Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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The Mysterious Other

57360117 I have always wondered if there was a person out there in the world who thinks about the same things I do. Sometimes, because of my strange topics I wonder if the mysterious other (person) questions the things I do, and is possibly asking the same question I am now, which is, "Who is that person, that I am so connected to?"

We’re probably longing to cross paths, not knowing that one day we might. We could walk past each other on a busy road in a strange country and never get the chance to speak. We might glance at each other, thinking, "I feel connected.." to a mysterious other.

36 Responses to “The Mysterious Other”

  1. Missy-TheOriginal |

    Yeah I hear that a lot bout that, some ppl say they get that vibe or connection thing with others. A couple of women I know said they knew it was there husbands who was standing across the room even before they proposed. Frankly I dunno if it’s true or mere coincidence, never happen to me but maybe it’s possible… like gravity or something.

  2. Missy-TheOriginal |

    Would be fun though! lol “Closes eyes shut & tries to focus, picking up a frequency somewhere”,….

  3. shoosha |

    i always think, ” eshga3ed esawee my future hubby” :P

  4. Purgatory |

    of course there is, am a perfect example of multiple copies of Purgatory and I know others exist like me, because people always tell me that.

  5. Laialy_q8 |

    I really don’t think that abstractly

  6. Navy Girl |

    wow i come across that idea sometimes too !! to be more accuret i’ve always thought of it i mean is there is anyone who thinks the way i do ??? ummm world is too big akeed fee :D i think someday you will find that person :D

  7. chikapappi |

    Oh Purg! you re unique believe me! :P

    N., I believe that too bas am tired of waiting *sigh* – where’s this guy that I wanna be a wife too – have his kids & cook for. fight with them joke about it- go out for walks & blog together! *sigh*

  8. 'GreY' |

    Dont know about mysterious other ,,, but do know about the ‘ soul mate ‘

  9. EniGma |

    of course u do it’s me dummy

  10. EniGma |


  11. Vixen |

    i always wonder,, if there’s someone who puts so much thought into trivial things like i do, and even if they do, and we did meet, would we be able to talk about these connections we have or would we just feel it..

  12. blue dress |

    I agree. and i know there is a person. and i also believe i will get to meet that person oneday.

  13. N. |

    Gravity. That’s a nice way to put it. I would have to assume that it is related to some sort of energy indeed. lol @ picking up a frequency, let me know if that works! ;P

    lol, do you think your future hubby is also thinking, “eshga3ed etsawy my future wifey” :p

    So people have told you that they know/met someone exactly like you! That is amazing, exactly the thing I was going for. The girls here seem to quickly associate it with a significant other hehe.

    You should try!

    Navy Girl,
    Yeah! I wonder what it would be like, the first meeting with that person!

    I’m sure if what I said is true, then there is a guy out there for you who’s thinking the same thing! – where is this woman to be his wife, and have his kids.. etc

    It could be the same person, or it could just be someone, I wasn’t necessarily referring to a significant other.

    lol, You did pop into my mind while I was writing that!

    That’s exactly what I was aiming for. The amazing thing is that trivial to one, may not be to another! – That’s what I like about such things..

    blue dress,
    do you know what you’ll say to that person when you meet them?

  14. Chirp |

    Soul mates maybe.

  15. Marzouq |

    You would be surprised who you would find just chugging along. If its meant to be then you will cross paths, in my head I prefer to live my moments, you think about some things taking place, but not everything!

  16. blue dress |

    yes. i’ll know it then.

  17. Very.Q8ya |

    tara il-arwa3 titlaga fa shay 6abe3ey et7es et3aref il-awadem ili inta asasn mat3arefhom =/

  18. Very.Q8ya |


  19. MSB |

    i think a part of us would like to believe that this is the case in order to give us hope.. that there is indeed someone out there and we’re not alone in this world. The one thing I do think about is, people who are my friends today – did I bump paths with them in the past not knowing that one day we’d be friends? Have I bumped into people recently who in the future will play a big role in my life?

    The good thing about fantasy thoughts is that sooner or later they’re answered.. and sooner or later they’re replaced with other abstract questions! :)

  20. |

    its wierd, but it does exist. and there are people who are so similar to you that its sorta scary too. sometimes you get people who you never even think of, you might have met years ago for a minute and then never seen them again, actually thinking about you specifically. now thats even wierder.

