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Mini-Adventures at work

Juice on a Car

I was driving this morning and saw this on the highway. A car with a small carton of juice on it. Odd? Yes. Strange? Not really, you never know what you might see on your way driving to work. Every morning is an adventure!

Some of you may remember my tall friend Bojacob from my previous post about us walking next to each other in a mall. Now, there is nothing weird about walking with a friend, but only when there is a 33 CM gap in height between the two. I recently joined the team at the company where he works.

One day as I was going to pray, I used the washroom next to the praying area, and I was looking for a place to hang my jacket. I looked right and then I looked left, there was nothing there. I was planning on how to keep my jacket dry and clean in this place, and I was running out of options!

I hung the jacket on the door to the cleaner’s room, that seemed like the most reasonable solution thus far. I went over to the sink, looked in the mirror and that is what I saw behind me! A hanger! But wait, how come I missed it? I looked right and left but didn’t see it!

High Hanger

I turned around, and looked up. There it was, right under the ceiling. I could not reach it, I admit I am short. However, even my tall friend was having problems with it! (Or so he claims…). None the less, this hanger always gives me something to laugh about when I think about the wonders and small adventures in my life!

So until the next adventure, I bid you all farwell, and wish you a pleasant and wonderful day!

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55 Responses to “Mini-Adventures at work”

  1. Ri |


    Remember dear N, the best things in life come in small packages.

    And if anyone ever dares disagree with you, bite their knees.

  2. Nasser |

    LOL! Indeed, let us emphasis that some of the best things in life come in small packages, others come in regular sized, an some in large size… ! No one would dare disagree, I’m sure of that ;P

  3. asoom |

    LOOOOOL About finding a place to hang your jacket in the bathroom, am I like the only one that doesn’t care about that?

    One time I went to a public bathroom with my friend and she waited for me to get out before she went into one of the stalls so she can ask me to carry her purse. So I was carrying these 2 big heavy purses (mine and hers) and I didn’t even think about it, I needed to wash my hands and my instict was to place them on the sink counter next to the sink. I mean it looked clean it’s not like it was wait or had visible dirt/stains-but she was not happy when she came out she was like “ASMA! you just put your stuff anywhere don’t you???”

  4. asoom |


  5. Nasser |

    LOL! Yeah.. some people are very careful with their stuff. A Jacket is important to hang, it must be hung! hehe, and well the men’s bathrooms are usually all wet, men like to splash around the sink it seems haha!

  6. Sushi |

    I usually tie my jacket around my waist or hold it between my knees – end of problem

  7. Nasser |

    That would be a last resort of course!

  8. Marzouq |

    Now that is one high place to put the hanger!

  9. Nasser |

    It is! I’m sure the guy used a ladder and had NO sense of measurement!

  10. pearls |


  11. Nasser |

    pearls, exactly! heheh!

  12. Bojacob |

    It’s quite enjoyable to watch all you guys get on your tiptoes or jump so you can hang your coat heh. There’s a good height joke there somewhere, but I’m too tired to think.

  13. Nasser |

    Bojacob, I keep a pogo stick handy for such occasions! I’m afraid I can’t let you borrow it, you’d get your head stuck in the ceiling :p … I just had to say it.

  14. hammoodee |

    it happened with me but instead of the orange juice there was like an internet thing what do u call it? the router is that right router? the thing that sends signals? they just forget it there at the same exact same place and it didn’t move a bit…weird. well about the coat, the whole thing is much easier than the ghitra :/

  15. Nasser |

    A router?! lol! That’s funny. Yeah it is so much easier! I used to wear ghitra for my previous job not anymore..

  16. la reine |

    hehehhehehee cute :p and kaif ya3ni il juice box stuck to the moving car kitha ya3ni , oh well…hi!

  17. Nasser |

    la reine,
    laaa I saw it tip over, but it never fell or anything.. it would tip and lean against the car, and yet3adal mara thanya :p

  18. la reine |

    na3am? the box was tipping over then lean and yit3adal !!!

