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Friday, The day I went to the mall with my Backpack

This past weekend I went to see Iron Man with a couple of friends. I was out at a coffee shop before our meeting and had my laptop with me. I arrived at the mall before my friends did so I chilled at another cafe with my laptop, and I started working.

My Trusy Backpack The night started to get exciting when I went to pray. There I was, walking in the mall, with my somewhat strange looking backpack. I felt uneasy, people were there to have a good time and do whatever it is they do, and there I was with my backpack, walking, in the mall.

I didn’t pay much attention to it, until I started getting stares. They were stares of fear. Why? – I wondered why would people fear a guy with a backpack, walking, in a mall, full of people, on Friday night. Wait a minute. Do they think I have a bomb in my bag? Oops.

People cleared my way as  I walked, their casual walk was turned into quick pacing. They walked passed me in slow  motion, whispering to each other I can only see their lips move, mouthing the word “bomb..” and “oh my God”. I tried not to pay too much attention and tried to look normal, as I normally would. I couldn’t, with all the pressure of staring eyes.

I tried to distract myself.

I took out my mobile to check the time, phone calls, etc. As I took it out, I heard gasps! What happened now! – I thought. Oh no, don’t we always hear about the bombs being triggered by cell phones? Crap, I just made it worse. The environment around me got very uncomfortable, I put on a crooked smile, and continued walking to the prayer room.

It only got worse as I left the prayer room. Here I thought people would assume I had prayed my final prayer, and was ready to disintegrate myself and everyone around me. There were moments where I felt people were going to jump me, and tie me down to stop me from such an action.

P.S. Events and actions my have been exaggerated. Just a bit. A little bit. Tiny bit.

40 Responses to “Friday, The day I went to the mall with my Backpack”

  1. Sarah |

    Nasser the terrorist… ahahaha can’t picture that sorry ;) u too sweet to even look like a terrorist!

  2. Kaileena |

    LOL I’m glad you know you’re exaggerating!

  3. Amethyst |


    You were in your own little world;p

    TRUST ME;)

  4. princess |

    LOL 7arakaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

  5. Bint-LadenO |

    ” The environment around me got very uncomfortable ”

    thats what some ppl keep saying to/about me ,dont know why ? :I

    I mean I am the nicess..SS ..iSs..niceesss…God !.. . NICEEST last I got it ..uff ..person :)

    anyway ..

    who go to a Mall with a laptop ? :I

    maybe you need to swich your backpack to . . . a MAN PURSE :)

  6. G |

    LOOOOL that is fun, Chibi otoko :P

  7. Sushi |

    lol you’ll be famous soon =P

  8. ananyah |

    hahahahha omg that cracked me up! imagine that someone did actually approach you or called the police on you hahahaha

  9. Q8GEEK |

    the reason why people stare at ya is because you have a weird backpack… get a belkin backpack and a domokun or cookie monster tshirt (like i always do) and people will run from ya thinkin’ that you’d eat’em

    I always walk around (avenues) with:
    - my backpack (I always take it with me wherever i go… i put it next to me when i sleep)
    - listening to ill nino or whatever so loud and metalish
    - wear geeky or childlish tshirts… or ones with inside jokes that no one understands but geeks and their similarities
    - lower my head abit and look straight ahead with the (i’m coming to kill you)

    and everyone freeks out… why? WHO CARES??? I’M ENJOYING THIS =D

  10. Enigma |


  11. Navy Girl |

    huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it was you haaa .. yalla yalla your under arrest ! :D

  12. Shaymaa |

    haha, you had me laughing when I got to ‘the last prayer’!!! Isn’t it kinda normal to go around malls with a backpack…? A geeky unfathomable shirt would help, I agree with Q8GEEK on that! But they’d only stare more, so enjoy the attention while your at it! I will be releasing a geek wear collection soon btw!

  13. AlleyCat |

    umm and you think you’d ever be let in the US after this post?? ;p

  14. FourMe |

    hehehehe that’s called hallucinations .. so what were you on :p

  15. q8ya |

    creative you got me there at the beginning :P

  16. :::ShoSho::: |

    LooooooooooooL this is hilarious! looool really enjoyed it thanks!

  17. Angelo |

    Next time, arm yourself with a burgundy brand bag and you should get some admiration instead of scared stares.

  18. Nasser |

    haha, I can’t make a mean face :l

    I’m glad you’re glad!

    I was! You should have dropped by!

    eh eshway o a3esh el dor, pretend eny masek m16 and goin on a rampage!

