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Superman Dreams


Poll Question: Ever had a dream about a superhero? vote on the right please!

I doubt that there any cooler dreams for a guy than those that involve Superman. The number one dream would be that the person dreaming would actually be Superman himself.

Last night, I was Superman.

I wasnt actually the Superman, but Clark Kent from SmallVille the TV series. The funny thing is, I couldnt fly but only leap and my laser eyes were busted, and my first encounter was with a hotel security guard (guarding the roof) who was also; from another planet, looked human, but could turn into solid gold, and has a spear that can cut through anything and turn it into gold dust.

The scene commences: Not only was the guard protecting the exit to the roof, but the roof door was huge and made with a type of Kryptonian alloy. With one swoop with his spear, I was mere gold dust slithering down the stairs trying to move away from the Kryptonian roof to regain my strength and go through that door.

I woke up mid way through the fight, but the dream was awesome.

Other characters men like to dream include but are not limited to; Maifa Bosses, any person with a special ability, leader of some sort, a badass, and fictional heroes.

Whats your favorite dream character?

16 Responses to “Superman Dreams”

  1. Amethyst |

    I don’t have a favorite dream character.

    That dream is one for the race of testicles;p

  2. Nasser |

    Oh you mean only for men? Well of course.. this is for men and men alone =p

  3. mjkout |

    Man that guard sux he can turn anything into gold and yet he works as a security guard ? i’d own the hotel if i was him hell i’ll even own the city

  4. eshda3wa |

    superman wears red panties


  5. Marzouq |

    I have been the green lantern!!! Thats just awesome! Seriously! Fantastic!

  6. Mrm |

    Big brother. and i LOVED it. therefore, my new aspiration is to establish a communist dakhiliya. things will change. i shall rise. mowahahahafff

  7. Amethyst |

    Which goes back to your “one or the other”;p

  8. Nasser |

    LOL, yeah not sure what all that was about.

    Yeah, batman is, but superman can be better.. he just need more publicty and before you know it, panties of pants will be the new fashion!

    ohhh haha, I can imagine!

    LOL, seriously? =p no really? lol..

    Hmm, it does, so its all set =p

  9. Used Tires |

    I can’t believer that 3 people have never had a dream about a super hero or being one. I mean… that is just unbelievable! What kind of child hood did they have? lol

  10. This Lady |

    I cant remember, but I know I had one (actually many). I usually dream that I have a super power. Does that count? That I’m the superhero? hehehe..

  11. N. |

    Used Tires,
    I’m not quite sure abot their childhood but I’m sure it has its own interesting side to it too! I’d like to know about that.

    This Lady,
    Yeah it counts! If you have a super power and use it for the sake of good against evil then you’re a superhero =p

  12. Tari |

    My favorite dream characters come my way too infrequently. Those now deceased who were very close to me. There’s nothing better than a wonderful dream with one you never expect to see again yet miss greatly.

  13. Carpet Tampa |

    Offcourse in Child Hood, When First Time i Saw Super Man Movie continues for 3 days i fallen as Super Hero with Super Man in my dream, Your post again fresh those memories.

  14. Jessica Web Marketing |

    I am always dreaming I am flying through the air it make me feel good. I fly all around first it was just a few feet off the ground now it is high up in the sky and just lately I see other people can fly also, but not everyone can do this only some people.

  15. D. a. H. |

    I have alot of favorite superheroes… ranging from Supergirl, Batgirl, and Rogue from X-Men.

    But I DID have a dream that I was Catwoman, and just standing there on the roof, with the catsuit, whip, and all. Oh, and I was looking down across the street for some reason!

    I woke up with a smile on my face though XD

  16. Nasser |

    D. a. H.
    Oh, that must have been one heck of a dream! Reminds me, one of the best dreams I had was of me being in the matrix.. I owned the world! Catwoman though, must have been lots of fun!

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