  19. Nasser |

    Eh cause the car was moving in bursts men el za7ma.. break.. banzeen.. etc :p

  20. nunu |

    Thank God i dont have 2 face this problem at uni!! theres a hanger on each door. oo about el juice box, 3aaadi !! people forget their wallets and mobiles on top of their cars too! its horrible! i hope this never happens to me when i drive hehe

  21. Amethyst |

    LOL! Wanasa the juice box!

    I feel you, shorty.

  22. ammaro |

    i wonder how long the little juice box suffered and hung on for dear life before it fell off… as for the hanger thing…. @#&%^*&$

  23. loya |

    LOL the juice ehsaweeg!! il bard oo maysawi!

  24. EniGma |

    hahahaha! THat is so stupid, who can reach that?!

  25. Kaileena |

    LOL! The hanger must be designed only for the mythical giants who come to work in your company after the human working hours are over! Don’t complain about it to the supervisors! They might feel that you’re close to discovering the secret and kill you!

    There are no words to describe the juice box..

  26. FourMe |

    Land of the Giants! Maybe the person who put it up there was some sort of a giant.. and that poor juice box yaksir elkha6ir seems all deseprate and hanging on for dear life.. Oh I still refuse to vote :p

  27. Very.Q8ya |

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!! N. ana awalan mara7 a3ayeb 3ala elly nassi il-3aseeir :P li’anna marra ayaam il-jam3a, kint 6al3a mn il-emte7aan oo rekabt il-sayyaara o 3ashan barid il-bait, wela ashof naas it’ashir 3ala il-sayara o taaaleeey estaw3abt enni nisait kaShkooli foog il-sayyara LOOOOL

  28. eshda3wa |

    u know wat frustrates me!!!

    the peep hole on the doors!

    i NEVER reach the friggin thingy!

  29. This Lady |

    umm.. next time leave ur jacket at ur desk.

  30. suspic |

    The juice box has potential..stopping near children and seeing them go for it then speeding, just like the ice cream truck going 120 to make the kids work for the ice cream running “Waaait!! I have money!!”.

    About the hanger, maybe it’s not for coats but for chin-ups? Just put your jacket on a dry spot, man.

  31. Nasser |

    enshalla it wont happen to you :p

    lol! Thank you..

    Probably a very long time, got scared to death maybe!

    lol 3a6shana? Hope you had some juice ;p

    I observed my friend, and seems like he can reach it OK, he probably said he couldn’t to make me feel better? lol..

    LOL! mythical giants! No I will not speak of this ever again! :p

    haha, walla even if he was a giant, its just mean to put it up that high lol!

    lool!! ashwaa ma 6ar kashkolech :P

    oh those! I remember some rooms where those peep holes were too high too! tell me about it! hehe.

    This Lady,
    I do that now actually, but it is freezing at the office as well!

    lol just you mentioning the children, I had an image of the car driving and a kid going after it, the breaks suddenly, BOOM! the kid slams head on the bumper lol. I leave my jacket at my desk now anyway, but yeah that is what I did.

  32. G |

    All I will Say is LOL

  33. Zed |

    thats hilarious, who’s the giant that decided that this height is good for people, at least we know that if the dream team ever happened to be in that wahroom, they’d really appreciate the custom made hangers

  34. Nasser |


    lool, that was priceless

  35. Chirp |

    LOL!! The juice box is so cute, chena its hitching a ride!!!

    I knwo what it feels like to be short. Sometimes its frustrating when people think your a kid :P

  36. Nasser |

    lol exactly, hitchin a ride :p Do you look like a kid? :p cause people certainly don’t think I am one lol! Facial hair helps, I wouldn’t recommend you try that though hehe.

  37. mishari26 |

    lol you know I’m grateful for my 3gaal? because when I loop my ghetra in it and stretch up to hook the 3gaal on this hanger I can barely reach it. it adds a FULL sheber to my height! I’m still trying to figure out who’s the “heightist” at work who fixed that hanger. The tall ones are few enough.. I’ll get you one day. *shakes fist*

  38. Nasser |

    lol! Yeah, it is terribly too high! If you do find out who the heightist is, we should redecorate his home with giant furniture make him feel all tiny! :p

  39. fadidra |

    tara your surrounded by idiot yet funny stuff ;p

  40. Mai |

    Abaii il3asser! AHam shay ABC :D yzah alla khair ely ’9a7ikik ;P sa7 wella la ? I love who makes me smile!

