Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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Why I want to be an Engineer

EngineerWe ask ourselves if we are who we wanted to be, or if we will be who we want to be. I do hope that we can all be what we’d like, however sometimes we’re not. This doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t like what we do, or we regret not doing what we’d like to have done. (confused yet? :p) I’m planning to write a series of what I wanted to be. The reason is, because I wanted to be many things, what I am now, is one of them, I’ll mention that last.

Today I’ll mention why I want to be an engineer. Sure, I loved breaking radios and little toys just to see how they worked. I used to get scolded a lot when I was younger, always breaking things and rarely ever put them back together. I did learn how a lot of things worked, and wanted to create stuff on my own. I don’t believe I did create something, but I always imagined it. This is probably why I have a hypothetical Slapper product that will probably never see the light of day (hope it wouldn’t its pure evil :p).

I entered engineering school here in Kuwait University, and wanted to be an Airplane designer. Sounds cool doesn’t it? Sadly, my hopes were shattered when I started failing in Calculus B and Physics 2, even the subjects (in Arabic) which were supposed to help me pass and raise my GPA were no good for me. I failed them miserably too. I changed my left and changed my major altogether, and don’t really have much ties to engineering anymore.

I do have an understanding of it, I see things in a very systematic way, and get quite a bit of engineering concepts. I’d really want to be an engineer to make the world a better place.


  • I’d try to invent better environmental products. I wouldn’t mind the cost if the long time benefit would be higher.
  • I’d research into better raw materials and a systematic and efficient way to use them, and all their byproducts, up until disposal. Sadly, it seems that currently not the whole process is looked into.
  • I’d concentrate on building things that don’t easily break, and can be easily repaired by anyone. Wouldn’t it be just helpful if you could fix something for cheap, and get affordable, reusable, durable spare parts?
  • As an engineer I’d listen to the people, not the companies, in the end the products I’d create are for the people to use, not the companies to make big $ off of.
  • I’d really love to participate in technology and advanced forums as well. New technology is good, but most of it hasn’t been tested that well.


30 Responses to “Why I want to be an Engineer”

  1. Laialy_q8 |

    There is always time to study for another career if you really want to … thats what I think

  2. . |

    what a loser ! :I

    no wonder you hang out with that PURG guy :I


    KU !? ( ??? ?? ???? ?? ???? ??? ?? ????? ? )

    what ? bad luck or lack of money ? :)

  3. Nasser |

    There are lots of things I’d like to be, Engineer is one of them, I’ll explain more as time passes.

    Who said anything about a “purg guy”? Do you mean Purgatory? We don’t hang out even, or know each other. Anyway, I went to KU because I didn’t get the scholarship, but I got it later on and left KU.

  4. suspic |

    You have no sense of business. =(

    “As an engineer Id listen to the people, not the companies, in the end the products Id create are for the people to use, not the companies to make big $ off of.”

    If you make one excellent immortal product, what’s the point? You need to have them coming back. Think of the car industry. Plus, the company pays you not the people unless you’re a rich eccentric billionare which would be awesome by the way. =O

    Anyway, nobel of you, etc.

  5. Nasser |

    lol, well that’s the point me wanting to go into engineering. I’d do something different than what is going on, consumerism, and bad products that could be better. Consumerism is fast money, but these products will bring in a lot of cash, don’t get me wrong. If I would work as an engineer I would not be volunteering! It is a job after all, and I’d have kids to feed, lol. I honestly do love the eccentric engineer billionaire idea.. *mind wonders off…*

  6. Amethyst |

    I never wanted to be an engineer.. EVER!

  7. Kaileena |

    Looks like the only things holding you back from being an engineer are the college subjects. Why don’t you -in your spare time- read books that focuses on the core of engineering and what you REALLY need to know, and try to invent whatever you have in mind. Failing in those subjects doesn’t always mean a dead-end, cuz only 5% or less of the contents these subjects provide matter in the long-run.

  8. Ruby Redux |

    Best of luck on your endevours!

  9. Shaymaa |

    One, you have no idea how this post sounds so familiar.. not revealing any more!

    Two, neither Steve Jobs nor Bill Gates completed their Bachelor’s degree. But they did receive honorary degree’s recently. Steven Spielberg earned his Bachelor’s degree in 2002. Some people just have their own ways of reaching their goals. Thats why they are the most successful. Now, don’t get me started on defining “success”.

    Three, have you watched Randy Pausch’s “last lecture”?

    I am going to love this series!

  10. eshda3wa |

    there is something i never really got with ppl in kuwait, whenever someone is good at maths, they always say go to engineering school.
    Why? i mean if ur good at maths why not say be a mathematician?

    whoever grows up and becomes exactly like they thought anyway?

