Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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The picture has nothing to do with the post, I just like it. Also, this isn’t about THAT kiss but a totally different K.I.S.S.

I have been reading for a while now about a principle of simplicity on Wikipedia, branching off to other links and topics (So much for number 8 in my previous post!). I think I have found what I have been searching for for years.

I tend to spend too much time thinking (That’s number 7 in my previous post!) about everything and anything. From random silly stuff, to serious life-changing thoughts. I tend to philosophize a lot too. Thinking about theories, possibilities, examples, experiments, and so much more! I noticed that most of the process of thinking and doing things in this world is way too complicated! So many things could be a lot simpler.

So here it is folks, my calling, and my motto of the week for you!

K.I.S.S.Keep it Simple, Stupid (And other Variations.)

P.S. There’s a mention of Occam’s razor in that Wikipedia article. Occam’s razor is about theory selection. If you have multiple theories that reach the same conclusion, then the one with the least necessary assumptions is the best of the group. I also found the following comic, you have to understand the idea behind Occam’s razor to get it :p

Occams Razor

From: [via In the Headlights: Keep it Simple Stupid]
Original Artist’s Archived Post by Kristin Abkemeier, Ph.D. @

20 Responses to “KISS!”

  1. chikapappi |

    Someone’s a bit paranoid :D Well if it makes you feel better, I am the same, I overthink everything o start putting theories o assumptions o go on & on & on… am crazy!

    KISS! :)

    Well paranoia does come as a side effect from thinking too much. I prefer to refer to it as cautious :p Not really, but that’s the other side effect. Yeah, I know how that feels.. going overboard, the key is knowing where to draw the line! :p

  2. Grey |

    sometimes it works when post unrelated pictures hehe!

    What works?! lol, I think it drove ppl away rather than bring them in! This is supposed to be a very intellectual discussion :p

  3. Vinnie |

    Ya, I tend to overthink crap myself.. but at the end the best solution is usually the simplest. We have a culture of suppression and ceromony, so you have to go through all kinda ceremonial b/s to get ur point across.
    So use KISS for u personally, but it won’t get u far in this hell hole
    My two cents worth

    Yeah.. suppression and ceremony not a lot of simplicity in that. Neither does it help getting the point across like you said!

  4. Shale |

    A favorite parsimonious argument of mine:

    The argument from parsimony contends that since natural (non-supernatural) theories adequately explain the development of religion and belief in god[22], the actual existence of such supernatural agents is superfluous and may be dismissed unless otherwise proven to be required to explain the phenomenon.

    And this is after all those Saturday night Church School? Tsk tsk :p I’m teasing. Yeah, that sounds quite interesting. It is a parsimony and I don’t want to get into a debate. But… If it was that easy, well, the total existence of this universe would be superfluous wouldn’t it.

  5. princess |

    good motto hehe and dnt think, thinking is bad, thinking is evillll

    lol, it can’t be that bad! Unless you let it get out of control, it is a beast that needs to be tamed.

  6. CeCe |

    I don’t get this. What’s wrong with thinking? Argh… The first picture is distracting!

    Nothing is wrong with thinking, but getting distracted now that’s a problem we’d have to look into.

  7. Shale |

    Oooh, the little comments on comments section is kinda cool. Sorry about the religious outburst. I had just listened to a voicemail on my phone from last night that said “You’re a ****ing Christian *******, ~@~L”J$ * **~$”$~$$~$~$!”$~~~$,” so it was in my head. Ah, friends…

    Yeah, I saw it on a few blogs and I like the way it works! Lol, that’s alright. Yeah, friends.. tell me about it. I still think if Ireland is full of cottages with wells in their backyards, and little hobbits dancing and having fun all the time then I’d probably make that my retirement location. Random, but relevant in some way or other.

  8. Shale |

    Where I am from is, but where I live now is basically wall-to-wall hot yuppie chicks. The walk between the gates and the front door of the apartment block I live in is like a catwalk. You can also go out for the night any night of the week and expect places to be full. It is a distracting city to live in.

    My man.. that too — is something I can also totally go for.

  9. cixousianpanic |

    think… thinking is good :D

    don’t keep things simple.. when you over-simplify you lose so much meaning.. cause you can only simplify so much like fractions – you reach a point where simplification is not whats needed at all… that’s when you have to change your approach to things..

    i second cece the picture is distracting lol :P

    lol, alright, well I’m not taking it down! I’ll post another post soon with more content about this philosophical phenomenon. If simplification reaches oversimplification then that counters the concept of making it simpler to be understood doesn’t it. This cool concept is about removing unneeded extra content (hence the razor that shaves off that junk). But yeah, it shouldn’t be misunderstood to mean less content by meaning. :p

  10. cixousianpanic |

    ps the countdown to Heroes is awesome :P I can’t wait for it to turn to 1 day left :D

    It is. I’m looking forward to that too! There will be a celebration here :p Party!

  11. CeCe |

    I blame it on my hormones.

