Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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9abaa7 el Khair

Good Morning people, time to get into a mellow mood of the week. Enjoy.

..Random Thoughts follow..

When you thought it was all crashing down, you look up and see a tingle of light. You reach up for it and try to grab it.. but.. nothing. You can’t hold it. You realize, you slowly give up on reaching it. It glistens brighter, you can’t help but try one more time to grab it.

You still can’t grasp it. But you see it there, and you notice, with every reach you can go further on ahead. Then you realize, that if you do manage to grab that light, it will soon fade away in your palms, but the fact that you can move just a tiny bit forward, is what really makes a difference.

That sense of accomplishment, no matter how small means much more.. so much more..

22 Responses to “9abaa7 el Khair”

  1. skinnybumblebeee |

    Fi3laaan! ;D

  2. Amethyst |

    So much more..

  3. Harlow |

    9aba7 il noour! Nawar my blog ;)

  4. Laialy_q8 |

    your speaking in jargon :p

  5. F. |

    Not in a mellow mood at all…

  6. Navy Girl |

    good morning to you too ;P

  7. MoOn.Light. |

    Oh God not the light again :I

    well , In my ” case ” I see it but ! theres a lot of ppl in between ( ?????? ????? ) :I

    ma3alina ,

    I just notice in the end of the vid .. the girl not wearing pants :I

    I mean … ” lets get it ON ” :I


    Nice Gay.e Marvin song ;b

  8. enchanteurs |

    ok great now ghneyat nabeel sh3ail “sabaa7 il 5aiiir! saba7 il 5air ya mdalal” is stuck in my head :P

  9. Delicately Realitsic |

    Aaaaah that satisfaction once u accomplish something, love that feeling.

  10. Shaymaa |

    Interesting thoughts. I guess these ‘little’ accomplishments are the ones that keep us going to get to that big one.

  11. Kaos |

    LooL, exactly what enchanteurs said.
    Once I read the title 9aba7 ilkheir it followed to 9aba7 ilkheir yamdallal
    yes the light. It’s amazing once u think all hope is lost and all of a sudden things r progressing in a nice way

  12. Shoush |

    It’s the struggle to reach that beam of light that gives it more value and, as a result, a higher sense of achievement when you finally manage to reach it or anywhere near it.

    Good luck. :)

  13. TAT |

    lol I dont look for the light at the end of the tunnel, I go deeper into the darkness

  14. Sushi |

    That’s life. The more you want something, the more it gets away from you. Dont care about anything and just go with the flow and whatever comes your way snatch it =)

  15. Soul |

    na3am na3am..

  16. Nasser |

    9a7 elsanech! ;p

    Yep, very much..

    Halaw ;p

    lol! That is simple (and short :p):/

    Afaaa, enshalla now you’re better.

    Navy girl,
    hala hala ;P

    Haha, the light thing again? :/ Why how many times did I speak about that? I didn’t notice that about her in the video! It was not intentional.. lol. Yes, you love playing with the worse and the situation ;p They were shorts.. I think.. 3ady

    LOL! It wasn’t even close to being on my mind ;p

    Delicately Realistic,
    It is great isn’t it! I bet you know exactly what I mean :D

    Yes, so true, they have to keep us going..

    LOL man.. ya3ne you’re the last person I’d expect this song to remind you of Nabil sh3ail!

    Ah yes, the struggle is rewarded as well.. with great satisfaction! Oh, I like the way you put it ;p

    man.. need a flash light? lol :p

    I like the snatch it part, and you are right about it.. get whatever you can and don’t let the opportunity pass you by :)

    hmm hmm *nods*

  17. Grey |

    Did you N btw ? some poet seems to have hijacked the blog !

    Nice thoughts !

  18. KJ |

    Sense of accomplishment :)

  19. Lone Ranger'ess 63 |

    i bileev that we aren’t capable of moving further, without knowing deep down that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.. regardless of how strong it shines, just as long as it’s there.. we’ll keep on moving.

    and many good mornings to u;)

  20. ??? |

    thats all i can say :)

  21. Nasser |

    lol man.. Thanks!

    Sure is..

    Exactly, it is a light within.. some ppl just gotta learn to find the switch.

    Thanks :)

  22. Elaine |

    The thought is so motivating. Nice.

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