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56586862 I was once told that I work in a very quiet and boring environment. I was told that my job as a Systems Admin doesnt have much action and I dont get to interact with  a lot of people. let me tell you something, I work in a very different environment that you imagine; Geeksville, that is where it is.

Sure, my office is a small cubicle with computers, a telephone, and some other office supplies. Yet, when I work, I enter the virtual space of the server and I wonder off and explore. It is a world like many others, but not accessible by anyone, only the privileged.

I get to meet the processor, oh the processor AKA CPU has a lot of jobs to do and is mostly quite busy but we get to chat a bit. I get to look at all the jobs the CPU is doing. I might sometimes give the CPU a hand and kill off any process that is troubling the CPU.

I get to walk around the file system. Oh the file system! What a great place, It is so easy to find a map and ask around for different paths. There are these little helpers you see, that give directions and information of the different paths and files all over.

Sometimes I design the place as I walk around making changes here and there, by moving files and paths around and create a file system that can do many different things! Other times I give the CPU more tasks to do and do what I can to make it work without being too overloaded.

My job as a System Administrator may lack the typical human contact element, but it is a world of its own out there, a whole world, Geeksville.

10 Responses to “Geeksville”

  1. 3baid |

    I thought you were supposed to blog less about geeky stuff :P

  2. Amethyst |

    I still hate it;p

  3. Rand_4 |


    Sorry, I had to kick in the “SHUNS” thingy…

  4. Hussain |

    LOL that’s a very … ‘nice’ way of looking at a very confusing profession, if I can call it that. I can’t imagine how IT people tolerate idiotic idiocy. How can you take the crap from all the other employees?! “My printer’s not working, can you fix it?” “I don’t have internet!” “My computer has a virus!”

  5. KJ |

    I am glad I was made redundant LOL! No more being sys admin for me

  6. Marzouq |

    There is a certain element to it! But I have to say getting new equipment and expanding is always nice!! :)

  7. Ahmed's 819 |

    loool, nicely put my friend

  8. Gory Stolowe |

    I see your point but I can’t fully agree. As long as CPU isn’t conscious you can’t say the contact with it is similar to social elements of other human activity. It is more like vet or even mechanist who is working with some kind of closed systems/worlds inside the machine but that doesn’t give him more contact with people. So this whole world is not comparable to human contact. But I can agree that this can be satisfying and interesting job :)

  9. Shalala |

    3ajeeeeeeeb and nicely put :)

    I’ve always wanted to be an IT person. Being my geeky self, I forget my age at times and dream about my computer-science degree that I “will get when I grow up” loool

  10. emel say?n ?ark?lar? dinle |

    I am glad I was made redundant LOL! No more being sys admin for me

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