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Select Star

Contrary to what you might think, “select star” is no more than a geek reference.

This is what happens in my head when I try to remember things. I imagine there are many SQL tables. I then do a “select * from faces” if I was to remember someone I might have known before.

Soon enough I get the message, “Error: MySQL server has gone away.” Huh? The query timed out. I then try a few other queries. “Select * from events where in (‘white’,'male’,'funny mustache’,'smiles a lot’)”

A few minutes later and there is a potential result, I can feel my brain working hard. Sadly there are no results even for a few more minutes. I then decide heck, I’m not going to remember this guy even if I run multiple queries on a memcached MySQL cluser grid.

# killall mysql && /etc/init.d/mysql start

And there it is, what happens in my brain when I try to remember someone’s face.

“Powered by MySQL”

9 Responses to “Select Star”

  1. Psychopathya |

    lol, nice post.
    Try adding a join to your query with the table of “memories” based on the Face ID; helps relating the faces to the memories hence their names.

  2. Amethyst |

    Okay, ma fahamt shay! Baby, what are you trying to do to me?! Who is this person posting?! This is not my hubsand.. I’m going to turn around right now and tell you that your blog is hacked.

  3. Nasser |

    I would do that, but the database has just a few tables, totally non-relational.. non-normalized! ;/ Non-indexed too =p Been many times I remember something a bit way too late!

    lol, that freaked me out =p Dont do that ;l This is my alter ego baby. Dr Hyde.

  4. Amethyst |

    Lol, mabi Mr. Hyde! I want my baby back!

  5. Nasser |

    kani! ;*

  6. Amethyst |


  7. Psychopathya |

    A married couple intercommunicating via blog posts/comments?..
    Awesome!! :D Allah y5alekom le ba3’6..

  8. Marzouq |

    When technical jargon becomes your daily banter, you know you need a break from computers! looooooool

  9. sertap erener unutursun dinle |

    I would do that, but the database has just a few tables, totally non-relational..

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