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Street Fighter Cat

shoryukenkz2 For those of you who are fans of Street Fighter. I’m sure you have heard that Street Fighter IV is coming out soon. Well, here is a link to the Street Fighter IV Trailer. Enjoy.

19 Responses to “Street Fighter Cat”

  1. chikapappi |

    Heheh @ the pic! Looks cool! I used to love playing the game :D

  2. Very.Q8ya |



  3. Vixen |

    chun leee! dunno how they spelled it but i used to love kicking others with that girl lol!! :D

  4. KJ |

    The photo is hilarious

    I saw the trailer on Gamespot and I weeped uncontrollably. I hope the graphics are identical to the ones in the trailer.

    Did you check out the HD version of SFIII? It is in development and the graphics look sweet.

  5. Noufa |

    Ummm is that the cat’s “foot” or something else :P

  6. Missy-TheOriginal |

    OH MY GOD!!!!! THAT CAT IS PREGNANT!!!!! LOOK AT HER TUMMY!!! Who would ever fight a pregnant cat!!!!!

    *jumps in to defend the cat*

    Supaaa-ubaa-sush-DOUBLE-KICK!!! HIYAAAA!!!!!

  7. Amethyst |

    That is one fit cat!

  8. Laialy_q8 |

    it looks uber cool
    I remember street fighter from when we were kids and my older brother used to be obsessed with it

  9. N. |

    Glad you got a kick out of this! :p

    lol, Chun-Li ;P

    The graphics are insane really. I haven’t seen it yet, I’ll check it out!

    lol, I’m pretty sure its a foot, unless I’ve messed up feline anatomy!

    She is?! :s She doesn’t look pregnant to me, and it sure doesn’t look like she’s losing the fight! :p

  10. Missy-TheOriginal |

    She IS pregnant SHE IS!!!

  11. |

    thats one cool ass cat!!! i miss the days of street fighter 2, when it first came out. i went broke spending all my money at the video arcade back in london. damn, eheh

  12. N. |

    Is there something you need to tell me? :p

    Yes she is! I loved SF! Especially 2.. we used to play by the hours and never got bored. Especially playing tournaments, and rigging the arcade to do a million hadookens etc. hahah!

  13. Missy-TheOriginal |

    YES!!! That cat had a miscarriage!!!

  14. N. |

    poor thing :-( what did you do!

  15. Marzouq |

    Naruto’s orignal form!!!! looool!

  16. Navy Girl |

    oh they are the best !! i used to play that game with my old bro all the time !! :D

  17. N. |


    Navy Girl,
    It is a great game!:P

  18. 3baid |

    I really hope they don’t mess this sequel up :/
    I’m getting the feeling that it’s going to try too hard to impress and lose it’s game balance.

  19. N. |

    I was worried about that too when I saw the trailer. But knowing capcom I don’t think they’d reach that stage! Hopefully they’ll do things RIGHT, or it’ll just be all over :/

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