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News: The Future Future

In the latest Tech and Space related news,

Solar-Powered Plane to Attempt History

May 22, 2007 A dainty solar-powered plane with wings the width of a giant Airbus will retrace exploits in aviation history, including Charles Lindbergh’s first ever transatlantic crossing, before a pioneering round-the-world flight in 2011, project leaders said Tuesday.

While this sounds very fascinating I can’t help but imagine the following scenario, “Oh Shit! A Cloud!” Best of luck to this great scientific venture!

‘Growable’ Homes Made With Mushrooms
The patented Greensulate formula is an organic, fire-retardant board made of water, flour, minerals and mushroom spores. It not only hinders heat flow but could also be modified to produce sustainable, “growable” homes.

While maybe sounding a little strange to live in a mushroom home, it is biodegradable and is less expensive than the regular insulator currently used.

This reminds me of Igloos and they were the perfect solution for living in an Ice-olated (tehee) area! Nevertheless, As ridiculous as this may sound to normal ppl, these are the homes of the future (not the current future, but future future).

13 Responses to “News: The Future Future”

  1. Fayoora |

    Glad You Fixed it!
    oo btw, does mac yekhtirib ibser3a?

  2. EniGma |

    emmm, i don’t think i wanna get on a solar powered plane!

  3. N. |

    No not really, bel 3aks but sometimes there are problems with hardware issues and they recall the devices. I think I might have missed the recall

    Aw, it would be fun don’t you think!

  4. Vinnie |

    We used to think after the year 2000 all technology would come reigning on us
    flying cars, cities underwater
    biodegradable everything
    medicine advanced
    I don’t want after 10 years from now to say ahh, well its a minor upgrade from what we used to have 10 years ago
    that would be too disappointing
    and so far.. thats whats happening.. gimme a break the so called greatest invention of the 21st century is the segway, just something on 2 wheels that u can ride anywhere instead of walk

  5. N. |

    I think the change will be so gradual we will not realize how much of a difference there is unless we step back and look at the big picture (especially compared to the era in the mid 1900s etC)!!

  6. EniGma |


    i’m not in your blogroll?


  7. cixousianpanic |

    lol… mushroom homes!! That reminds me of the smirfs! :D :D

  8. N. |

    You are now! To think that I’ve missed adding you, tsk tsk I’m growin old!

    lol, so are you suggesting we start painting ourselves blue?

  9. EniGma |

    How DARE you!!!! tsk. u of all people

    it’s ok i forgive u :D

    yaay let’s all paint ourselves blue!! i’m blue da ba de da ba daiiiiiiiiiiii

  10. Marzouq |

    I’m hoping to see this plane, but I’m waiting for teleportation, and living homes is something we are not ready for, people can’t deal with universal remotes let alone living homes!

  11. N. |

    lol :p Thank you!

    Teleportation has been successful on a subatomic level! However, the actual atom wasn’t teleported rather a copy of its properties were transfered to another atom! I guess it still needs time before they can actually send a thing or someone to another location, but they’re working on it.
    More info: Teleportation Breakthrough Made

  12. Angelo |

    Actually this reminds me of the witch’s house that was made out of candy and cream.

    LOL I wonder what is the “future future” :) or when it happens.

  13. N. |

    lol! I’m sure if I had a house made of candy and cream I’d be homeless very soon :p

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