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Crowded Elevator

I have posted my fair share of posts about strange elevators, and fun elevator rides. Somehow, riding the elevator has become quite a custom habit of mine, and it has becomes something to look forward to at work! Yep, it has.

Maybe there is a strange mysteriousness of who might appear before you as you hear the *ding* that sounds when the elevator arrives and the doors slowly open. *wink*

Long elevator rides can be quite enjoyable with the right company, especially with people who smell good. Nothing beats getting on the elevator with someone who has some good perfume on.

Also, elevators are where things happen. Funny things mostly.

15 Responses to “Elevators”

  1. Grey |

    I like it when people play air guitar /[& other stuff]thinking that they are alone in the elevtor and *dang* the door opens …. thats really a candid camera moment !

    That has happened to me, when I was much younger, it is cool though :p True Kodak moment!

  2. Navy Girl |

    i wonder what kinda funny things your talking about :P

    Navy Girl,
    I’ve seen people wait for elevators without pressing the up/down button. I’ve seen people get stuck in corners. I’ve seen people knock each other around. Many funny things ;p

  3. princess |

    aha ok someone seems to be loving their elevator :p

    :o How did you know that


  4. chikapappi |

    our company elevators take like 15 minutes to get to our floor! Maskhara, the building is too old as for the people who walk in! Ya salaaaaaaam! MASKHARA! Stupid idiot guys, people who smell (not stating nationality so they don’t call me retarded!)

    all, in all I love elevators that are glass – get to watch people :)

    15 minutes! Wow, that’s your lateness grace period gone! lol. Yeah, I don’t like smelly elevators. I hate it but what can we do except hold our breaths? Yep, I do that. Glass elevators are cool, but its nicer to be outside and seeing the people inside ;p

  5. CeCe |

    I love this post. Why? because I love everything about elevators. You’ve mentioned some, I hope you don’t mind if I share my thoughts on elevators here…

    I love pressing the button and waiting for the elevator doors to open. It’s like a servant coming to you and you stand there feeling some sort of a king/queen. Once it arrives, it welcomes you with open arms; that’s when the doors open. You step a foot inside, not knowing what kind of elevator it is. Is it clean? Dirty? Dark or bright? Smelly or breath-taking? It’s exactly like placing a finger on the map of the world, not knowing what kind of place you’re visiting… Of course, it would be much better to see someone already inside the elevator. They could be smiling at you or simply don’t give a damn about you. We’ll skip this…

    So you choose what floor you want. The higher the better. Longer hourneys are exciting. Better yet when there’s music inside. I love elevator music. I love music that mention elevators. Just like that song ‘Elevator Heat’ by Nancy Wilson. Totally free-spirited. And that’s how you feel when your inside an elevator. Weightless.

    You mention something about “things” happening inside elevators. I love to imagine that in hotels. Even cheap hotels are fine…

    When the journey is over, the doors open… Then you forget all about what I’ve just written and continue with your boring life!

    I see you are as interested in them as I!

    Indeed pressing the buttons, especially when they have a little *ding* to them too can be quite pleasing. I’m not sure what longer hourneys are but I know that longer journeys are exciting, unless you’re in a hurry.

    I haven’t heard that song I will totally look it up! And yep, things in elevators are exciting as elevators themselves!

    Hehe, and it is true, once we’re off the elevator, we’re off to our normal lives. This reminds me so much of charlie and the great glass elevator. I loved the book so much, I got hooked, and always fantasized about elevators.

  6. CeCe |

    Oops! I lost control over myself up there. I am sorry I didn’t intend to invade your page. I just felt like talking and “releasing”. ‘Nuff said!

    By the way, Romance by Ralph Lauren is my favourite scent ever! Happy by Clinique comes next. ;)

    That’s alright ;P I’m glad you released, if you feel you need to release more, this is the place and time to do it. I like Romance, it is so feminine, and believe me as a guy, it smells good in so many different levels.

  7. Marzouq |

    hahahaha! So you got a thing for elevators! I wonder what else you want to happen in an elevator! hahaha

    What I want to happen? I’m sure everyone wants something to happen in an elevator! looool!

  8. Sarah |


    i personnaly avoid to take the elevator and take the stairs instead! Im very sensitive to smells and a bad smell in an elevator could make me sick. Im talking about Brussels only (we don’t have very tall buildings or at least i never attend them) because when i am abroad, i have no choice ;)

    By the way, N., i don’t know if u remember but a couple of weeks ago, we talked about coffee and chocolate (one of Shale’s post). I was telling u about how i like to mix a hint of coffee with chocolate and so on… well, i travelled to Spain and i found a very nice coffee with chocolate and it reminded me our conversation :)

    I bought it and it is nice! On each sip, it is different. U either taste the chocolate, or the coffee. Interesting!
    Unfortunately, u can’t find it in the Middle East :(

    Well, enjoy the nice smell(s) in your elevator while im enjoying the nice smell of my chocolate coffee ;)

    Hey! Where have you been? and How have you been? Oh, and I didn’t forget about the interesting conversation we had about coffee and chocolate. Such dreamy substances aren’t easily forgettable (neither is a good conversation about them!)