    I think your hormones are fine, it was mine that got that up there. Don’t feel so bad about it ;p

  12. dishevelled |

    I usually like keeping everything very simple.
    But sometimes very complex ideas and theories makes it interesting ;P

    It does make it interesting. Sometimes you actually amaze yourself I bet ;p I do that too. Simplicity though, now that is new the wow thing.

  13. palo-girl |

    i want to dye my hair that pink

    That pink, or the same grade in blue is extremely hot on the right person.

  14. palo-girl |

    “From random silly stuff, to serious life-changing thoughts. I tend to philosophize a lot too.”
    yeah i have that problem.
    its the reason i never notice anything.
    im always too busy engrossed in thoughts.
    u know more than once, id pass a building and ask whoever’s with me if its new.. only to find out its been there since before i was born :s

    ive forced myself to improve since my aunts started getting really annoyed when id only notice that theyd dyed their hair 2 weeks late..

    Women like to be noticed, and when it is family, that just makes it worse hehe. I bet you also get into the situation where someone asks you about something that just happened and it turns out you have seen it or didn’t hear it because you were busy thinking about something else. I’ve been there I know. It does seem to be problem sometimes, other times it is the joy of life. Ever tried creating a fantasy? That’s priceless.

  15. palo-girl |

    :O OMG
    and i just noticed that you watch bleach!!!!!
    finally someone besides my best friend who’s too busy to discuss it with me :(

    i realize i dont know you.
    but it doesnt matter
    i have to discuss that part in episode 30 something, when Ichigo’s sword turns blue.
    i think i experienced about 10 physiological changes

    id go on for about 10 more pages, but id hate to swamp ur comments page on my first visit :p

    lol! I have to remember which episode that was. Are you up to date with the episodes? The most recent one is episode 136! That makes episode 30 about 106 weeks ago. That’s a little over two years :/ (Theoretically speaking) I really can’t remember! Let me know which one it is I’ll look it up.

    That however does happen! Physiological changes, wow, yep I know what you mean. I don’t even know if that’s healthy ;/ It doesn’t matter, the show is Kick Ass in my opinion.

    We could go on for 10 or 20 pages, I love it! I think your first visit was two comments ago ;p Feel free to let your heart out.

  16. Shale |

    I had a girlfriend with hair that pink.

    I once had hair that blue.

    They were different times.

    I wish I had a girlfriend with that pink hair.

    I wish I had that blue hair.

    Who knows, time will only tell!

  17. palo-girl |

    N. i know this might sound a bit odd, but the minute i found out that u watched Bleach i felt instant companionship :P
    anyone that appreciates Bleach has got to be a good person!!

    and no im not up to date with the episodes. u see one of my best friends gave me the first season in the middle of my summer finals (couple of months back) and i got addicted. and then the dawriyyaat closed down Ri7ab in Kuwait – uve lived in kuwait so im sure u know it :p
    so i couldnt get the next season, but a couple of weeks back i discovered that they have all the episodes on YouTube!! :) :)
    so now im only up to episode 34.
    tell me, is it still amazing after 100 episodes? or does it get boring?

    and i dont want that exact shade of pink. i was thinking more of this colour:

    im not sure if the blog owner would like me showing off her hair to the world, but if i had that hair colour i wouldnt mind :P
    i found it on Google. amazing huh?

    and i reckon that shade in blue wouldnt be bad either.

    “I bet you also get into the situation where someone asks you about something that just happened and it turns out you have seen it or didnt hear it because you were busy thinking about something else. Ive been there I know.”
    yess!!! happens ALL the time!!
    it annoys my brother the most becuase he keeps pointing things out that he’d like to comment about.. and im like, ” :) say what? :)”

    “Ever tried creating a fantasy? Thats priceless.”
    yes. i make up whole events inside my mind.
    ive done it ever since i was a kid, but back then i used to think it all out loud! :p
    lol my cousin caught me at it once when i was 10, standing infront of the mirror, making up a whole scene. he thought i was talking to my imaginary friend!! :P
    sweet guy, he never told anyone :)

    Any friend of Bleach is a friend of mine ;p As Marzouq said it just gets better! With every anime though there are always some slow episodes. I seemed to have developed an attachment to Bleach though. I have the soundtrack, I love listening to it. I also like searching randomly for pictures it really is fascinating!

    Yes it still is amazing after 100! Like I said, sometimes it is slow but that’s Okay :p

    That pink is real cool, I think its better than the pink in the picture above. Or was it just her white skin that made it look weird?

    lol @ the incident at age 10. Yeah it happens, sometimes you just get carried away! :p Hopefully that should become less and less noticeable (not that it doesn’t happen but you know what I mean ;p)

  18. Marzouq |

    To keep it simple enough I try not to think through out the day!!! lol!

    lol! That pretty much simplifies everything :p

  19. Marzouq |

    palo-girl Bleach has reached 136 episodes and going! One of the best animes out there! Enjoy!

  20. Laialy_q8 |

    your motto of the week is my motto for life :)

    I’m trying to learn how to make it my motto for life. However because of the way I think, sometimes I tend to complicate things rather than make them simpler! So tell me, whats your secret? ;p

Reserved, going to add something here later.