Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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Contemplating Blogging

Thinking on a Mountain I know I’ve been stagnant for quite a while now. I haven’t been updating here as much as I have liked. For reasons that a little but escape me.. . Now, for latest list of random thoughts.

I was going to write about random thoughts, but something dawned on me while I was preparing the list. There are things that I prefer not to say, because of anticipated comments I’m bound to get on them. No, I don’t have a problem saying what is on my mind, but I tend to mostly avoid the obvious post, yielding the most expected comments.

I have been talking with a friend about this issue, and have a few times decided to close off comments, or just keep them as a comment (without needing a reply) on each post. But… one day I decided to put up that poll on the right, just to get a feel of how many people feel that comment replies are important.

I’m quite surprised that there is about a huge 25% of you who would feel offended if I (or on any other blog, the author) did not reply to your comments. I’m used to replying though sometimes I cannot be bothered.

As far as content goes. I’m hoping to freshen up, with content that comes really from within, though I don’t know what type of content it will be, but it will be deep.. probably.

My question now for you is, if you are a blogger; Do you write for yourself? Or do you write for others (your fans readers)?

22 Responses to “Contemplating Blogging”

  1. Noufa |

    i think if the topic was deep and i was voicing my opinions and arguments, then yeah i might get offend ’cause it would seem like you’re ignoring them.

    i write for myself. definitely myself, i don’t want a lot of readers! ’cause if i had lots of readers i would have to post the topics they’re interested in and want to comment on.

  2. Mrm |

    im just gonna ignore everything u have said and tellf u what id like to see more of: ur philosophies, and to be quite honest abi ashof out’N'about in q8 with random stuff; im sick of being the only one!

  3. asoom |

    When I started the blog the goal was purely for myself but as I start drawing a fan base I did start taking into consideration the people that read my blog. Sometimes my goal is to entertain or inform…but I think the primarily goal is still for me own purposes, to have this unique outlet called a blog.

  4. asoom |

    Oh and thanks for checking up, I appreciate it :)

  5. Amethyst |

    For myself, and then, for my readers. But doesn’t it depend on why you started the blog in the first place? :)

    And I want those random thoughts!

  6. manutdfanatic |

    For myself, never thought about the readers actually. :)

    I relate to not always being able to post random thoughts; more on that later.

  7. manutdfanatic |

    ..and I’m looking forward to new content; depth is always welcome.

  8. Elaine |

    I think that’s depend on what is our purpose of blogging. When we want to make money by blogging than we must write for reader to attract more visitor. Other purpose may allow us to write for ourself.

  9. Laialy_q8 |

    the survey is biased there should be a third option “both” :)

  10. Nasser |

    Yeah, makes sense if the topic was deep enough. It makes sense what you said about having lots of readers, it does happen that way.

    out n about in q8? lol.. me? I’m not that random =p but yeah that would be fun I suppose lol.

    Don’t mention it! :) Yeah, your goals for it seem to be clear, which is great it helps keep you going.

    Yeah it does.. now I wonder why I started one =p I probably wanted a presence, a place where I could get my thoughts out there.. Enshalla random thoughts are coming ;p

    Depth, will be there enshalla. And it is nice writing for yourself.. you get this empowered feeling don’t you.

    That is quite true, very true. I don’t write for money though, so it is probably then for myself more :)

    I was going to do that, but I felt the need to make people chose which one they feel more related to =p

  11. KJ |

    Dude this is your blog and you write what you want :) My philosophy is I read a blog for the blogger not necessarily the content

  12. Navy Girl |

    for moi actually .. sometimes we feel like we need to talk about things and see what others think about it or see their reaction ..

  13. Nasser |

    Yeah, of course. Yep, true I read for the blogger too :) Nice way to put it.

    Navy Girl,
    Ahaa, 7elo.. its nice when you get mixed and different reactions

  14. Marzouq |

    You honestly think too much about it! I have a lot of posts that I don’t reply comments on right away.. I’m always slow to reply and I write whatever I think is funny or enjoying and thats about it..

  15. Nasser |

    Heh yeah.. that works!

  16. Mohammed |

    I blog for myself but in the context of letting people read about me. If I wanna write only for myself I could have used Micrososft Word, you know. I don’t bother myself about thinking “who will read my blog?”, though it is important to consider it a bit.

  17. pg |

    i realize that people might get offended if i don’t reply to their comments – and it’s probably why very few, if any, people read my blog.
    sometimes it’s because i dont know what to reply… other times it’s because the post is so.. personal that …
    never mind im not sure how to say it.

    how are u?
    ive found ur blog again.
    i really should save it somewhere
    oh and, mbarak 3aleik ilshahar : )

  18. Nasser |

    Yeah, do you have to consider it. It is somewhat dependent on your audience. You create your audience.

    Embarak 3alena o 3alech :) You know, I still read your blog, I just don’t comment as much heh, no real reason though. Laziness probably. And yes, save it, now. =p

  19. Intlxpatr |

    I blog for myself, and I am always delighted to find one or two readers who think along the same eccentric lines. Even some who disagree help me to see things in different ways. I have a feeling if you don’t blog for yourself, you don’t blog very long.

  20. pg |

    that’s really good to know actually.

    and its 6am so im more emotional than usual so ill cut this comment short before i go off on a tangent :p

  21. pearls |


  22. Hning |

    How coincidental. Something that all of us bloggers must’ve thought about at some point in their blogging careers.

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