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Why I want to be a Scientist

As I promised I would be writing a series about what I would want to be. In part 1, I discussed why I want to be an engineer. The good thing there, is that the opportunities are all available, but being an engineer is not all what I want to be. I also want to be a scientist.

ScientistSince I was a young boy I loved playing the mad scientist. I assume I got the idea from all the TV shows and cartoons back then. It seemed quite cool, to be the evil genius who mixes chemicals and creates an explosion that in the end produces a strange and powerful chemical that would probably make a person invincible! As young as I was, I was quite unfamiliar with the concepts of chemical reactions, only that certain colored liquids mixed together would probably produce something quite cool.

I remember buying my first chemistry set. I was so overjoyed! I didn’t know most of the chemicals on there, but I knew that eating them was dangerous, so I suppose that was all I had to know. There was a little booklet with experiments to go with it, but I was not interested in simple experiments. I remember going crazy one day, and mixing minerals in a beaker and different chemicals and it started to froth and react and overflow! I was overjoyed! I felt like a true mad scientist that has created something!

I was young at the time, very young, so bare in mind I am not naturally cruel to animals, but what came next was only natural. I got a needle and filled it with the evil liquid I had created. I needed a test subject, so I caught a cockroach. Yes, I did. It was evil, and I would never do such a thing again. I injected it with this chemical fluid, I won’t go into detail, but nothing exciting happened.

That is not why I want to be a scientist, but I wanted to create things. As I grew up, I wanted to work in a lab, making all these experiments and creating cures, medicines, chemicals, and God knows what! However that is not science, that is only a brach of it, and what I’d really want to do is become a scientist in all fields.

  • I’d want to make a new discovery that would perpetually benefit everyone.
  • I’d dedicate my resources on the present situation, and study current problems that are affecting people to solve them.
  • I’d try to build on our scientific heritage, after all some of the best scientists were the arabs.
  • I’d make the knowledge publicly available, and even explained in the best way, for everyone to understand.
  • I’d study, and test, every chemical product to the fullest before making it available to the public.
  • Lastly, I would not be doing this for business either, education and knowledge goes bad when it is commercialized.

39 Responses to “Why I want to be a Scientist”

  1. Marzouq |

    I hated chemistry so that isn’t my thing! An engineer is what I am and I like!

  2. ammaro |

    yeah, you know, being a scientist isnt really as cool as it looked on back 2 the future and so on. there is some real hard work there too,ya know.

  3. Shaymaa |

    This reminds me of the Diet Coke+Mentos experiment. Just don’t test it on yourself. Stick with the beakers. Ahh, childhood memories.

  4. Cat |

    being a scientist is never a cooool thing ! being an engineer is indeed so cool !

  5. Mrm |

    that is hilarious! u tested ur stuff on a roach!!!!???!! wahahahahaahahahaha waaaaaaaay u amuse me loff yew :*
    well yeah you r a thinker…you’d make a cool scientist or philosopher… i can imagine ur profile carved in stone with a famous philosophical quote u concocted under ur profile. u shall be remembered forever as kuwait’s first credible faylasoof (idiots in parliament do not apply).

  6. (P)eople( U)nited for (R)esponsible (G)overnment |

    go and . . . sleep :I

    thats how the world ” NEEDS ” you : )

    ????? ???? ??????? :)

  7. eshda3wa |

    u sure dream big

    i loved the mad scientist image when i was younger too

    but when i actually had to take chemistry, i ran in the other direction

  8. Amethyst |


  9. EniGma |

    hahhahahahahha the poor cockroach!

  10. Lone Ranger'ess 63 |

    the only experiment that i remember conducting (that made me feel ecstatic as well) is mixing baking soda and vinegar.. wow, the result was mind-blowing! supposingly lava resulting from a volcano.. ;p

    P.S. good going with the cockroach <— those creatures shudint have existed in the 1st place ;s

  11. Swair |

    The only thing I didn’t like about the Mad Scientist role is the hair… That dude really needs a hair straightener…

  12. Very.Q8ya |

    why i want to be an accountant

    *t6eg ta7eya*

  13. hammoodee |

    good luck

  14. F. |

    I have no interest in science at all…no, how do you say, no passion for it…
    But go for it…you do your thing :)

  15. Navy Girl |

    do you look like that guy in that pic ???? in order for you to be a scientist you need to have kosha white hair ooo big glasses ooo scray face :D does it fit you ??

  16. joud |

    N, u’re such an idealist :->

  17. EniGma |

    what happened to the cockroach?

  18. Laialy_q8 |

    when i got to the zehawii part i had to stop *feeling a little sick( also chemistry wasn’t my favorite subject …

  19. Nasser |

    Chemical engineering? lol.

    Yeah, I slowly figured that out later!

    Yeah, that experiment, it sure looked fun.

    Scientists are cool! :/

    That is the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me :* Pumped me up good!

