Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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It is without a doubt that we are all influenced in some way or other by the movies we see and by the stories we read and hear both fiction and non-fiction. The serious question is, how much have we been influenced?

Im mostly a TV person, even though I love to read and like listening to stories. So I wonder, had I not been introduced to the TV a long time ago, and had not seen what I had seen all these years, what would I be like now? Would I be who I am? Or would I be different in some way?

Growing up I loved watching TV. Cartoons were my life! With time I slowly started to see the real world. I began to be aware of the differences between real life and fairy tales, or stories on TV. I found out that life isnt as pretty as we imaged it to be. It was never as fair or as just or as easy.

It didnt take long for me to adjust, but it was a very large culture shock. Also, the fact that we live in this country and have these type of people around, makes it all the more shocking. Life, here, is far from a fairy tale.

Had I not been influenced by TV, would I have been more prepared for the real world?

Sometimes these stories motivate us, they push us forward giving us a charge of energy. However it does not last, soon enough when we are back in the real world facing real world issues, the motivation dies.

My plan now, is to find a way to keep that motivation running. It is a great feeling when something such as a story motivates us. But what is worse is when it fades away. There has to be away to sustain it.

I have to.

9 Responses to “Misclouded”

  1. Nomad |

    That is very interesting indeed. I do think we would be very different had we not been influenced in the way we did. but i do believe you can sustain that energy “think happy thoughts” :p

  2. Haider |

    We’re definitely influenced by what we watch, but I personally don’t like to think how differently I would have turned out if I hadn’t made the decisions that I made. There are too many possibilities, and this can be overwhelming to consider!

    I like to think about how my future can turn out based on the decisions I make now (when I can actually make the decision!).

    There are 2 points I’d like to make related to how TV influences us:

    1- We tend to choose what to watch: We’re not brainwashed into accepting ideas that we weren’t attracted to in the first place. We enjoy some programs, but not others. Some movies, but not others. Therefore, we are reinforcing some ideas that we already accept (to some degree).

    2- It’s important to distinguish between what’s possible in the realm of reality and what isn’t. Funnily enough, reality isn’t always the best measure for this! We may be exposed to hideous people, but this doesn’t mean that people are hideous, or that hideous people can’t change!

    I keep my motivation running by focusing primarily on myself. I’m the only person I have control over. And whenever I succeed in making myself a better person, I find hope that others can change, too.

  3. Nasser |

    *thinking happy thoughts* ><

    Problem is I know myself, and the fact that I sometimes overwhelm myself. Point #1 is alright, but that is not always the case. There are times where what we watch is a mix of a lot of stuff, so even if some of it we agree with, the other could be noise.. and could be a type of interference.. that messed the whole thing up. True about #2 too. I believe that its best to focus on oneself, though sometimes not the easiest things to do.

  4. Miss-Informed |

    I’m still under shock from reality…

  5. Amethyst |

    Everyone gets shocked from reality. That’s why I’m so against fairy tales. I grew up not watching cartoons but reading fairy tales. I guess I was wise beyond my years to think that at that age I thought it was all bullshit and complained to my parents to buy me better books;p

    I’ll keep your motivation running;*

  6. Nasser |

    Still? :l Get shocked every day huh.. true it never ends, but wouldn’t you get to the point where you no longer get surprised?

    Yes you are blessed that way:*

  7. suspic |

    Imagine your life as an Arab married man, had you not been influenced by western TV.

    Then proceed to laugh.

  8. mjkout |

    We need these shocks at some points of our lives to help us realize that there is something else that exists out there and we should know about.
    i think TV had a big influence on the way we think on our imagination and creativity, but who knows maybe we would learn other things that eventually lead us to the same place we are now but using a different path.

  9. N. |

    Oh, that’s a good one!

    Hmmm probably true, but we’d never know would we..

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