    That site is great. What was the name of the chocofee you got (a nice little name I just invented)? I’ll check it out in details soon. It is a pity however that we are unable to get these delicious products here!

    Thanks, and I’d take the smell of chocolate coffee over anything, anytime. ;P It is good to see you drop by again! Please stop by more often ^_^

  9. lone.rangeress.63 |

    eheheh ya elevators can be cool, but y is it that everytime ur in an elevator with someone, u r obligated to look either at the floor or at the floor numbers as they change for u to reach ur destination?? and its not just me, because i hav noticed several others as they direct their attention to those 2 particular locations:P and i enjoy a pleasant elevator ride in which the person next to u is social, and as u mentioned, will initiate a brief conversation, thats extremely cool:)
    P.S. and the best thing is that at the end of the ride, u can conclude ur speech with: ”hav a nice day!”*smile*

    Yes! Small elevator talk is interesting with strangers. A lot of people don’t talk much, they just want to get it over with. Staring at the buttons, the floor, or the floor indicator lol. There’s something about watching those numbers change, that is quite alluring :p

  10. Navy Girl |

    ahm shy those who keep pressing the button !!!! god damn just wait it wont help if you keep pressing the poor button !!! :D

    Navy Girl,
    Lol I’m only guessing but these people are usually just nervous and need to fidget and play with something, or they’re in a hurry!

  11. Sarah |

    Hey N,
    i was travelling for 2 weeks, that’s why i haven’t commented on ur blog for a long time!
    The name of the coffee i bought is “Coffee chocolate” in English or “Caf chocolate” in Spanish.
    If u wanna have a look (but u will only see the packaging) at it, u click on the link, then click on “products” then you will see “coffee with chocolate” and u click on it :)
    They only have shops throughout Spain and one in Singapore so unless u go to one of these destinations, u won’t get it…
    I asked the saleswoman what was in it exactly and she said “100% pure Arabica ground coffee and chocolate powder” so u might try ur luck and brew ground coffee and chocolate powder mixed together, it might be nice! Who knows? ;)

    I really like ur blog so im gonna drop by again :d

    Thanks for the instructions on how to get to it. When I saw the long product list, I became discouraged. Hehe. I doubt I’ll be going to Spain or Singapore anytime soon! Neither am I a cook (or a chemist) so brewing and mixing ground coffee would probably not be on my list either! It would definitely be nice I’m sure about that. Who knows maybe we’ll try that one day hehe.

    Great! It will be good to have you back, enjoy the rest of your trip! :)

  12. Sarah |


    we can try the coffee after Ramadan, if u are willing to come to Dubai or Bahrain, where i will be (together with the coffee of course!)for 2 weeks ! ;)
    it’s closer than Spain or Singapore ahahahaha

    My trip is finished, but im already preparing the next one :D

    You enjoy ur break!

    So is this what you do? Travel for a living? Aren’t you lucky :p I actually am thinking of a Gulf trip, not sure where yet. In this world, you never really know. We shall see. I’ll hold you to it though ;P

    Thanks a lot! It was a short break, well deserved however.

  13. Navy Girl |

    okay i get it bs even though you keep pressing on it it wont change the fact that you are doing exactly nothing but humiliating yourself !! :D

    Navy Girl,
    lol! True. Imagine the opposite. A few times I got on the elevator, and no one wanted to press the buttons, they were probably just waiting to be asked which floor?! :p

  14. Touche' |

    I Second sweet smelly elevators :)

    I do like long elevators rides, sometimes the company are so silent and I can’t help it not to wonder about what’s going on in their minds in that precise moment. I love trying to imagine the brain chain cycle. It’s like the world is narrowed into this small cubical space when you recognize the faces but don’t know them really.

    Silly imagination, but I like to see it as the birth of globalization when many countries are known by name but totally strange to each other, globalization has narrowed the world and made it flat, and that elevator is the globalization core where all the passengers are strangers who are forced into regular acquaintances and slowly starts to develop an idea about them.

    By the brain chain cycle do you mean the train of thoughts they experience while on that same elevator, quiet, in the small shares space?

    I like the comparison to globalization. In many ways yes it is exactly the same. We’re all together in this very long ride, everyone should sit tight, and try to get along.

  15. Peony |

    yeah, funny things do happen.. esp. when you’re traveling w/a group of friends..
    oo 7abakat il giggle fits bl elevator.. masakeen who get stuck !!

    lol @ giggle fits! I got on an elevator recently where a couple of girls were giggling, I couldn’t help but smile! It was funny and cute! :p

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