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The Experiment: You are my specimens!

Question: What is your strongest sense? What do you notice the most when you experience things with your senses. Vote on the right please! Thank you.

One or the Other The idea wasn’t to get a lot of people to drop by really. It was centered around the idea of saying something totally obscene and misleading [link removed] and finding out how people would react to it. Turns you all have good sportsmanship. Give yourselves a pat on the back! I have also noticed that also a lot more people participated in the polls. Why, I can’t be sure. Maybe people prefer to participate in the polls more than leave a comment. However thank you to all who contributed. Welcome singles, forever free.

Now, on to more pressing matters. Last week there were a few people (Joud, Mark, and Chikapappi) who posted about their traffic violations and how ridicules some of their fines have become. Mine are a bit over 350 KD.  I have however a strategy that has been working for a while, that might help you as well to avoid the cameras.

flagged After a little conversation my brother and I were having he gave me the idea to literally flag the cameras in my car’s GPS system. Being the loyal citizen that I am, I have gone around and flagged A LOT of cameras, I didn’t count how many, but here is a picture. Keep in mind that this picture is not complete and this is only part of Kuwait. Click on a picture for a better view.

juice I have also been enjoying immensely my carrot and orange cocktail juice.  However, this time I gulped the whole thing down before getting into my work clothes.

P.S. I changed my clothes in the car while driving on the fifth ring road. What a rush!

49 Responses to “The Experiment: You are my specimens!”

  1. chika |

    :) I voted too, guess what’s mine ;p !! LOL! KD350 is too much llah ye3eenak bro!

  2. N. |

    lol I dunno whats yours! Taste I’d say? hehe. Thanks :/

  3. Laialy_q8 |

    maybe its not so much needed to flag cameras the lesson should be to abide by the rules and drive at the speed limit -_-

  4. Noufa |

    haha you should’ve asked for help to change your clothes ;P

    I voted “Listening” :)

  5. This Lady |

    Its dangerous to ‘change’ and drive!!

  6. suspic |

    Next step : Clip your toenails whilst driving, with a 6asht mai mali7 near the pedals to keep your feet clean!

    OR OR.. drive while having a facial mask on!

    *realizes all his suggestions were girly..*



  7. Navy Girl |

    polls are good .. but still i rather comment .. as you came to know i tend to TALK a lot :P

    fines .. stupid very stupid fines .. i hate them !! god mine are all about SPEED yeah baby ! lol ! bs seriously i tend to feel those cameras .. and i know where they are .. bs sometimes they catch me by surprise !

    carrot & orange ?? dont think so lol :D bs bel3afya !

    i wonder how did you change your clothes while driving ! :D

  8. Mrm |

    ur a bit of an exhibitionist arent u

  9. Intlxpatr |

    Traffic cameras have become very very good. We had a friend in Germany who always drove so fast that his face in the photo was blurry, and the police could not prove it was him, not someone who had borrowed his car. He never paid a ticket! But now . . .

  10. Kaos |

    The main ones to keep in mind:
    A> 1st ring road: right b4 the fahaheel road.
    B> 4th ring road after Surra
    c> Malik Faisal Between 2nd and 3 ring rds
    D> 5th Ring road right b4 Bayan Castle
    E> 6th ring road b4 Alahmady road
    F> The trio on the way to shaleih’s (beech houses) both ways
    G> Damascus street by Qurtoba

    These are the ones that I mostly pass by, remember some of them dont have a film inside them but they like to always keep you guessing. The above ones all work btw, tried and tested by yours truly.

  11. Chirp |

    I dont like the cameras!!!

    I usually take your polls but this time I dont know what the answer is .. im serious.

    Also, I was drinking coffee and spilled some on me and took a pic but forgot to post it. ;p

    and btw theres a camera on shari3 dimashq between 3dailya and rootha, on the rootha side of the road.

  12. princess |

    so u flag the cameras so that u know when to not get clicked??

  13. N. |

    I do abide by the rules, the rules of the jungle! :p

    Asked help from who? The car next to me? lol! I was lone ;p

    This Lady,
    Yes it is, but it was a task that had to be done!

    LOL Grr? Yeah those are very girly suggestions. How about playstation and driving? PSP and driving (I did try that btw, not good!)

    Navy Girl,
    You can comment as well as vote no problem ;p lol you speed to much ha.. Allah e3afech and easily, I set the cruise and always had one hand on the wheel LOL!!

    I looked up the definition, I guess I am :P

    Wow, so fast that he becomes a blur! That’s fascinating. I guess now things are different. Better technology probably and those cameras are very sneaky!

    lol Thanks for the contribution :p

    You don’t know the answer? You can pick two, so guess;p Where’s the pic show us :D Hmm, I don’t know which one that is I’ll check.

    Exactly! ;p

  14. Marzouq |

    I know what you mean, I have tried doing that but I got bored of it quickly since I pass by them too damn quickly to jot their location down!

  15. N. |

    For me it’s only a push of a button and the thing is flagged. But yeah it always helps!

  16. KJ |

    It is a good thing to keep extra clothes in a car. Especially handy after a long rough night so you can come back home with a “fresh” look that doesn’t arouse suspicion :P

    Kudos on flagging the radars… come over to Dubai on a weekend and do us the favor as well :D

  17. N. |

    LOL! I was actually going out after trying to go the gym and I found it closed. lol, I’ll see what I can do with dubai ;P no promises.

  18. blue dress |

    Thank you!