  21. Amethyst |

    I thought I had a mysterious other moment in Sweden, summer of `05. I made a move, but it was a false alarm;p

  22. 1001 Kuwaiti Nights |

    Well, if you really want someone who thinks like you you know it’s probably gonna be another guy. (How’s that for bursting your dreamy bubble ? :P )

  23. Ri |

    There’s no such thing.

    You meet someone and then you settle for them.

    That’s all there is to it.

  24. Ms Loala |

    Of course there is, but i don’t think you guys will meet :P

  25. N. |

    Sure, why not.

    True! We do meet strange people in our lives, or should I see, we meet people strangely!

    blue dress,
    You better! :)

    Yeah thats true, sub7anAllah! In so many ways..

    Yeah, amazing isn’t it? It does happen and will happen, you can make sure by tracking everyone you come in contact with! But that is just not possible. Lets hope we get answers sooner than later ;P

    Have you run into some people like that? That would be cool don’t you think, disregarding the weirdness of it of course!

    lol, well don’t lose hope you never know when you’ll meet that person!

    1001 Kuwaiti Nights,
    lol!! Yeah, it most probably would be a guy. That would be cool though. One of my best friends today I met very randomly and under very strange circumstances! :p

    Are you just telling yourself that? Or do you believe it?

    Ms Loala,
    That’s very inspiring! :p

  26. Swair |

    laish bil pic their noses are touching? shino hal 9owar el khalee3a?! :p

  27. N. |

    LOL! Hathy mo sowar khalee3a! :p Their noses are not touching, they look like they are, but since the shades of both are different (and the size of their heads!) they are both in different depths. See? ;p

  28. AlleyCat |

    hmm i don’t think the world could handle someone that thinks like me.. it would probably be one of the signs that judgement day’s approaching.. i better start praying on time.. i’m telling you it all comes down to the Allah brownie points.. good thing they’re calorie free lol

  29. N. |

    Oh? I wonder what you think about hmm.. besides gaining more Allah brownie points that is! ;p That’s a plus plus for calorie free!

  30. asoom |

    honestly, I never have thought about that one LOL. I think about my future husband sometimes and if I ever crossed paths with not knowing, but I guess that’s as close as it gets with what you’re thinking.

  31. N. |

    I tend to dive in my thoughts, so that thought is actually pretty normal for me :P It would be nice to actually have that story with a future spouse, being in the same place, at the same time and not knowing u were both there! :)

  32. KJ |

    I was told by someone that there are two people in the world who are identical in every aspect, but may not necessarily live in the same timeline.

    It is a scary thought… it is scarier, for instance, to realize that you’re in the newer timeline (ie the other one has passed away) and this is it for you – there will be no more of you ever again

  33. AlleyCat |

    I think its great to be unique and not have anyone who thinks exacutly like you… Its not important for two people to be alike. Its more important to be understood, accepted or have your thoughts respected. Wow that rhymes.. anyhow.. something i think about N? Ever heard how black cats/animals (in kuwait folklore or islamic.. i’m not quite sure that is) can be possesed by bad jin? I personally dont believe thats true.. why? Because if i was a jinniyah.. and i wanted to spook someone out..I’d posses a white cat/animal because no one suspects them and everyone associates white with purity… Have I scared you yet?

  34. Swair |

    eeee, eeeee, thaye3 el salfa! shades and depths :p

    ok, N, etshoof shughlik :p

    *has her evil teacher face on*

  35. N. |

    Wow.. now that’s cool. It would be nice if they were in the same time line don’t you think.

    That’s not weird. That didn’t scare me. So, what type of white cat, a Persian? ;P

    lol! Well they both look like guys, so I refuse to think of it that way! Too disturbing, otherwise I would have just agreed lol! Please don’t give me detention ;/

  36. palo-girl |

    im not sure if this is related, but it’s said that the souls meet before people meet physically.
    that’s why sometimes when u meet someone for the first time you might love them on the spot, or hate them, or just feel connected to them..

    the Prophet PBUH said:
    “alarwa7o jonoodon mujannada, ma ta3arafa minha i2talaf, wa ma tanakara minha i5talaf”

    i guess that kind of means.. we all have sister souls?

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