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Raising the Bar For a long time now I have been meaning to post some interesting statistics about this site, and here its finally.

The past 7 days:
The top search query is: hourneys.
The top clicked query is: Japanese girl

The past 2 weeks:
The top search query is: Einstein quotes.
The top clicked query is: Japanese little girl.

Here are some funny search terms over the past 2-3 months:
The top search from all over the world, is “construction stare”! I have no idea what that is. Here are some others.

  • greasy hiar
  • how to wear dishdashas
  • swimming shampoo for shaved head
  • bleach eating freaks countdown
  • don boogla
  • the pink slapper

Here are searches that match blogger names that have reached my website:
“manutdfanatic” — search from Hungary.
“swair” — search from Unknown.
“Laialy” — search from Germany.
“cixousianpanic” — from Unknown.
“eshda3wa” — from Unknown.

The top image search query was:
A variation of japanese girl.

There are other very interesting details but that shall be all for now!

22 Responses to “N.’s Zeitgeist”

  1. 'GreY' |

    Are these from your blog ? What is don boogla ? :D

  2. blue dress |

    Loooool shaves shampoo swimming head loool!

    thats is hilarious

  3. Swair |

    3ashaw ili edawroon Swaiiiirr!! 3ashaawww :p

  4. asoom |

    I recently posted stats as well, are most of your visitors from search engines? Search engines are like #3 on my referrals

  5. chika |

    it’s funny what people search for, I don’t wanna share mine! :/

  6. Amethyst |

    Haha! Its’ a strange world;p

  7. Noufa |

    I know this is so off topic BUT I don’t like the word “shall” :P LOL

  8. This Lady |

    ma fahaaaamt. is ur site a search engine? wila shinoo?

  9. Laialy_q8 |

    hahaha! you must have been bored :p

  10. Navy Girl |

    that jap. girl is everywhere dude !!

  11. N. |

    Yep! I have no idea what don boogla is! lol.

    blue dress,

    lol, eeh 3ashaw ;P

    Actually search engines is about less than 25% of how people get to my website. It has increased a lot though in a couple of months!

    why not? share :D

    Isn’t it! ;p

    And why do you hate that word? Hmm? Which word do you like? hehe.

    This Lady,
    Noo, this is what people put in search engines, and got my website as a result!

    lol, yes!

    Navy Girl,
    Yeah! I don’t even wanna go into the X rated search terms! :S

  12. Navy Girl |

    emblaaaa emblaaa !! :D

  13. :::Shayouma:: |

    Japanese girl??

    this is in the blog atats right?

  14. Marzouq |

    I also have some very strange queries for my blog and one of the biggest ones are Halo 3 Sales, Ghost Rider, Bleach Live! I find it interesting that people are looking at them!

  15. N. |

    Navy Girl,
    Laa, this blog is going to stay rated PG :p

    Yes exactly, and yeah I only think I posted once or twice about a little Japanese girl ^_^

    Those are more interesting! And mostly you do write about those things which is actually a good thing.

  16. WendyB |

    I love seeing what people search for! Recently I got a bunch of visitors searching for “Chinese dogs.”

  17. |

    loll.. i know what you mean… i get the wierdest searches for my blog

    this is my favourite: “bahrain sucks”

    hehe… 4% of my traffic this week, lol!

  18. eshda3wa |

    u should post more abt the japanese girl!
    ya7lailha very popular :)

    and man im hapy i cn finally sit down and comment again!
    been busy as hell!

  19. N. |

    Chinese dogs? If they’re related to the designs you make I would understand, other than that, it is just hilarious!

    lol wow, you got your own “bahrain sucks” fan club i see!

    It is good to see you again here, you’ve been away for too long! I would post more about her, she doesn’t stop by much since her babysitter is no longer working for us at the moment.

  20. Zed |

    there is a lot of sick people out there, japanese little girls? wtf

  21. D. a. H. |

    How to wear a dishdasha?? Isn’t that like asking how does one drink water??

    A given!

  22. Nasser |

    D. a. H
    It is!

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