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Everyone is a Superhero: Identity

In many different ways, we all have our superhero identities. We travel the web with nicknames and disguises not many know of. We take down the sources of evil, noobishness, and all that is bad.. we prevail, to once again log off and enjoy our normal lives with our families.

Why is your online identity secret? Sure, everyone enjoys their privacy. In a small country like Kuwait, it has been proven that your first name gives a 65% chance of being known, add your last name adds 34% making that 99% (these statistics are made up). The question here is, what if you are known? Are you writing too many secrets? Are you showing a side of you that normal people do not see? Or are you truly a hero in disguise?

The question here is, why would you not want to be known for who you are?

17 Responses to “Everyone is a Superhero: Identity”

  1. Shoush |

    Becuz wat i write about, no matter how random or pointless they r, are none of ppl’s business really. I don’t have secrets that i write about on my blog and frankly if anyone finds out who i am it may not be a big deal, but it IS a big deal. I feel wat i have here, in the blogosphere, is something private. I enjoy privacy so much and if someone takes that away from be, without my consent, i take it personally and get offended. Not only that, but i also will become more ‘careful’ and ‘limited’ becuz i know that others will be reading this, knowing who i am, and it won’t let me say anything as freely as i CAN now. u know wat i mean?

    But u know, all my best friends know about my blog. They all read it and that’s totally fine, u know why? cuz i let them into this private world of mine. I gave them permission and that makes a big difference to me.

    My blog is kinda like my bedroom. I wudn’t like it at all of anyone walks into without permission and goes thru my stuff, even if i have nothing to hide.

  2. N. |

    I see your point of view. Bedroom analogy is quite informative. If what you write is a private thing, something you would only show your friends, why then would you have something private, in public i.e. the internet?

  3. Marzouq |

    FYi I don’t think I am uknown, a lot of people have stumbled upon the blog and then called me telling me why I didn’t inform them! hahaha..

    I post whatever pops to mind and what i’m doing, and I don’t care about whoever sees it. Simple as that, I am the real live superhero no secret identity nothing! hahaha

  4. N. |

    lol! Way to go man, you and me both! Yeah exactly that’s what I think too. I used to enjoy anonymity, but it hit me.. why was I being so anonymous?.. Just flail your cape in the air and fly! hehe.

  5. EniGma |

    well at first i wanted it to be anonymous, and I was careful not to post about personal things that could give away my identity. now I don’t really care. I haven’t told anyone about my blog, though, bes chethee, I don’t see why I have to.

  6. Shoush |

    Eee bs its different. Everyone here is a total stranger. We’re all together in this private world. By letting myself in it am giving them permission to enter, just like they gave me permission to enter their private worlds when they became bloggers. Plus we’re all enjoying the anonymity. I know i am very much. It is public, but its also private cuz no one knows who’s who.

  7. MishMisha |

    i don’t care either, but it’s better if no one knew. i mean i practically bitch all the time in my blog. would you like to know if i was bitching about you? i mean my high school principle knows about my blog and she doesn’t…. crap :/

    to tell you the truth i’m not trying to be anonymous, i’m keeping the people i bitch about anonymous.. :D

    i feel so proud of myself! targee3a 7ilwa! hehe

  8. Nomad |

    to tell you the truth i don’t care either way :p
    Nomad is just a nickname to me nothing more :p
    plus 90% of my commentators are ppl i chill with so yeah lol

  9. Vinnie |

    Am not anonymous anymore thats why I have a proposal for u N
    U can post stuff on my blog in exchange of space in ur blog
    the reason, I know there r ppl who read my blog who I’d like to a7ish feehom and lay out my frustrations w/o them knowing it
    There r just too many ppl who r (mo3aqqadeen) and thats why I prolly dont want any of them reading what I write coz they will take it out of proportion and tell everyone about it
    But ya, it does suck ultimately for ppl who know u to read ur blog.. not entirely anonymous tho

  10. Laialy_q8 |

    i guess the only reason would be if there is a stalker (which i am sure there are many :pPp) and he is out to kill me @@
    i watch too many movies

  11. Touche' |

    The whole idea about it comes down to your aim for such endeavor reading for blogs. Are you surfing them for the sole purpose to expand your social life? Do you care for whom people are? or what they have to say?

    I couldn’t care less for who is who; I do not need anymore acquaintances in my life. I choose to live with a real tight close circle of friends rather than knowing everyone without any care in the world for them.

    Relationships are hard enough to maintain and life is a randomly fluctuating, do we need more reasons to make it more intricate.

    I’m not saying not to be social, you need to socialize but whether you are ranting, commenting or revealing your intimate information, then you are letting random acquaintances and total strangers into your life with bits and pieces of your inner self.

    As for the discrepancy for such perspective, I blog to document things for myself, years from now, I shall look back at it and know what has changed through the years and how things used to seem to me.

    To relate more to it, then the bar strangers conversations when someone might reveal many things won’t be proclaimed to close persons describes it best. Sometimes you feel the urge to open up and let go for some of your high pressure bottled feelings to someone you know that you’ll never meet again and won’t care if such conversation is aired on the national TV (excluding those chit chats when you are hang over)

    I do embrace my anonymity and choose not destroy my outlet.

  12. dishevelled |

    I don’t advertise my blog to people I know, but if asked I won’t deny it. Although I don’t blog much, if you know me it’s very easy to say it was mine. I honestly think people who know me could just read my comments and know it’s me.

    Here’s how I see it and why I might not want people to know who I was: “Blogging anonymously is like being drunk, you’re free of all inhibitions.” – dishevelled ;P (3ishtaw :P)

  13. N. |

    the question is why did you want to be anonymous.. is it because it was the norm? I would guess because it is natural for you being a female? sa7, or am I wrong

    So it becomes more a public anonymous club, where no one knows each other and yet start getting to know each other, something like a mystery club or something!

    lol @ keeping the people anonymous! I like that one.

    Of course you don’t care :p

    I’ll take that proposal! My blog shall be an open spot for you :p feel free to post whatever whenever ;p lol @ mo3aqadeen, man I hate those ppl:/

    Stalkers! :/ Well, sure the idea sounds cool :p but why would they want to kill you? maybe they want to just keep you like a little doll :p ok that’s freakier lol

    Documentation is good, that’s sort of my job :p I totally see where you’re coming from. The anonimity is a barrier of sorts, a sort of limitation, rather than an invitation of sorts. lol @ those chit chats, but yeah. There is a certain intimacy even with a stranger.

    7ekam 7ekam ;p I like that quote I just might use it. But yeah, it does give you a sort of freedom that can’t be enjoyed elsewhere! Especially here in Kuwait. In public, you can’t really be anonymous either!

  14. Laialy_q8 |

    and i thought i watched to many movies

  15. N. |

    you how these things get sometimes! :p

  16. Peony |

    because i like being anonymous..
    a5ith ra7ti akthar..
    though my some of my friends know.. one found out .. ((well, it was intentional ina she finds out ;p))..
    i can be myself more when im anonymous i guess..
    plus its fun.. we’re in a “secret community”.. its like another lil world..

  17. Very.Q8ya |


    hmmm maybe cause I be exactly myself in being anonymous? I prefer to be unknown, I’ve been using the internet since 1995 and no one knows who i was/am =] lets say I got used to it! kekekekek =p

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