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Protect your Mac from getting stolen

I’ve seen the Mac do many wonderful and great things. Never have I been so impressed in my life, check out the video.

You can download iAlertU for free, and you don’t really need a remote. It just looks way cooler, and is better than using a password.

20 Responses to “Protect your Mac from getting stolen”

  1. skinnybumblebee |

    lol thats so cool does work for mac only?

    you should totally leave it in the middle of the street and see what people would do!
    that would be hilarious!

  2. snookie |

    wooooooow that is super cool! i would use it but my ibook doesnt really leave my room

  3. Shaymaa |

    and the best part? it takes a picture of the thief and sends it over!

  4. Kaos |

    real innovative move by apple

  5. KJ |

    Weird :S

    what happened to the blue blog :’(

  6. Nasser |

    Yes only for a mac :p

    It helps if you would go to a coffee shop

    yes! I’m lovin it.

    Yep, very.

    What is weird? I’m playing with theme.. this does look better IMO. :p

  7. Navy Girl |

    now thats just unfair ! y3ny el” dell” mala rab ??? 3ady get stolen ???????? ;P

  8. Amethyst |

    I don’t have a Mac… I don’t have my own laptop;p

  9. 3baid |

    I’ve seen a lot of articles from around the web where people claim to have found the people who stole their Macs.

  10. Laialy_q8 |

    haha thats pretty nifty

  11. TAT |

    my friend has it installed, I keep shaking the macbook to hear it sound off lol

  12. blasha |

    it also takes a pic of the person who touches it and saves so you’ll know exactly who was trying to steal it :)

  13. Sushi |

    Wonderful, I’ll sit on it and hope it moves on four wheels.

  14. Elaine |

    Great innovation! I’m so impressed.

  15. Nasser |

    Navy Girl,
    e 3ady get stolen :p

    Maybe you should get one? ;p

    It is a great thing isn’t it.

    It is! :p

    Haha, its noisy!

    Yeah! That’s even more amazing.

    Hop in! ;p

    Amazing isnt it!

  16. Nymphadora |

    it’s so cool. i had it on my mac for almost a year now and it’s still funny every time i try to freak some one out :p

    try this: activate iAlertU and leave ur mac on ur desk or table, ask some one to click it to look for some thing and then see the reaction lol u can always deactivate it from the remote. it’s also fun to activate it and see ppl’s reaction to the sound (it sounds like a car’s remote key :p)
    piece of advise: don’t ask the person to bring to u cause he would drop it 3ady :p

  17. Nasser |

    lol, yeah I bet that would really freak them out! Innovation at its best!

  18. Vixen |

    cOOOL!! God bless mac :D

  19. Nasser |

    It is isn’t it! ;P

  20. ammaro |

    haha, that is pretty cool :p and if you dont have an alarm in your car, just leave the laptop in the car, so if someone tries to steal it and move it, the alarm goes off… lol

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