  19. N. |

    Blue Dress,
    Madry 3ala sheno bs your welcome! >_<

  20. blue dress |

    Do you know where i can find the sound track?
    simpletruth! ;p

  21. N. |

    No clue hehe, but I’ll see what I can do to find it!

  22. Amethyst |

    N. w elzeman 6weeeeeeeel.. I always do stuff while driving, but since I’m a newbie, I don’t know where the cameras are (couldn’t care less). Oh! And I won’t be bothered with checking my fines. Wait! Tawni astaw3eb! How do you know? La7tha.. Don’t answer that. I don’t even have my own car. Ramble. Forget it.

  23. meeemo |

    I think fines are a good thing … since people don’t have respect for the law … don’t mean to upset anyone … but i think it’s time people take speeding and putting other people at risk more seriously ..

  24. Chirp |

    The camera there is relativly new. ya3ni maybe a couple of months ago or something.

  25. Cat |


    I do change and drive sometimes, but not cloths :)

    maybe shose, sucks … mmm taking off or putting on a jacket or sumthin :)

    Oh, jacket is considered as cloths ! :$

  26. Laialy_q8 |

    there’s your problem, you live in Kuwait not the Jungle :p

  27. Very.Q8ya |


  28. N. |

    You can check on the MOI website. ;p

    Fines aren’t good when the people have wasta get away with it, and those who don’t have to pay. I do agree with the reckless driving. That is bad, speeding doesn’t necessarily mean reckless driving!

    Ohh.. I gotta go flag that one too :p

    lol, shoes and socks are easy to change which is OK bs aham shay you keep your head up and watch where you go! jacket 3adi :D

    Kuwait is a jungle! :/

    lol! Allah ekon fe 3onech enshalla khair :D

  29. Enigma |

    How do you flag the cameras??? I want!!

    Actually i rarely get caught by speeding cameras, it’s that mother f- one on the Bede3-6th RR traffic light. Bitch. I think I’m gonna pay some geezees to vandalize it.

  30. N. |

    I have a “mark” button that puts memory marks on the GPS ;D

    Hahaha, that one! Oh.. yes, I don’t go there much :p You’d be doing a public service!

  31. MSB |

    that’s a lot of cameras!!!!

  32. N. |

    MSB That’s only part of it! :/ There are still some which aren’t in my database lol.

  33. Navy Girl |

    aha thats sounds fun yet cant do ;P but i do refresh my makeup while driving sometimes ! bs the lipstick :P

    since your an expert and all .. tell me something .. do you think there is one right under the bridge in Sharq ?? ely before Dasman palace ?

  34. N. |

    Navy Girl,
    Oh, you’re an expert lipstick reapplier? Interesting :r Right under the bridge, yep it is right under the fahahel road bridge. I know it, I see it everyday going to work :p I think it takes a picture at 100+ i’m not exactly sure how fast.

  35. Navy Girl |

    well yeah without mirror wana try me out , with a second :P

    NO WAY ! i thought it was 80 !! ooo i had a feeling that there was a damn camera so i used to drive around 80 around that bridge !! :D

  36. N. |

    lol, ya 7arakaaaaaaaaaat ;p Walla I dunno el 9ara7a, It could be around 80, but i think katha mara i drive 90 there ma sawerat.. bs mara7 a7e6 eb themety, so yeah maybe it does take pictures at 80 ;D

  37. Navy Girl |

    dude i tried it out once around 120 i was mad :/ bs i didnt get my lovely fine yet !! inshala it got broken ! :D

  38. N. |

    120 o mad ba3d! Khair enshalla, la mad is no reason to get a ticket, slow down the speed up, bs its dangerous to speed up here cause el eshara jedam feha nas always slow down, ela etha tabeen te6le3een far3y you have to pay attention to the people coming from the exit on the right.. fa 7e6y balech ya3neeee :p

  39. Navy Girl |

    ahhhh daddy ??? oh noo its n. sorry my bad .. thought i heard daddy talking !

    i dooo pay attention wala !! bs i need to speed up sometimes .. and that day i certainly had my reason :D i was mad like hell .. i wanted to talk it out on the car and camera :D

  40. N. |

    LOL, la just giving you tips to be carefl ya3ne ;P hahaha akeed bad phone call i know the feeling

  41. Navy Girl |

    no i dont get that kinda calls remember i answered NO :P LOL

    it was my wicked wicked bossy boss ! :D

  42. N. |

    loooool oh, boss 3ad :/ ma teswa pissed of cause of the boss, learned that the hard way.. :p mako shay to get pissed off about.. cause when u get pissed u hurt urself more fa shako lol

  43. Navy Girl |

    well she is literally CRAZY ! she drive me nuts wala !! ambeh she is 100% pure nuts !

    and thats totally off topic ! see thats what happen when i go babababababba :P

  44. N. |

    looooool la 3ady, yeah bosses are nuts, well they sometimes ask for impossible things! :p

  45. Ri |

    What I wouldn’t give to see that little acrobatic stunt! *chuckle*

  46. N. |

    I have a jeep which is not too high, but at least stops normal people from peeking in, and I wear boxers so they look like shorts. I had my cruise on. I had changed my top earlier. The jeans was the only problem, pulling them up was the biggest hassle lol.

  47. Ri |


    Okay, I’m impressed.

  48. Ri |

    *Naughty remark stifled*

  49. N. |

    I’ll pretend I didn’t see that!

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