    (P)eople (U)nited for (R)esponsible (G)overnment,
    I do sleep enough thanks for considering :p

    I did too, it was the time we started getting into moles *shivers*

    One day!! ;p

    lol, yes, it was a miserable death for him. I really don’t want to go into details and gross ppl out.

    lol, I remember that one! Cockroaches, while still dirty and icky, don’t deserve to be tortured :/

    What? That hair is stylish.

    *et6eg ta7ya weyaha* Estari7!

    Thanks bro!

    Allah kareem, we are all made for certain roles, I believe it is important to know what it is we’re made for.

    Navy Girl,
    No I don’t. :P I’ll be the cool-lookin smart kinda short haired scientist guy.

    It is refreshing :)

    I didn’t get into details about that, because I didn’t want to gross you (or others who are easily grossed) out hehe, excuse my infant vulgarity.

  20. G |

    Hehehehe This is Cool an scientist. It seems fun :)

  21. Chirp |

    Stem Cell and Cord blood research

  22. Lone Ranger'ess 63 |

    Actually I wud like to think that we r doing them a favor.. cuz by torturing them, we r on the verge of making them existent.. and as time passes by, their population is endangered o 7aram anyone feels lonely in this world of ourz;p bottom line, torture away!!

  23. MJKOUT |

    Lol, i got the same set from kid’s r us back then when it existed, i did the same thing ignored the stupid booklet, this resulted in more than half the test tubes bottom part exploded from the reaction, lots of colorful ( mainly the blue powder ) liquids, oh and i did the rusting experiment and caused it to fail after i inserted a rust proof needle nd all the rust was washed away..
    i burned the whole magnesium string for fun or was it manganese .. it was something with a bright light all i remember..

    anyway my intentions weren’t that good ok i wanted the invisibility potion and the glow in the dark solution to reduce the need for electrical lights, i wanted to make the ultimate weapon of chain reactions… but i never made anything with smoke :/ guess i ran out of stuff.

    i wonder what happened to my set now…

  24. Amethyst |



  25. suspic |

    LOL You actually bought a chemistry set. I was more like empty up water bottles and fill them up with soap and everything in the kitchen from gravey to diesel and watch what happens.

    The hair is awesome nevermind Swair, especially the thick eyebrows. Pure sex appeal.

    But N., the cockroach thing…that was disgusting. Piercing its surface and having cockroach juice smear all over your face, just disgusting.

  26. Nasser |

    Yes it is ;p

    That would be some :)

    lol! I still refuse to go by that.

    LOL! Now you’re really bringing the memories back. Yeah I remember the manganese strip, and the blue stuff :p

    You’ll see;P

    LOL! What were you trying to do man! Pipe bomb or something? :p You didn’t have to get into the gory details.. :( Oh the horror.. lol, it wasn’t horrific back then. It was exciting, I was a little twit. Haha.

  27. Amethyst |

    Lol, I won’t.. Trust me;p

  28. Kaileena |

    Akhaf your next post will be “Why I want to become a president”!


    Oh is,isnt it?!!

  29. manutdfanatic |

    Kaileena, lol, yes. And it’ll probably have something along the lines of “No more wars. Peace. I will do this for the benefit of society…etc” at the end. Not that there’s anything wrong there, mind you. Healthy. Very healthy.

    N, you can’t help being a goody-goody all the time. Correct me if I’m wrong. I dare you. Officially.


  30. Lone Ranger'ess 63 |

    u’ll know that u hav taken it overboard lamma yabdon yit6anizown 3ala ur kind nature ya N.;p .. i say show us a little of ur evil side, and get urself bak on track!

  31. MiYaFuSHi |

    Poor roach :/

  32. GreY |

    I would have injected a cat , yeah i am evil .( Sorry paws guys !) anything for the betterment of humanity ; / . But i was never a science kid, lucky cats i’d say!

  33. GreY |

    I’m kidding ! i can never be evil ! but i can be stooopid!

  34. Elaine |

    What I like most of pretending to be scientist when I was child was doing experimental…I remember that my mom bought a fake microscope and I check every tiny things I see with it.

  35. Sushi |

    Nassir isn’t it too late to decide? lol I’m kidding =P

  36. Sushi |

    Anyway being a scientist isn’t fun unless it involves something with smoke, spark and a bang!

  37. Nasser |

    lol, no it won’t be.

    I’m only goody goody when I’m in the mood, and then when I usually write ;P Can’t help it. lol.

    lol! I’ll see what I feel like writing about!

    Yeah, it was a sad day.

    lol! Cats are cool ;l

    Those were fun weren’t they. I remember them too.

    lol, it might be, who knows really. Smoke, spark, and a bang.. would be a little over the top I say ;P

  38. ge6awee |



    i put a cockroach in the microwave once (just to see what happens to it) and NOTHING happened to it!

    i told mom.. she said him and his kids would probably have many genetic mutations.. i really hope thats true, cuz then my experiment would hv worked!

  39. ??????? |

    ??????? ?? ??????? ?????????

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