  11. Navy Girl |

    Well you simply can play an engineer in your free time ! : )

  12. Big Pearls |

    Engineers these days end up working in business and banks. They realize it is better for their future in this country!

  13. EniGma |

    To this day the only thing I ever regret is accepting the engineering scholarship. I should have went against my parents wishes (OK demands) and went to a major of my choice.

  14. Elaine |

    Don’t get stucked just because you failed on some college lesson…I don’t say that engineer is not important, but you have many other opportunities to do something else and make this world better.

  15. Nasser |

    What did you want to be? Hmm

    That doesn’t seem like a bad idea, and I might just embark on such a quest. I’m charging myself up actually.

    Thank you so much!

    Yes I listened to it only a few days ago! I enjoyed it was really something. It actually got me going again, I’ve been dormant for a while, but I feel I might get back up and get into everything that I’ve left behind, somehow.

    I was excellent with physics too, concepts, theories, all that jazz. I wanted engineering because I didn’t want to build stuff. Most people chose it because compare the status of a math teacher and an engineer here in Kuwait. It is sad really!

    Navy Girl,
    lol, play an engineer…. are you sure you thought this through before saying it? :P

    Big Pearls,
    In this country.. you’re right. Mostly.

    You can still do something about it…

    Enshalla one day, if not with engineering then with something else.

  16. M. J. Kout |

    We have alot in common..unscrewing toys and stuff and getting scolded for that, KU drop, Weird inventions ,, \
    i still remember the first toy i opened it was one of these bump and go toys shaped as a Grandizer, i wanted to take him out like the cartoon but i was so disappointed and felt cheated by those greedy companies.. it was EMPTY from the inside and only plastic :( and there is the voltmeter i successfully managed to make it explode by switching it to DC while it was plugded in a 240V socket..
    as for the energy saving schemes i once had an electrical train that was broken… having the genius ( Pinky and the Brain ) mentality i thought since it was electrical and it has a light bulb why don’t i just take it out and plug it into the socket and save power with this little bulb… it sure saved some power when i plugged it …..i saw circles in my brain after the circuit breaker went off… this is where i got introduced to AC/DC concept @ 7years old

  17. Amethyst |

    What I’m about to be inshallah:)

  18. Navy Girl |

    dude i play doctor sometimes !! well i do have a first-aid license bs 3adi lol :D

  19. Shaymaa |

    M. J. Kout, LOL, you have “the knack”!!

  20. Nasser |

    LOL! It wasn’t that intense for me, I was afraid to get electrocuted, but I did regardless cause I wouldn’t stop opening and messing with the VCRs and video game consoles :p

    Enshalla :)

    Navy Girl,
    LOL! Enshalla you don’t kill anyone! playing dr is dangerous! :p

    He sure does! lol!

  21. Vixen |

    Like they said : ) you can still do something about it.. you are young and life can welcome you with wide open doors and warm hugs , maybe even coffee if you’re a fan : p

  22. Navy Girl |

    neah piece of cake ! ;P

  23. Lone Ranger'ess 63 |

    I never knew wht I wanted to be… and I still dont…

  24. This Lady |

    I wanted to be a Covergirl (makeup) model, supermodel, fashion designer, writer, professional flute player (WTH?), hairdresser, policewoman, actress..

    and probably everything else under the sun.. I am none of the above. Not really, I’m a supermodel but I dont wanna brag.

  25. Touch |

    Trust me on this; you are better off away from being an engineer in Kuwait. Its not the perfect environment for engineers and maximum 20% of engineers are doing what they are supposed to be doing.

  26. KJ |

    With your reasons to be an engineer I have to say that the world needs more people like you!

  27. mandutdfanatic |

    Engineer….mohandis? Did I get that right? =P

    I always wanted to have something to do with Literature, even Journalism. Still do actually. But then I also always wanted to have something to do with medicine. I suppose the two can get along, I’m trying to make it work out.

  28. Nasser |

    lol, thanks yeah enshalla I’m sure not only for me but for everyone else.

    Navy girl,
    lol! Sure..

    Enshalla you will, soon enough, when the time is right.

    This Lady,
    I imagine supermodels are skinny, and boney.. unless that’s not the type of supermodel you were talking about. Yeah, seems like we hardly ever become what we really want hmm.

    That is the idea, an engineer here wouldn’t actually allow me to reach any or maybe some of those goals.

    There are more people better than me! Much better, I don’t take credit for what I would like to do, but for what I’ve done.

    lol, yes that is right. Mohandis. Yeah, you can definitely make those two work, that would surly be something wonderful! :)

  29. Why I want to be a Scientist | N. |

    [...] I promised I would be writing a series about what I would want to be. In part 1, I discussed why I want to be an engineer. The good thing there, is that the opportunities are all available, but being an engineer is not [...]

  30. MJKOUT |

    Yeah * Cry * i got the Knack

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