    I wonder why they say that about you!@!!!!! :/ Are you nice? really? seriously? no.. really? ;P

    There’s a nice coffee shop at the mall, with good wifi too, but I was workin on something else totally. A man purse? :/ No thanks..

    Kono yaro!

    I will? haha. I hope not! :/

    lol, nice you got a kick out of it :p Oh, that would be the day.. ! It would have made it just a bit more exciting!

    Yeaaah, I wasn’t dressed right for the occasion really. I didn’t look too geeky :/ I should have worn my “i do all my own stunts” tshirt heh. Enjoy it to the fullest!


    Navy Girl,

    It might be normal, but not at that mall or at that time! I sort of didn’t fit in, and started having these thoughts.. entertaining myself :p I’ll be your first customer!

    Hahaha I know! :/ I hope they do let me in, when I decide to go.. not anytime soon ;/

    I was on.. something gooooooooood. Its for grown ups only.

    lol, glad you enjoyed it!

    Glad you did ;P

    I search for it! It does look hot!

  19. Kaos |

    A lil bit huh? lol
    you were in Kuwait or in New York man? chill, and screw them ;p

  20. skinnybumblebee |

    Buy an east pack ; p- i am sure they wont suspect it. i tried it myself ;p years ago

  21. Shoush |

    Ur a little too self-conscious. Cute story tho, hehe. :P

  22. suspic |

    I would’ve created a electronic device from the spoon and donut I got from the cafe to encounter your cell phone frequencies to disable your bomb, and afterwards I would’ve stabbed you with the fork to “disable you”..

    Damn that was cool, pun intended. Seriously though, someone should’ve tackled you with a table..

  23. greyshorts |

    You only got stares ??

    Me and my friends laugh at you guys =P

  24. Nasser |

    lol, here Kuwait, if I was in New York I’d freak out more, they probably would have thought I was a terrorist!

    lol! Hmmm, you’ll all giving me ideas and that is a very good one too :p

    I wanted to entertain myself ;p

    Would your spoon/donut electronic device support 22.4Ghz frequencies? o_O How would anyone tackle anything with a table? The idea sounds good, but do you mean like sword and shield? fork and table? mm.. I just go boom, and you’re gone..

    ohhhh that was you!!! I thought I heard giggling.. and someone say, “6a3yyyyyy shayel jan6aa!” =P

  25. grey |

    No you are right , specially in M- Mall, if its a back pack ( not the laptop bag) .. and you roam twice inside the mall, they stop and search …

  26. fashionated |

    u’ve got a great imagination there mr.terrorist

  27. fashionated |

    oh and i hate backpacks what were u thinking? :P

  28. Nasser |

    Ohh nice! I didn’t know that.. I wasn’t there so.. hmm maybe I should try next time :p

    thank you! the backpack situation was sticky, I wanted to work, and I was out before going to the mall, didn’t get a chance to change it, seemed like the best thing to do.. so i said, to the heck with it ;p it was fun though..

  29. Noonie |

    7arrram;P! LOL that was funny. Bs lo ana shayfa a7ad with a backpack, i wuldnt think that shakoo ;P haaha.. ;/

  30. Vixen |

    THAT WAS YOU!! omg u were totally scary btw !!

  31. MJKOUT |

    i hope you don’t do same as that guy who was on a suicidal mission all wrapped up with explosives and ready to suicide in the middle of the crowd and once he got the order he stabbed himself … ( sa3eedi )

  32. Nasser |

    You probably wouldn’t, I probably would! ;P

    lol! ;/ I wasn’t

    hahahah.. 7elwa :p I’m starting to feel sorry for them .. :/

  33. Elaine |

    LOL!!! Do you have terorist face :) ?

  34. KJ |


    Oh man! The things boredom can do!

  35. Laialy_q8 |

    I can relate because those are the same stairs i got from my FRIENDS when i traveled with my backpack … people here are just not used to that

  36. Fayoora |

    Unless you were wearing dishdashaa and this thing on ur head … :P

  37. Nasser |

    lol no, not even close! :p

    Yeah! tell me about it!

    no they aren’t ! :D its about time they got used to it!

    lol, maybe I should try that ;P I just might!

  38. Desert-Roses |


    That was too much !!!

    Nice read was!!

  39. Irvin Wendroth |

    What theme are you using? Can’t wait to start my own blog.

  40. Fayoona |

    one word AWKWARD!

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