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Uninterneted -
Uninterneted (adjective) [N.'s Dictionary]
1. The absence of an internet connection for a prolonged period of time.

Today is day four in which I have had no internet connection. I’m going through a terrible detox period. Emotional outbursts, screaming, “WWW”, and “EMAIL” are only starting to be controlled. The problem seems to originate from the telephone itself! The DSL line is active, I can’t get a dial tone though. I can call the number, it rings, but the house phone doesn’t ring! Weird, today enshalla we’ll be calling the emergency phone service to find out what is the matter. Let us hope all goes well.

Updated: My mom called them (our local phone service support hot line!) and they restored the line! They didn’t even provide an explanation why it was not working!

15 Responses to “Uninterneted!”

  1. DiiGMaa |

    *cough cough*

    a7im a7im

    I thought I was the only one who had a D Dictionary :P

    refer to some post way back in emmmm Nov or Dec..

    in the D Dictionary this would be called:
    i-chaos !

    but I gotta get used to it.. I won’t have access to any techy stuff in the wild come 3 days !!

    and yes for once I actually agree to the upcoming uninterneted / i-chaos I will have to face ! :P

  2. N. |

    Where you going for those three days? care to share? invite? :p

    I’ll try to look for that post.. humm *dives into D’s archives*

  3. DiiGMaa |

    no no I’ll be traveling in 3 days.. and then I’ll be back to basics with no internet in the wild for longer than that lol

    allah yaster ! :P

    heheh I’m not saying :P
    til I get back..
    if I get back safely *gulp in throat*

    (the things I get myself into :P)

  4. N. |

    lol! I wish you a safe trip, take it easy now.. wouldn’t want to lose D! Enjoy the i-chaos :p It would be nice if you can use that time to connect with nature. I’d love to do that :p

    Oh, and by nature. I mean harmless nature, not the type that bites your butt every time you turn around!

    Be safe! ;)

  5. Laialy_q8 |

    genius i tell u, pure genius

  6. N. |

    We are, aren’t we ;)

  7. Peony |

    and i wondered where you went…
    i like the word very very much !! hehe

  8. Marzouq |

    That is a horrible experience!! FOUR DAYS!!!! I would have gotten WNET by then! What happened to you is standard government operating procedures! They may have just pulled the plug without letting you guys know!! hehehe

  9. N. |

    It was a sad few days! :p Glad you liked it!

    I was so close to getting Wnet, but I held my tongue and said I’ll just deal with being internet free for a while. It wasn’t too bad, a little hard to catch up but it can always be done :p lol @ SGOP!

  10. EniGma |

    i would have gone insane.

  11. Marzouq |

    There is no way I would go without internet for more then two days!! I just don’t function that way! Its like trying to hold your breath longer then your supposed to!

    Hell no!!!! Redundancy is KEY!

  12. N. |

    I was about to snap.. I managed to get my phone’s bluetooth network going lol.

    lol, redundancy is beneficial, but it is always dependent on budget! I currently have my backup connection — my bluetooth mobile phone network! It gives me a jolt of internet to sooth my addiction lol.

  13. Uninterneted #2 | N. |

    [...] P.S. Uninterneted is a term I coined back in June 2007. [...]

  14. ammaro |

    we all had uninternation yesterday in bahrain, but 4 days? dang dude. somethigns wrong with your line

  15. Nasser |

    It was horrible.. but I managed lol.

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