Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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Distorted Reality

55748204 What would the world be like if the sand was blue, the sky green.

What would the world be like if the plants were orange, and the sea was pink.

What would the world be like if a circle was a square, and a rectangle was a triangle.

What would the world be like if oranges were peaches, and strawberries were apples.

What would the world be like if eyes were noses and lips were tongues.

What would the world be like if hair was brittle, and bones were soft.

What would the world be like if reality was fantasy and fantasy was reality.


Note: No shrooms were consumed in the process of writing this exert.

51 Responses to “Distorted Reality”

  1. |

    i dont think it would be very different… it would be the reality that we live in and we wouldnt know that is should actually be something different… man. this is twisted. if you aint on shrooms, youre definately on something else

  2. Ri |


  3. Vixen |

    It would be ok, because we would be used to it, just like we’re used to it now.

  4. chikapappi |

    It won’t be as beautiful s it is now :) – no mushrooms for you :P

  5. princess |

    it will be the same, as that would be our reality and we wouldnt have this reality to compare it with, so it wouldnt be weird :D

  6. Zed |

    if it wasn’t shrooms, what did you have and where can i get some?

  7. CeCe |

    *LOL* I don’t wanna know what got into you before writing that post. But I think everything is perfectly created for us, I can’t imagine how it’d be like if it was all F’d up.

  8. howahkan |

    Hmmm..are you trying to think of random topics just to stay awake ;)

    *What would the world be like if we could have instant access to what we are looking for at the tip of our fingers* :)

  9. blue dress |

    it would be exactly the way it is now.
    but nice.

  10. Very.Q8ya |

    what would the world be without me? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL


  11. Noufa |

    “What would the world be like if eyes were noses and lips were tongues.”

    N. your imagination interests me :P

  12. N. |

    Probably, I’d still like to think otherwise!

    lol, I’m not tired, not yet anyway.

    What if the change just happened?

    Hmm, you have a point there. About the shrooms :p

    I still would like to think otherwise :/

    Aha.. you got me. Good stuff is hard to come by!

    Yeah you probably wouldn’t want to know how this started.. honestly! :p

    That’s google isn’t it? :p

    blue dress,
    It would be nice wouldn’t it!

    lol! We wouldn’t have any Ramadan quizzes :( We’d be stuck with 7alima and that would be the death of millions!

    Oh does it? :p That’s a scary thought!

  13. N. |

    btw, I can’t access your blog, its been a few days. All I get is an image but no text.

  14. Noufa |

    If you click on “LOVE” :P you will get to see my blog ;)

  15. N. |

    OoOo.. very nice! It was a little tricky to find but I got it ;p

  16. CeCe |

    Now you made it interesting. I wanna know! :P

  17. N. |

    Ahhhh, I prefer you wouldn’t! No one should know, it was an outcome of a very obscene and disturbing conversation I was having with a very close friend of mine! :p

  18. shoosha |

    shallah 7addik?

  19. N. |

    Ba3d, 9arat! :p

  20. Laialy_q8 |

    I don’t like the thought of the sky being green

  21. N. |

    what about something like this:

  22. EniGma |

    “Note: No shrooms were consumed in the process of writing this exert.”


  23. N. |

    Uhhh.. ;P

  24. Vixen |

    if it just happened, then we would have to re adjust till it feels normal again..

  25. Marzouq |

    Its all about the theory of relativity! Simple as that, Einstein got it right from day one!

  26. Amethyst |

    It would be the same. Unless it suddenly happens, then it would be one hell of a strange world. Interesting thought though.

  27. 'GreY' |

    lol, i’m getting thoughts of some nasty what if’s …

  28. Swair |

    Hmmm.. colorful? :p

  29. asoom |

    won’t be different!

  30. N. |

    We would have to adjust.. it would probably take a while too.

    I like to believe relativity is more related to moving objects! Still objects, and what they appear to be is more in the lines of perception, right!

    It would be strange.. very!

    nasty what if’s? like? lol

    Yes! Good response.. ;D

    not by much, except the colors would be.. and the physical nose thing.

  31. eshda3wa |

    it would be different
    but still the same

  32. N. |

    That’s a very confusing statement!

  33. Fayoora |

    Lol!! What’s your Horoscope?

    I wrote the exact same post 3 days ago.. bas shilta
    It was weird reading urs hehe :/

  34. N. |

    I’m an Aquarius. You did? How is it weird? Was it so similar? hehe. That would be freaky now wouldn’t it.

  35. Very.Q8ya |

    what would it be if i own Kuwait (a6leqo saraaa7 very.q8ya) LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL wahahahah if u know what i mean :p

  36. N. |

    LOL! fantaq walla!

  37. MishMisha |

    loool i’m getting very different what ifs on my mind right now.. and you definitely don’t wanna know what hehe ;Pp

    p.s and i found what you’re looking for… i think

  38. N. |

    I do wanna know :p I’m loading them now..

  39. Fayoora |

    Yes it was similar!!
    and it had “What if the woods were green and the leaves were brown” As a Title!
    oo I drew a tree with brown leaves and green 3a9aya :P
    bas as i was writing my What If’s .. i went astray oo kitabt 3an religion ;P .. That’s why shilta hehe

  40. Missy-TheOriginal |

    We would be engulfed in abstraction in the world of Dali =P

  41. N. |

    Indeed we would be! I like Dali, his unique works always seem to amaze me! :p

  42. N. |

    I just cleared your comment, it was in the spam ;/
    Oh.. interesting spin, how u went into religion with it. I can probably see how that headed :p Great minds think alike they say!

  43. Navy Girl |

    would love the blue sand & hate the green sky

    ummm interesting .. bs PINKISH SEA WOW !

    wouldnt really matter ;P

    i already hate both but apples & strawberries .. Im gonna be allergic to apples :D


    ummm wala madry !


    I bet there was ;P that post is soo not inspired by a sober mind ! ;P

  44. Navy Girl |

    why cant i post !!!!!

  45. Fayoora |

    loll yup yup

  46. KJ |

    It would be normal, of course, because if everything would be like you said, then it would be a norm, and not strange. Right ;)

  47. palo-girl |

    have u been listening to Mika songs? ;p

  48. N. |

    Navy Girl,
    Your comment was in the spam, 6ala3t-ha..
    And thank you! a7la jawaaaaaab walla, I like a creative mind which responds.. especially that way ;P Yeah it would be cool. No I was not sober! :p


    It would be, everyone seems to agree to that!

    no, I heard a couple of his songs I don’t like him.

  49. Navy Girl |

    spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam @@ lol thanks ;P ooo yeah i was pretty sure of it ;P hehehe :D

  50. pearls |

    cool i would love the sea to be pink!! :P eheheh and blue grass!! bas if it really was .. were just guna say … what if the sky is blue and the grass is green? then i would comment and say ! OH COOL CHAN ZAIN IL GRASS GREEN OO IL SKY BLUE!! .. i could go on and on btw :$ so yeah loved it am shutting my mouth now :$ tata!!

  51. N. |

    Navy Girl,
    Yeah! Madry shesalfa, it keep on happening. You were sure ha.. lol ;p

    lol! Yeah, we’d probably be saying that.. what if the grass was green and the sea was blue, lol!

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