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Uninterneted #2

Ethernet CableYou probably all heard about it. The internet going bad in the Mediterranian ending up affecting the Middle East and other areas [Reuters]. Currently I do not have an internet connection at home. Frankly, I am not too bummed out about it. I like the change. Even though there are addictions that need to be fullfilled (tv shows, anime, etc), it is not all so bad.

P.S. Uninterneted is a term I coined back in June 2007.

33 Responses to “Uninterneted #2”

  1. ::: ShoSho ::: |

    Oh didn’t know about that!

  2. ::: ShoSho ::: |

    Oh so it’s true!

  3. Nasser |

    Yes it is hehe.

  4. Kaileena |

    You watch anime! When your connection comes back, download True Tears (up to 4 episodes now) It’s quite good!

  5. Nasser |

    Kaileena, I love anime.. I just started watching Rosario + Vampire it is awesome! I’ll check out True Tears for sure :)

  6. Amethyst |

    I can only give up internet when I’m traveling.

  7. Nasser |

    That addicted huh? :p

  8. Very.Q8ya |

    how come it didn’t kill my internet connection? =/

  9. Nasser |

    My internet is from United Networks (UCC), it died ams lol.

  10. Zed |

    i’m not very pleased with united networks either

  11. ammaro |

    everyone else seems to have internet though, except us. we were totally shut down.

  12. Nasser |

    Yeah their service has been slowly degrading!

    Damn.. I heard KSA and UAE were also totally shut down!

  13. FourMe |

    I have internet I have internet .. oh and its fast but thn thats the good thing about living in a civilized country :p

  14. GreY |

    God bless the wireless ! :P

  15. manutdfanatic |

    The KSA wasn’t “totally” shut off; certain networks only.

    Random-your poll is stupid. Very stupid.

  16. Music Site |

    I am an addict on internet, the only thing can keep me away from it is if I go to work as my work doesn’t give me time to even see a computer, lol,

    Hope your internet all will be fine,

  17. Laialy_q8 |

    now that i am no longer in school … the internet seems less important

  18. KJ |

    Life goes on I guess!

  19. Nasser |

    Lucky you ;P

    lol! Some of it, is good! I have internet now which is totally bumming me out!

    I know it is stupid, I just had to put one in, the next one wont be as stupid I hope :p

    Music Site,
    Thank you! Yes it is a severe addiction, and problems can happen.. sadly this is creating a dependence which sometimes might seem a little scary even! Regardless, its nice to take breaks!

    It does doesn’t it… one’s lifestyle has to do a lot with it. I’m even working more with the internet now since it is part of my job!

    You make it sound so simple! lol!

  20. Navy Girl |

    yeah heard about it right when i was trying so hard to sign in !!! went nuts !! ufffffff i was soo mad !!

    bs seriously though its a very good chance to read my book !!

  21. fadidra |


  22. Soul |

    ana dial up a7la shay :D card Q8 bo 2 kd. el download 3ajeeeeeeeeeeb 2 seconds el movie 5ale9 hahahaha.. i am about to smash my Labtop..

  23. Nasser |

    Navy Girl,
    did you read? matwaqa3 lol


    lol, bs 2 seconds! sheno hal dial up lazem ajarba!

  24. Touch |

    Just one more reason to justify your scarce posts lately :)

  25. Nasser |

    It sure is heh.

  26. Navy Girl |

    well i dont know what happened to me .. just last month i finished reading 2 novels … bs now with this new novel i couldnt reach chapter 10 madry lesh :/

  27. Marzouq |

    I have to have a net connection! To get all the shows that I’m following and all the tools that I need!

  28. Nasser |

    Navy Girl,
    Just keep tryin.. I’m sure you’ll finish it one day and once you’ve finished it you’ll feel much better! I have a novel I want to start, I only reached page 3! lol! ;/

    You know the wierd thing is, this is the weekend that I’ve been the most online actually! lol! It didn’t work :/

  29. desert-roses |

    Yeah , I was talking about that in my blog…

    I thought it is going to be worse..
    yesterday I was downloading a movie with 514 MB in size
    wallah nazela eb less than 2 hours mashallah!!!…
    El7emdellah!!! :D

  30. Nasser |

    Mashallah Allah etamem 3alech :p

  31. desert-roses |

    O 3liak :P

  32. Ian |

    I hate it when the internet is out for even an hour or two. It always has to happen at the most inconvenient times, like when you need it for work.

  33. Nasser |

    Very true, I can’t stress that enough.

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