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Music, A Unique taste

Saxaphone I’ve always enjoyed good music. Whether it was Jazz, Rock, Hip Hop, House, Classical or any of the sorts. My recent additions to my favorite music include Lounge and New Age music. I also love oldies, as clearly shown from my Lets dance, 50s Style post. My brother who’s younger than me by 3 years always like one major type of music, Hip Hop. He did have a sort of tendency to enjoy Jazz since he did play the trumpet for a while. Today he surprised me! We got into the car and he’s like, listen..

None other than Frank Sinatra! Ah yes, the good life. I recommend some Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin if you enjoy the oldies as I do. ;)

22 Responses to “Music, A Unique taste”

  1. Laialy_q8 |


  2. Shoush |

    Am a big Sinatra fan!

  3. Laialy_q8 |

    PS. u got a nice selection of music there

  4. N. |

    That playlist wasn’t my creation :p

    He’s great isn’t he!

  5. Peony |

    that song made my day.. thank you..
    i love sinatra !!

  6. N. |

    Peony.. your welcome ;)

  7. Q8cuteberry |

    Your taste in Music is soooo .. hmmm … how can I say it? hmmm

    Me Likey :) Yes Me Do *wink*

  8. N. |

    Hmm, me likey too ;P

  9. Marzouq |

    The funny part is that a lot of people like Frank Sinatra! I’m the type of person that likes hip hop, rnb, rap, dance, and a few other mixes! I really do like a lot of old school rnb, hip hop, and rap!

    Who doesn’t like MC Hammer! looool!

  10. N. |

    LOL! MC Hammer, he sure was a legend! too legit, and oh, the dance moves! Those were the hot stuff back in the day! Hammer time!

  11. Navygirl |

    sounds cool !!! but hey what is it with you guys and that Frank guy ??? i don’t like him :D

  12. Peony |

    Marzouq- isnt he now like a preacher or something? like after ma he became bankrupt and sold il rights maloot “can’t touch this”? thought it was messed up when i first found out..
    ((i think im watching a lot of celeb news..))

  13. princess |

    ohhh i love sinatra!! but right now im more im3alga 3ala it had to be u , 7adha awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  14. N. |

    Why? Is he a bad person? :p

    that would be freaky.. a preacher? Weird.

    oh! that’s the music..

  15. Laialy_q8 |

    LooL, i thought about that for a second

  16. N. |

    Its too disturbing :p

  17. Navygirl |

    lol nooo bs he is very old :P

  18. Angelo |

    If you are a fan of Sinatra than check out Michael Buble…he’s the “upcoming” Sinatra IMO.

  19. N. |

    Are you implying he flipped? :p

    I’ll do that! Thanks I know I heard that name somewhere, but I can’t quite place it..

  20. Navygirl |

    duno lol

  21. barryuno |

    Good stuff mate. Nothing like listening to some real good jazz music while you’re driving back home from a crazy day at work!

    Frank Sinatra is definitely an all-time great along with Ella Fitzgerald and maybe even Dean Martin and Perry Como.

    If you’re into modern jazz you’ve got to listen to Jamie Cullum(I’m sure you’ve heard him already). He mianly plays the piano but his crooning is stellar and so are his antics on stage!

  22. N. |

    barryuno thanks for the tip, I will check those out for sure. You’re absolutely right, nothing beats listening to some jazz after work (especially during rush hour!)

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