Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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The Collective Poem Project

Cleaning The World If you’re reading, then consider participating. You can do so with an identity or as anonymous, however please consider it.

The collective poem project is something that I came up with recently, which is to create a poem. I will define the rules and YOU will help add to this poem and make it more meaningful, longer, and bigger.

Title (Tag Line): Making The World a Better Place.

The Subject Matter: You can mention nearly anything related to making the world a better place, the exceptions would be related to hurting, removing, or disturbing other people. (So you can’t talk about removing the *insert nationality here* and that would make the world better..) You can talk about the environment, business, society, science, technology, art, music, literature, media, and anything you have in mind as long as it has to do with making the world better.

The Rules, there are only a few:

  1. You can write one line, up to 5 only and no more.
  2. You have to have words rhyming.
  3. You may not post consecutive comments, but you can post again after someone else has posted.

The idea of this project is to have fun and work together to produce something very cool! This isn’t an exam, or a test, so don’t hesitate even if you feel that you are not a writer of any kind, give it a shot.

I’ll begin, and you follow up…

Black tears falling,
Collected from darkened clouds,
The world weeps,
Come dry these tears, trying,
to clear up the skies

31 Responses to “The Collective Poem Project”

  1. Zed |

    the world is perfect as it is
    you know what they say “ignorance is bliss”

  2. Chirp |

    Help that little girl
    with a future so unsure

  3. Kaos |

    Injustice, humans suffering
    Suffering from the ignorance of mankind
    Look around you do you see any hope?
    Or is humanity doomed by its own acts?

  4. chikapappi |


  5. KJ |

    Ardente veritate
    Urite mala mundi
    Ardente veritate
    Incendite tenebras mundi

  6. MishMisha |

    i’m not much of a poet, i can barely call myself a writer. but this really caught my attention so amma give it a shot:

    come, rain down on me and cleanse me with you purity,
    help me make all the ugliness surrounding me disappear into obscurity
    share with me your precious secret, and show me where your true beauty lies.
    tell me the facts and make me understand what i’ve unfortunately missed.
    inspire me to write you in a page, that would explain all the beauty and the divine.

    ok ok i know it sucks, but i guess this will have to do =/

  7. hammoodee |

    At work I thought of a macadamia cookie
    the guy who sells it faced a racist bully
    who hurt him so, but does he know fully
    without racism the world gets pretty

    (I tried! having said that, your post/idea is GENIUS!)

  8. Noufa |

    But no one is there to dry his eyes..
    little boy running to hide..
    time passed him by..
    now his running to hide..
    God has left this twon..
    (grammer? :/)

    I tried my best :D I was thinking of Darfur! I wanted to write more but you said only 5

  9. Angelo |

    What is Love, if it isn’t a universal code
    What is Hope, if it isn’t a shared belief
    What is Peace, if it isn’t a global desire
    What is Unity, it it isn’t a genuine call
    What is Earth, if it isn’t a place for unity, hope, love and peace.

  10. 'GreY' |

    And the Boy said ,

    Sir you don’t have to care , if you can’t share .

    You are just an stranger like the millions before .

    You ate the finest food while i was hungry ,destitute and dying ,

    Crumbs! Crumbs is all i ever ask , is your dog worthy than a human being ?

  11. Joel Robinson |

    “GO!Look at the ocean
    the skies that kisses it
    and the sand that tickles it
    Go! Embrace the creatures in it
    which will not be regretted later”

    Ahem! My mind went wild seeing the word “poem”! lol :D

  12. Amethyst |

    Okay. Too excited to write anything. Can I post lyrics to a related song?

  13. Navy Girl |

    very nice idea N. !! wala way to go !

    wait its supposed to be about WORLD and i think angelo got drifted away ;P i’ll think of something ooo get back to you N. promise ;P

  14. Vixen |

    solace will find them
    when no place is the place
    yet we only yearn for it
    for it is truly no place

  15. Marzouq |

    (This is all lost on me!! lol)

  16. N. |

    do not worry about no bounds
    that hold you back from being somebody
    close your eyes and listen to the sounds
    in your heart, in your mind, in your body

    For those who participated thank you, and please continue to participate! I’ll keep this up for a week, and then I’ll post the whole poem in a different page, with credit to those who participated!

    yes a poem :/

    It is great thank you! Please post most :D

    Great job, thanks! Keep posting :D

    The other rule was you can post again, but after someone else has posted, so keep them coming :D

    lol, too excited!? No, I’m afraid you can’t.. I’m hoping for this to be a collection of original works :D Please try!

    Feel free to continue posting here :D

    Navy Girl,
    He didn’t really drift away, it is supposed to be about the world in general, he was talking about the animals..before the become extinct! .. He tried and has a very good entry :p Yalla write already!

    lol, try something, a two liner would be OK!

    Thanks to; Zed, Chirp, Kaos, KJ (those are lyrics arent they?), MishMisha, hammoodee, Noufa, Angelo, Grey, Joel, Vixen!

    Keep posting, we’re not done yet..!

  17. Amethyst |

    Inshallah! Tyrant;p

  18. N. |

    lol Tyrant! I was associated with Hitler before in another post. I took a famous leader personality test and I did come out as Hitler too. NO I am not Hitler, I am not a nazi I love people, all people! But there are rules, that must not be broken! :p

  19. Noufa |

    Heil Hitler hehehe :P

  20. Amethyst |

    Lol! I insist.. Tyrant!

    Ghaseb I’m going to come up with something!;p

  21. :::Shayouma:: |

    Don’t burn or chop me, or you will have have clean air no more..
    I make the world more beautiful so stop before you regret it later on..

    lol that’s the tree talking.. I suck sorry but i am trying..

  22. pearls |

    allah i love the idea!!! :s bas cant come up with anything!!

    ill think of something :(

  23. Very.Q8ya |

    ma hagait enna ilbaragi3 yaftenanny =p

  24. MishMisha |

    burn me, tear me apart, do whatever you please,
    while time runs by with a slight ease.
    as the river continually flows where it’s run dry,
    you stare above and dream up ways where you may one day fly.

    i have no idea how i thought of this, but it’s 1 am and i couldn’t sleep without writing this down. shoot me..

  25. N. |



    That was very good actually!

    take your time, and post it whenever you think about it! :)

    lol.. ya salam ;p

    I’m glad you noted it down, it is beautiful.

  26. Ri |

    There once was a man from Nantucket ….

    Actually, nevermind >:D

  27. N. |

    Aww come on! lol, I thought at least you would have something beautiful to say!

  28. manutdfanatic |

    This was creative. Lovely. Very much so.

    What in the world happened to you?

  29. Nasser |

    Why what happened?

  30. manutdfanatic |

    I didn’t check back. =p

    However, this is not the place for details.

  31. Nasser |

    No you didn’t =p It is way long gone now.

Reserved, going to add something here later.