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Men Style, Really

Picking ClothesDuring my adolescent years I never paid a lot of attention to fashion as an important part of my life. Actually I believe my sense of style was the outcome of rebellion against society, tradition, culture, and everything else in this world. I enjoyed wearing black (as in very dark), baggy jeans (used to), torn jeans (ok that was way way back), obscene shirts (I still have some), and my single pair of running shoes.

In my later adolescent and current years, I stuck with the casual wear. Regular and casual t-shirts and shirts. A pair of jeans or khakis would usually suffice. However, I do get sometimes in the mood for the traditional Dishdasha and Qutra, I prefer pants in general.

Recently, I have been looking for an alternate and better source of information on style. Usually Magazines would do the trick however the lack of GQ in local stores didn’t help. I’m also trying to search online for something stylish, current, and fun. However, at the moment, I’m in a slump and I haven’t found a single site worth mentioning.

13 Responses to “Men Style, Really”

  1. Bojacob |

    At least you’re trying to work on style. I’m a freakin disaster!

    You can’t deny that Dishdashas are incredible though, since they take like 2 seconds to wear. It’s invaluable when work starts at 8 and you wake up at 8. 6ab3an 6af il qetra!

    If you do manage to pull yourself out of that slump, help a geek out!

  2. Angelo |

    I don’t wanna brag but I am considered an excellent assistance buyer by my friends. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend anything without knowing your body’s proportions but I can suggest some stores in Kuwait that actually might please your taste:


    OK,I know they are very common and mainstream but they have a good selection. Their jeans and pants are excellent and their t-shirts are great. However, I personally love their winter line-up than summer’s.

    -The GAP

    The perfect store for causal wear. I really like their khakis and their shirts assembles. Go there and try to mix and match as much as possible and you can easily come up with different styles.


    Go there and buy couple of their polos and get out. the rest isn’t that good.

    -River Island

    For a modern British look with a nice lineup of shirts and t-shirts. Don’t forget to pay a visit to their accessories section.

    -Derby Jeans

    I usually get my jeans from those guys. The good thing about this store is that they can customize your jeans for you…which means you will always get the prefect fit. I love the boot cut style.

    And many many stores around. Go to the mall and explore a little. And don’t be afraid to hit the dressing room more often…always try before you buy…that’s my motto.

    Happy Shopping ^_^

  3. MiYaFuSHi |

    It’s a bit on the wild side though :)

  4. Laialy_q8 |

    business casual on a guy is hot

  5. cixousianpanic |

    oooooh i like the site Miyafushi gave! quite the funky attire! :P

  6. Angelo |

    I think I made a comment regarding this post. Check your spam box…my comment might be there.

  7. N. |

    No worries, I’ll share whatever I can get my hands on ^_^, the information not the cloths :p

    That is funky, thank you! :)

    I think so too, can’t go wrong there

    It is isn’t it?

    Sadly nothing in my spam box :( I did get to check out your post on your shopping day! That gave me a few ideas.

  8. Touche' |

    An article I came cross few weeks ago, might be helpful.

  9. N. |

    That is a wonderful article thank you for sharing it :)

  10. Marzouq |

    Dishdahsa is the easiest thing in the world!!! Also lets you eat more! lol

  11. howahkan |

    I say stick to Dishdasha’s..It’s a no brainer, comfortable and always looks good :D

  12. Maze |

    good post…well for me am very casual outside work akeed…i prefer a t-shirt and jeans and thats it..don’t care how ppl see me…:P

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