Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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My take on: Planet In Peril

Planet in Peril Today I finished watching CNN’s two part two hour special, Planet in peril. I haven’t been so moved in a very long time! At first, I was very reluctant to watch it. Everywhere you turn there is a natural disaster. You are always reminded of the sad stories around the world in the news and everywhere around us. I acknowledged it, but I didn’t want to get myself exposed more than I already have been.

What got me to watch this show was that I wanted to see the big picture of what is really going on. What I saw was something far beyond what I had expected, I also discovered a few things I did not know about myself.

The program brought up the issues of global warming, deforestation, over population, and species extinction. Some of the cast went around the world to confront these issues and expose first hand what is happening at the source or the areas most affected by these issues.

Sure it was sad to see some of the effects of these issues in the world. However, what affected me the most was the pollution in China, and how it affected innocent families. We may not like to see and hear repeatedly how we are destroying our own world, but this does not mean that we should turn our back, and close our eyes and ears.

Since we are all a part of this world, we all should play an important role. Whatever it may be, and no matter how little it is, be sure that you can make an impact on the future.

28 Responses to “My take on: Planet In Peril”

  1. Laialy_q8 |

    there were some reviews they showed on TV after the show was aired. Some people thought it was too extreme and just for show … i thought it was OK

  2. N. |

    I thought it was going to be extreme too! but Yeah, it was OK!

  3. Navy Girl |

    i used to watch such shows , but i cant anymore .. its just soo sad .. and would makes me go blue right away .. i mean dont get me wrong .. i’d like to do something to help stop such disasters but reality kicks real fast and i learn that i cant do anything about it .. cuz i’m the only one that even thinks seriously about it .. so i kinda gave up ..

  4. N. |

    yeah you can do something about it, you can do a lot of things about it, and it might be sad but it isn’t that bad really, bel 3aks, gives you more appreciation which is always a nice feeling

  5. Missy-TheOriginal |

    I don’t watch the news or read newspapers anymore. I only read the newspapers for social events and such. I’m not trying to sound frail and sensitive but perhaps trying to keep a blind eye to these things can reduce hypertension and premature hear-attack.

  6. N. |

    I understand it might be painful but we should at least be aware of things. For example, did you know that there are some senators who think the whole global warming campaign is just a bunch of crap, and it is there only to siphon money from the people? There are people who think like that. There were a couple of other things which I didn’t know, but it gives you an understanding.

  7. Vixen |

    how can i watch it ? the link doesn’t seem to be working

  8. N. |

    the link is to the official program site, u have to either buy it on dvd or download it

  9. 'GreY' |

    I missed it ! i hope they have a rerun ! I dont know what to say ! people are very neglegent ! i planted some trees and people just killed them for no reason ! There need to be mass education about global warming just like they do in case of AIDS or bird flu !

  10. N. |

    You’re right there should be some mass education program about it! You won’t belive it. At our beach house, we had plants all the way up to the road they were BIG and very GREEN, the government ripped them out cause they said we need to pay for em first, imagine!

  11. :::Shayouma:: |

    Yeah I know it’s really sad some people just don’t care! :(

  12. N. |

    Yeah, at least there should be ppl to do the opposite and really mean it sa7 :D

  13. Touch |

    With all those catastrophic disasters spreading about the globe and with much media spot reflecting the real issues, people are either going to have an overdose which yields to numbing their feelings. Many may believe that they are helpless to that matter and nature has it’s own ways in revenging piles of planet misuse.

    I find it much more effective to take a step back and then exposed to such condensed information to allow time for grasping what the turn the world is taking.

    Damn, aren’t you keeping an eye over your blog or what :)
    Take a look at the time difference between your responses to the comments.
    I wonder how long will it take you to type in your comment :)

  14. N. |

    Yeah I understand the numbness, but this is what’s happening now in a way. We see something and we feel so touched and moved by it, minutes later we’re back to the way we were!

    Yeah, I’m following up well aren’t I. You tell me how long ;p

  15. Touch |

    Sometimes we get accustomed to so many things surrounding us, it’s more like having an ugly painting on your wall and soon after your mind won’t even realize the obnoxious feeling beaming from it. Your eyes get used to the sight and even you don’t feel it’s presence anymore unless drawing your attention to it.

