  9. |

    But what if the police women got into ” baby !I cant go to jail ” situation ?


    and are they gonna were … pants ? or lOo0ong skirts ? and how they gonna run in it ?

    ” …females with degrees ranging from High School (60% in Science major and 65% in Arts) and up to University graduates will be accepted into the program. Classes will be held only in the mornings and the program will only be one year…”

    How much money ( or ? ) you got for this ad ? ;b

  10. Amethyst |

    Yay for female police offers!

    I support!

  11. Marzouq |

    That would really be interesting! To see female police officers, I wonder how they would be on the streets and in the station. It would certainly change things, I wouldn’t know if it was for the good or bad?!?

    We shall see when they implement the lines!

  12. KTDP |

    Having women cops would rock! There’ll be no end to the amount of whining we’ll hear from the “newspapers”* and it’ll be the first sign of real progress since women started voting.

    The numbers make my head hurt though …..

    * I use the term loosely ……

  13. F. |

    I don’t quite get how the new phone system’ll work…

    And female police officers…why not!

  14. 3baid |

    They should do this for Saudi Arabia were policemen can’t enter certain places

  15. eshda3wa |

    i think female cops is a good thing
    about time ya3ni

    but i dont see why they dont get the same training as men!

    they shouldnt be let off easy!

  16. Soul |

    I think..

    Suspic’s day dreams are becoming real.

  17. fashionated |

    i’m hating the numbers thing

    and female officers? lets give them a chance and stay clear of female stereotypes

  18. grey |

    Female officers ? Its due time .. Once i witnessed a police constable dragging a maid by her arm .. it wasnt pleasent scene to watch.. Finally..

  19. FourMe |

    why are they complicating life with new numbers weekends and all that business. Gotta programme brain all over again :/

    About damn time, just wondering would they be equal to the male officers or less? seeing their training is so much shorter!

  20. Sarah |

    i think policewomen in Kuwait is a great idea but to me, it seems so “normal” ;)
    here in Brussels u can see sometimes a policeman walking with 2 policewomen around…
    I think that policewomen should get an intensive physical training as they don’t have as much physical strength as men. (Im not being misogynous, im only teaching sport!). And of course, running in abbaya wouldn’t be a wise idea so i hope they thought of handy uniforms…
    anyways we’ll see :)

    By the way, i think 3baid got a very good point! They definitely should get policewomen in Saudia… (i don’t really see how but there must be a solution)

  21. Kaos |

    no need for a new digit in phone numbers.. bas tifilsif 3al fathy
    we have 7 digits each having 10 probabilities from 0 – 9
    7^10 over 280 million possible combinations.

  22. manutdfanatic |

    It always was pretty surprising how you guys have teeny meeny short numbers there. About time.

  23. Nasser |

    I thoguht I replied here, but anyway. As most of you said it would be good to give them a chance, I don’t know however what sort of training they would be given. I would hope it would be fair and enough to make them capable of handling themselves.

    And ouch at that video :/

  24. Navy Girl |

    kel youm number for 777 ??? ambeeeh they so much need to make up their mind wala !! :D

  25. Laialy_q8 |

    new numbers *thumbs up*
    Police women *thumbs down*

  26. Nasser |

    Navy girl,
    lol, 3ashan el nas ma tensa el raqam.

    *two thumbs up*

  27. soupprincess |

    I think it’s an excellent idea. Physiologically, women are different from men…but so are some men slighter of build than others; this doesn’t disqualify them from service. In other places around the world, women officers serve beside men with no problem, and there are certain trainings, such as aikido, that would give them an advantage physically. Moreover, Kuwait’s police force seems to have major problems with their level of professionalism, and several of your young women are scared shitless of their own police officers. That is a problem, and I believe this would do much to address it.

Reserved, going to add something here later.