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Hot Movie Chicks of 2007

I have come up with a list of the 5 most appealing women in 2007 movies, some of these moves are yet to be released.

These are the babes of 2007;

Keira KnightleyPirates of the Caribbean – May 25
Megan FoxTransformers – July 4
Angelina JolieBeowulf – November 16
Scarlett JohanssonThe Nanny Diaries – September 7
Katherine HeiglKnocked Up – June 1

11 Responses to “Hot Movie Chicks of 2007”

  1. Laialy_q8 |

    Keira Knightley and Megan Fox are just nasty ho hotness what so ever, on the other hand Angi, Scarlett and Katherine are HOT

  2. princess |

    Scarlett ityaneeeeeeeeeen, awal kint a7isha ass but now wow 7adha hot, and the rest r not, lan i dnt like them

  3. Peony |

    they are all gorgeous .. but angie is a maneater..
    i love katherine heigl .. !

  4. N. |

    Hot is Hot, there is no debate! :p

    She is! I loved her in The Prestige!

    They are indeed!

  5. illusion |

    Katherine Heigl 3ad!.

    Isn’t she too blonde and it doesnt really suit her??

    but again guys just have a thing for blonde hair which i will never get!

  6. N. |

    I wouldn’t count personality into this! If she’s blond so what she’s hot isn’t she? Oh and guys have a thing for nice hair, whether it is blond, black, short, long.. :p

  7. Marzouq |

    I think Megan Fox tops the list!! She was hawt in Transformers!

  8. illusion |


    Actually the blonde is making her not so hot ;p

    Nah guys like long hair which I don’t know why they like it so much. Maybe you can give me an insight into this issue ;p

  9. N. |

    Yes, She was!

    Long hair, well guys like it because we appreciate beauty ;p Short hair can be beautiful too but only on a select few! I’ve seen some women with very short hair, and they looked hot. So in truth, it is a matter of taste ;p

  10. Navygirl |

    Angelina jolie & beowulf haa !! now that i wana see !!

  11. N. |

    yeah me too! It should be interesting ^_^

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