    Superb timing :)
    4 minutes, It took me about 25 minutes to check back the page and your comment was there. It takes days for me to go back and check the comments on my posts and sometimes I forget about them. Well that’s a commitment :)

  16. N. |

    So how do you cure this numbness? There has to be a way hasn’t there? We’d probably have to clean and clear ourselves from the previous emotion of thought, and try to be fresh somehow and accept it from a new light. It’ll work somehow.

    I’m still here ;P It sure is, but I haven’t been online all weekend, this is my online time I guess.. and its nice having a little conversation and a quick reply to comments too.

  17. Marzouq |

    The sad part about the whole thing is that it all depends on economics, I have seen how bad things are in China and its all for the sake of becoming a financial superpower. The thing is even when they are getting more money coming in the financial gap between the poor and the rich keeps increasing, the wealth isn’t spread to those below. Also there is very little safety regulation, they do not do inspections on health and safety so standards are not maintained. With time this is becoming a very serious issue with all the countries.

  18. N. |

    It is true that it is all because of economics and the need for money and being a superpower. It is obviously more expensive to do research and clean the air and water. Some people just chose to ignore this cost just to get a bigger chunk of money, on what expense? On the expense of the country, the people, and the animals in the affected areas.

  19. Very.Q8ya |

    the human population is increasing too rapidly and the issue goes like ” the population problem ” .. 7elfaw?? , etha one family contains – 3 wives, 20 kids, 10 house-maids, 4 drivers- huh? WHAT’S THAT!! =F tekfoon sakaitaw 3al bacteria =/

    I think there should be such a wise system which would deal with hal sowalef il-ar3a =F .. like ta7deed il-nasil and so.. =/

  20. Kaos |

    I believe that people are getting educated on environmental concerns now and that this generation will start acting
    Change is already starting, with the carbon emmission quotas and such.
    It will start a whole new era.

  21. Amethyst |

    I agree ;\

  22. N. |

    I have heard that people reproduce at an increasing rate is for the sake of survival. Because they feel threatened, they tend to reproduce more to validate their existence and their off springs! If there’s gona be ta7deed el nasel then we should study how it affected China first, cause frankly I don’t think its even working that well!

    I sure do hope you’re right and things move a little faster.

    I concur :D

  23. KJ |

    I haven’t watched it, but I did watch BBC’s Planet Earth and it was so wonderful (it showed you our wonderful nature on this planet) and I was like “OMG I can’t believe all these beautiful scenes and animals will be destroyed soon by Pepsi factories”

  24. N. |

    By pepsi companies? damn! Now that really sucks, but yeah I totally know what you mean. Actually the world used to be even better lookin, much more scenery! It is all going away now..

  25. KJ |

    Yes and that is why Moogle is in my head.

    I need to find him a proper habitat to get rid of him

  26. N. |

    LOL! I saw that ad you had.. very funny :p

  27. Touch |

    Big issues need big muscles
    Big muscles nowadays mean politics & money (oil, industries, corporates etc)
    so basically the answer you are looking for floats there.

    For a regular Joe, it’s just spreading the awareness and trying to draw the attention of those around you to the matter and try to make them relate to it an such a way that they feel threatened, because people tend to react when jeopardizing their exsistence.
    Making people feel more involved not in a persistent boring way, not with mere digits and diagrams, shedding enough light to capture their attention and from time to time when the response weakens, hit them with it one more time.

    Actually I don’t have any idea how to solve it.

  28. N. |

    When you said that people react when their exisetence is in danger that is so true. I believe this is what the awareness is supposed to do, and this is why many people choose to ignore it than let it sink in. They believe their own version and see the world around them and everything is fine, but the shut themselves from the actual problems in other places around the world. This is why visiting such places can have such a huge effect on someone, by experiencing it first hand.

    I don’t think awareness alone doesn’t do much, but with it, has to come action. People numb off as we said, but if they feel that they are threatened to a large degree they will start moving to preserve themselves. Unless their actions are also controlled, I believe it may even lead to a chaotic and irrational struggle for survival, which is not good and may even reverse the effect of acting on such instincts!

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