    W esma7ly 3alla ur shrka! Shnw hatha :S Sijjjjjj sha6r ely 7a6 il hangers :) lol

    By the way, akw shrka mn ishrkat ely laha esmha b Kuwait, 7a6een w entw b karama b il7ammam, a paper near il recycle bin, plz, through the garbage INSIDE the bin, and if u can’t see, wear a glasses :O :O :O LAAA muchthy :P hatha eslob shrka 3almeya ?!

  41. palo-girl |

    lol i like that :P
    turning every day into an adventure..

  42. Angelo |

    OK, the first picture had my dying out of laughter. Although, I bet it would be much cooler if your “little adventure” involved saving princess that granted you the ability to hang your jacket on the hanger.


    Hmmm….maybe I have been playing too much Zelda.

  43. Navy Girl |

    your kidding ? that is not odd !! once .. someone threw a choco milk and i remember it was kdd right to my window !!! that was way toooo rude !! got chocolate all over my window !!

    oh and for gadsake that hanger is made for giant people or what!

  44. lone.rangeress |

    nicely put, well said!


  45. KJ |


  46. Laialy_q8 |

    1. mabrook for the new job (i am guessing here)
    2. hahahaaaaaa that is hilarious, what were they thinking when they put the hanger that far up !!!

  47. Desert-Roses |

    Na9ooor I missed you dude!!!

    Nice post since I havn’t been here since long…. :D

    Well.. hmmm…
    I saw the same thing with the same sort of car..but makan 8o6i was fo6a..hmm i think I saw it when i was 19 :D….and btw my cuzin did worse..he forgot his laptop over his car…and lool you don’t wanna know what happened to the poor laptop… :P

    and btw etha ohom sawooh wayed 3ali chithi …at least can lazem bring ladder :P 3adi 3adi 6aaf…you still can play basketball…

  48. howahkan |

    I once forgot my phone on top of the car and while backing out of the garage, and searching for my phone in the car, i hear this cracking noise. Stop the car, get out, and find a not so pretty sight…I drove over the phone :/ hehehehe

    As for the coat hanger, the guy was porbably high on something

  49. Amethyst |

    I demand that your existence in the blogosphere be proven by a new post!

  50. Touch |

    Well at least this was on a public bathroom, now consider having a shelf installed in your own bathroom by your uncle who is 6 6 at 6 high when you are barely 5 9

    I lost my wrest watch for a whole month only to discover that it UP there all the time and of course I couldnt see it and thought it was M.I.A :)

  51. Nasser |

    lol yes I am, and it makes my life A whole lot more exciting!

    lol thats a funny sign ba3d in the restroom they should probably provide the glasses :p


    lol! Saving the princess, I love those themes, you noticed all the old themes are like that?

    Navy Girl,
    :O throw chocolate milk on you? did he notice and say sorry? i hope so.


    all your hangars are belong to us!

    Thanks ! :) I have no idea what they were thinking.. I can only imagine.. *chuckle*

    Missed you too! :p I know I haven’t been around much.. you know what its like! :l ouch 3al laptop! i should probably put a chair in the bathroom for those who can’t reach it lol.

    ouch! ;/ Mayshof shar your phone ;p and yes, he was high on something, pun intended hehe.

    Will do ;p

    lol! Man.. I can’t imagine, glad you found your watch! I would have felt like an idiot though hahah :)

  52. Navy Girl |

    like hell he did !! akeed la !

  53. Nasser |

    Navy Girl,
    jelat 7aya :l

  54. Music Site |

    lol, well first I would say may God accept your prayers,
    I have a problem with praying in my room if I forget to close the door cause then the cat would enter and God, she would walk arround me and stick to me and watch me, I know she get upset when I close the door but I know I get upset if I don’t, lol.

    Good luck brother.

  55. Nasser |

    Music Site,
    oh lol! That is cute but I get you! Thanks and good luck to you too!

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