Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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The Totally Useless Blog Post

This is a totally useless and pointless post in nature (if it wasn’t in nature, where else would it be? – another useless question you might say). There is no moral to this post, there is no message. There is no purpose, there is no value. This is merely a construction of sentences to fill the void that has become. How does a post become pointless when it is filled with words and sentences? At least, the sentences make sense, but together they mean nothing. This is, as you have so kindly seen, a totally and utterly useless, meaningless, worthless, valueless, senseless, and insignificant blog post.

I wonder if the comments will be as pointless as this posts…

56 Responses to “The Totally Useless Blog Post”

  1. Amethyst |


  2. Bojacob |


  3. Marzouq |

    My chair broke

  4. Nasser |




  5. Skinny Bumblebee |

    Karrrmmaaaa POLIiiccccccccceee *singing*

  6. EniGma |

    aah… i’m gonna call u today to check up on you!

  7. 7zaya |

    This implies that other posts on other blogs are full of sense and deep in meaning and concise in message. Not so, I am afraid. But at least when you write something useless you give us a warning ;)

  8. ZuZu |

    5osh ma8al ;p a7la post ketabtah ;p

  9. M. J. Kout |

    does this have to do in anyway with the trip u made today during work ?

  10. Sushi |

    Nasser you think too much, have a break, have a kitkat =))

  11. Amethyst |


  12. Princess |


  13. Laialy_q8 |

    This post might come in handy …

  14. Nasser |

    Skinny Bumblebee,
    Karmaaaa Poliiceee *backup sings with you*

    Thanks for the call :D

    Oh please, my post is no measure for other people’s blog posts, this is only relevant to my own work! ;P

    lol, thanks!

    Oh, that was only one ingredient of this post!

    Is that for me? You’re too kind! *splits the kit kat gives you half*



    I wonder how! :p

  15. Soul |

    magoool ella.. 2ahha 2ahha ha 2ahhha ha <– 3abd el na9er darweesh laugh.

  16. Shoush |

    This is a totally pointless, senseless, meaningless, worthless, useless comment which is aimless, futile, and inane. <– Notice the last 2 adjectives. Ashkara i used Word for synonyms when i ran out!

  17. Big Pearls |

    I feel empty!

  18. KJ |


  19. Greyshorts |

    I think you’re post is a great analysis of existentialism . Well Done !

  20. Ri |

    The green pigeon needs to fly north-east towards the land of the automatic coffee machines.

  21. suspic |

    My wallet smells nice. =)

  22. Mrm |

    inta khilqitik ibkoborha pointless. huy :B

  23. Amethyst |

    The right response to my previous comment is ;

  24. Shaymaa |

    hmmHMMhmmMMMMmmm… *useless and pointless humming*

  25. Kaileena |

    ” (if it wasnt in nature, where else would it be? – another useless question you might say” It could be completely important in nature but pointless in metaphors and additions.

    “At least, the sentences make sense, but together they mean nothing”
    They do mean something..they mean the concept of “nothing”

    “This is, as you have so kindly seen, a totally and utterly useless, meaningless, worthless, valueless, senseless, and insignificant blog post.”
    It indicates that the writer is thinking too much. ‘~’

  26. Noufa |

    I’m wearing jeans ;)

  27. Noufa |

    and I have a different url.

  28. Nasser |

    lol!!!!!!! I can picture that very clearly!

    I like that! You’re catchin on the meaninglessness :p

    Big Pearls,
    That’s not good! Meaningless is fine, but emptiness is totally not!


    I blog, therefore I am.

    That is random, yet perfect. Green, coffee, pigeon, lovely thoughts going through my head now. I still remember the brown pants, green top.

    I’m tepmted to ask, where do you keep it?

    Are you mocking me?!?!!?!?!

    It was ; but I deviated, and layed it down making it ,. like the ; sideways. Proceed.

    I know that song! O_O

    Elementary my dear Kaileena, it was Mr Green, using the Pistol in the Kitchen.. according to your last few words, too much indeed.

    They didn’t! Saved the url! ;p

  29. Hope |


  30. Nasser |

    Thank you Hope! Now that, makes sense.

  31. Mai |

    There are a lot of posts, which r full of words and stories, but at the end, they r pointless, the result is = zero ..

    So its not about words or sentences, its all about CONTENT of these words and sentences..

    I loved ur post =)

  32. suspic |

    My back pocket, usually the right one. I always forget to pull it out before driving or sitting anywhere, which causes amazing stunts later on.

  33. Amethyst |


  34. Lone Ranger'ess 63 |

    so lemme’ get this straight: it’s really quantity and not quality??

  35. Angelo |

    Then can you make a sense out of this paragraph:

    Our understanding of human nature is rooted in our context. There are many ways to describe human nature. How we understand human nature depends on our context. Context determines how one views human nature. Our view of human nature is context-dependent. Your background determines how you view human nature. How you describe human nature depends on your context.

  36. GreY |

    N you rock ! useless post and get 36 comments ! I crown you King Blogger of the Day !

  37. Nasser |

    Thanks! ;P

    Stunts! I can’t imagine!

    ^ (tough one)

    On the contrary, it is quality! The quality of a useless blog post, that presents itself so well.

    lol! That hurt my brain..

    Hehe, I’m the KING! “Bow down before me mortals!” :p lol, I think I should say that next time! hehe, thanks Grey I believe, 36 is only a measure of how long I don’t post. The longer the post stays here, the more ppl actually comment.

  38. Sarah |

    It’s good to aknowledge that what we do is not always useful, meaningful, worthful, senseful and valuable… but still, u do it very well! :D

    I believe that we have to give ourselves a break sometimes and not always seek our own or other people’s expectations! No goal is great too… ;)

  39. Amethyst |

    You got it right;p


  40. Nasser |

    lol, Trueeeee!

    that was easy ;p

  41. Navy Girl |

    ummmm didnt see you around for so long .. are you okay bro ???

  42. FourMe |

    Wow for such a useless post you got so many useless comments.. here goes one more

    . .

  43. Amethyst |

    It’s actually %!

    Khalas, I don’t like you anymore;p

  44. ammaro |

    wow. 43 comments on this post alone. must be a lot of people with pointless lives.

  45. Nasser |

    Navy Girl,
    Yeah I’m perfectly fine ;p

    Woohooo two dots!

    Yeah, I had a feeling you would say that, but only after I posted it. That was a technicality! ;l

    Actually it is only because this post has been up there for so long..

  46. Outkasty |

    3ashat lina liq8 liq88888, o 3ashaw ahalha derereren

  47. Nasser |


  48. Very.Q8ya |


    7elWeh :P wasn’t expected sara7a

  49. Nasser |

    tadreen ba3d el roo7 el wa6aniya etkhaly el wa7ed esawy kelshay lol ;P

  50. Elaine |

    :)?…I don’t undestand why you write this post…But, it’s quite uniqe and funny to me.

  51. Nasser |

    Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! :)

  52. Ian |

    I guess your post filled up some space, and I suppose that was its point.

  53. Nasser |

    Pretty much! Exactly what it was meant to do.

  54. Tari |

    Pointless Trivia: What was Walt Disney’s original title for his dream world, Disneyland?
    “Mickey Mouse Park” was Walt Disney’s original title for his dream world, Disneyland.

  55. Tari |

    If a man who cannot count finds a four-leaf clover, is he lucky? ~Stanislaw J. Lec

  56. Nasser |

    Mickey Mouse Park would have been lame, Disneyland sounds much better. I really like that second quote.

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