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Must.. Stay.. Awake..

200024430-001 I bet you’ve been in a similar situation. Remember how it feels like when you just have to stay awake, but your body will not respond! Here’s a little thought process of how it goes..

Must stay awake.
*eye lids are getting heavy*
I can’t see, its dark. Wait. I need to open my eyes!
*open eyes WIDE*
There we go, there. I’m alert now. I think I’m over it.
*starting to relax*
Relaxing feels so good.
*eyes start to close again*
No! I have to stay up! Maybe if I look at random things across the room I can stay up!
*eyes wander: Book, picture, painting, floor, feet*
Gaaah! I have to lift my head up, this isn’t working!
What if I concentrate on one thing? That should work shouldn’t it!
*stare at a picture*
Hmm, I wonder when was that taken.
I remember.
It was that time when…
*Jump, open eyes wide looking around*
Woah! I slept just now didn’t I.
This is horrible, I need to walk.
Hopefully, that will work.

38 Responses to “Must.. Stay.. Awake..”

  1. Missy-TheOriginal |

    Try splashing cold water on your face- works temporarily :)

  2. princess |



  3. blue dress |

    Lool reading this made me want to sleeeeeeeeeep! Darn!

    But I discovered the ultimate wake up call.
    Bite your tongue by mistake. OUCH!

  4. N. |

    lol! Thank you all for your concern, I’m not sleepy now. This actually happened while at a 3azema bel 3eid. I just didn’t get enough sleep!

    The solution: Red Bull and the jitters for a few hours!

  5. chikapappi |

    Can I shoot you?! I wanna shoot someone then die! :@

  6. 1001 Kuwaiti Nights |

    OR you can put your hands on your forehead and hold your head while closing your eyes and taking a nap and when anyone says “N?” say “SHSHSHSHSH YOU’RE INTERRUPTING MY STREAM OF THOUGHTS!”

  7. N. |

    Since you asked nicely, sure you can..

    1001 Kuwaiti Nights,
    lol! I’m going to try that one day! :D

  8. chikapappi |

    *bang* you – *bang* me :(

  9. chikapappi |

    RIP brother

  10. N. |


  11. Marzouq |

    Yesterday I just passed out, I had to hold out from 8:30 pm to 9:30pm. I just sat in my chair and passed out before going to bed early. But I really did get a good night’s sleep!

  12. howahkan |

    You forgot to add:
    After waliking around, relax back in the chair and stare at the screen..
    **increase in cold air condition temperature**
    Now, REALLY getting drowsy’s a loose-loose situation :/

  13. |

    thats a really crappy feeling…. if youre tired, you should be in a nice, warm, comfy bed in a dark, cool room under the covers and…uh..

    i think i need to sleep..

  14. N. |

    That’s one of the best things to do, get a little nap, then a full sleep! It is extremely relaxing!

    lol.. the walking part, I was thinking of adding it! There is no fix, unless there is a total change of the surrounding environment.

    Reading that, really.. set the mood lol! I wanna sleep! I’m gonna take it out on the weekend. Sleeping early on weekdays makes me feel like I’ve lost so much time!

  15. asoom |


  16. eshda3wa |

    I stopped trying to fite the urge to sleep
    ya3ne even if i stay awake im nt gna do anything productive

    so just close ur eyes lay back and zZzz

  17. 'GreY' |

    Are you being interogated ? *bloody CIA * * punches fist in the air *

  18. Vixen |

    It’s not dark when I need to wake up, the sun is right in my face.. but I manage to keep sleeping anyway : P

  19. Laialy_q8 |

    If I’m home i’ll jump into the shower, but if i’m out i’ll wash my face and that helps a bit

  20. Amethyst |

    Happens a lot in arabic lectures;\

  21. palo-girl |

    loool :P
    yeah it happens
    a lot
    it used to happen a lot in my last year in arabic class

    that was a hell of a sleep-inducing class

  22. N. |

    I’m immune! ;/

    Very true, but what can you do at work, you can’t possibly tell them you can’t be productive anymore and let them allow you to take a little power nap.. at least not here you can’t.

    Uhh.. I’d probably just pass out then, its much better than trying to stay awake!

    Yeah! You see “red” don’t you, hehe the light through your eyelids.

    What if you’re in the middle of a lecture? :/

    Tell me about it! It happened to me quite a few times with a personal tutor I had, imagine the embarrassment (that was over 7 years ago..) :p

    Haha, best class to sleep in! :p Now, however I wish I had paid more attention!

  23. Swair |

    Once, i tried drinking water to stay awake… I stayed sleepy but I ended up needing the bathroom haha THAT kept me awake :p

  24. N. |

    lol! Yes that works!

  25. Vixen |

    More like purple heheh!

  26. N. |

    Did you just close your eyes to make sure of the color? You did didn’t you? :p OK I just checked, you’re right, a strange kind of purplish orangish redish mix, sa7?

  27. Vixen |

    LooooooL! No i didn’t I know it by heart, plus *just checked* the sun’s light leaves a different effect : )

  28. N. |

    OK I’ll have to check that, the sun’s light probably leaves a brighter color, so it becomes more orange/red color.. hmm.. I’m more used to opening my eyes as soon as I wake up, -_-

  29. Vixen |

    Not only brighter colours, but it also leaves that strnage hexagon shape floating about, or is it only me who sees that ? lol

  30. N. |

    Hexagonal shape? Is it the same as the light effects we see in movies? A type of glare maybe? Do you wear glasses? Is it because you have your glasses off? I see all sorts of shapes when my glasses are off, especially with lights!

  31. Vixen |

    no not a glare, they just tiny transparent shapes lol .. i wear lenses, don’t usually have a problem when i take them off n__n just in the morning light !

  32. N. |

    That explains quite a bit, either that, or we see different things! :/

  33. Vixen |

    *feels special* lol

  34. N. |


  35. Navy Girl |


  36. N. |

    Navy Girl,
    Alright, I got it! :p

  37. KJ |

    Now imagine this happening while I drive every morning!

  38. N. |

    Not good, not good at all!

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