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Elevator Scent

Scent I love going up and down in the building. There are only two elevators and usually customers are always coming in, up and down! Every time I go into an elevator it smells different! ?Sometimes it has this bukhour and dihn 3oud scent, I love that. At other times I smell pure coffee, and the beautiful coffee not just regular coffee smell!

A while ago, when I got on the elevator, the smell of flowers and some other sensual female perfume.. I love the fact that I’m working at the topmost floor.

P.S. Scent of a Woman comes to mind..

18 Responses to “Elevator Scent”

  1. Shoush |

    K i don’t mean to ruin the ‘mood’, but i just HATE elevators when they stink. I feel like am about to suffocate and die! actually, that wud be something i’d be secretly wishing for. I cant stand bad smells. ;/

  2. Marzouq |

    loool! At least you don’t have the smell of bad body odor!

    We are onl two floors and havea rickty set of stairs!

  3. Shale |

    In a building I used to live in, somebody minded their pet dog every Saturday. The dog was scared of the elevator. What does a dog do when it is frightened?

    After reading your post, maybe I do not pay attention to smells as much as I could. I am going to go and smell my day.

  4. Laialy_q8 |

    eeh walla like Marzouq said, Al7amdillah it’s not BO

    that must be nice ^_^

  5. N. |

    Shoush, I hate them when they stink too! Do you usually hold your breath when that happens! :/ I do that..

    Marzouq, Ouch! Yeah, stairs usually smell worse than elevators! ;/

    Shale, first welcome and thanks for dropping by! Oh boy, that dog must have really made a mess! I’d stay clear until it was probably replaced! Nice smells, really do make a huge effect on us, even when we do not realize it!

    Laialy, alf el7emdellah! :p It is indeed very very nice.. sigh :p

  6. princess |

    yeah dihn il 3ood smells awesome and so does coffee, but ur lucky elevators especially older ones are old, dingy and stinky!

  7. Navygirl |

    he he he he .. i love it when the elevator smells so damn good .. bs laaa plz i can’t stand it when it smells huh gross !

  8. EniGma |

    I avoid elevators at all costs in university. Sij SIJ they stink, cuz the 3ommal use them also, and of course they’re not ventilated so whenever I want to go to the department I take the stairs (It’s in the third floor).

  9. N. |

    Princess, yeah! That’s bad, very bad! Thank god for new elevators!

    Navygirl, yeah, like most hotel elevators smell so good!

    EniGma, I would guess even the stairs smell bad at the univ! :/

  10. 1001 Nights |

    Allaah yaaana 7asditik!!

  11. Shoush |

    Ya, i try to hold my breathe for as long as i can! ;/ I hate breathing from my mouth in situations like this.

  12. N. |

    1001 Nights, hehe, you’re welcome to come use our elevators. I’ll pray your elevators smell nice ;p

    Shoush, Yeah sometimes thats the only way, hold your breath! I suggest not even breathing from your mouth even at all! It isn’t worth it!

  13. Fayoora |

    ilmuhim bas ikoon feeh mirror LOL:p

  14. Patrick Semaan |

    Thats quite a nice “thing” you like.

  15. N. |

    Fayoora, there is, a huge one too! :p

    Patrick, who doesn’t like good smells? We are seldom to actively participate in enjoying ourselves that way! Stuff just smells too good!

  16. 3abeer |

    I find elevators to be rather creepy! and I have a list of reasons!!

  17. Peony |

    last time i was in an elevator, a hot guy smelled damn good ;p
    im not complaining ;p..

    but once i was stuck w/ppl w/bad BO !!! worst evelator experience ever

  18. N. |

    3abeer, creepy! Why? These are bright and smell good, what other reasons?

    Peony, lol! Its nice when someone (especially someone hot ;p) smells good in the same elevator you are in!! If its BO get out asap! ma teswa el khanga!

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