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Official Country Ubuntu Mirrors

The official Ubuntu country mirrors for Kuwait ( and are now hosted by Qualitynet.

What does this all mean? That all you Ubuntu fans can enjoy full speeds when updating and downloading Ubuntu as you will be download them from a server at Qualitynet. Also, if there is an international cable cut, you most likely wont be affected if you wanted to update your packages. If you get bored during a cable cut, and can’t find anything else to do, download a distro of Ubuntu and play around until things get back up and running.

You can find more information on these links:

4 Responses to “Official Country Ubuntu Mirrors”

  1. MBH |

    Thanks a lot!!!

    Awesome efforts dude :D

  2. Amethyst |

    I don’t like this post.

    And I don’t get it.

    I no likey at all.


  3. Vinnie |

    Radical dude.
    Ma bagheena some linux recognition in Kuwait?
    Yalla all the linux flavours, BSDs, and if possible pirated.. I mean “sharable” windows :P
    Would sharing the outdated windows xp be considered piracy?

  4. Vinnie |

    You might wanna update w/ a new post for the new year

Reserved, going to add something here later.