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Emotion-Sensing Furniture Changes Hues

Emotion Sensing FurnitureFuwapica — Soft and flashy. This is the new furniture of the future. Whereby it interacts with your mood and its surroundings to change hues. A concept would be such that..

a person might walk into a room furnished with Fuwapica, place a memento or favorite item — let’s say a blue vase — on the table and sit on one of the chairs. Gradually the chairs begin to change from white to blue.

Isn’t that just very cool? Read more about it at the Discovery Channel Technology News website.

18 Responses to “Emotion-Sensing Furniture Changes Hues”

  1. DiiGMaa |

    I got a headache just thinking of it :P
    La I’ve already got an active imagination as it is.. If my furniture starts changing colours then I’ll really start something is wrong with me.. or think I’m walking into the wrong house everyday :P

    Hi.. I’m back btw :P

  2. Nomad |

    sounds like pothead heaven lol

  3. cixousianpanic |

    LOL @ Nomad!!

    actually it sounds really cool :P I want one!

  4. Shale |

    My mood changes so suddenly and frequently that I would give my guests epileptic fits.

  5. N. |

    DiiGMaa! Welcome back *hug* lol, it can’t be that bad, I’m sure your furniture will adjust to that state :p

    or worst nightmare ;p

    If I manage to get a hold of one, I’ll forward it to you!

    Put on some music and you’ve got a full blown rave going! hehe.

  6. Marzouq |

    That would be very strange, your chair changes with you! I don’t like too much weird light in my room! hehehe

  7. Shoush |

    Wow, really cool!

  8. Laialy_q8 |

    most interesting … i still think i would prefer traditional furniture

  9. N. |

    Would be psychedelic though. I can imagine it can be quite entertaining if you can start controlling it with your mind.

    It is! :D

    How about just an interactive painting? or single item in a room? ^_^

  10. princess |

    so what wait, i bring something into the room and a7i6a somewhere and then the color of that thing becomes the color of the room? wila it judges shino my mood then taglib color il room? i like the second one better wayid!

  11. N. |

    More or less it would be a mix of both features!

  12. eshda3wa |

    i totally looove it

  13. N. |

    afa 3alech when it comes out, I’ll let you know ;p

  14. Navygirl |

    wow cool !!! aby one !!

  15. N. |

    When it comes out, I’ll let you know as well ;p

  16. Laialy_q8 |

    i am a big fan of normal and minimal when it comes to furniture :p

  17. Angelo |

    Cool indeed. I’m so gonna buy one when I become a therapist and open up a clinic. It would be a great asset in interpreting my patients :)

  18. N. |

    This can be so minimal, it can be used for different colored rooms! :p

    Oh! Now that’s a real great use for it :)

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