Life is a series of choices. Every step is a choice, an option, a decision. We try our best to make these choices based on what we know. What we pick may not be based on what is right and what is wrong, but what we believe in our minds and hearts. Whatever we do decide, we have to compromise. It is always one or the other.
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What it means to be an Introvert in Kuwait

An introvert is a person who is energized by being alone, and drained by being with other people. Sometimes Introverts are thought of as being shy, although that may be true, that is not necessarily always the case. Being an introvert only means that you appreciate your alone time and chose to be alone to regain your energy and stabilize yourself before going to a group of people. Extroverts are the opposite: they are energized when they are with groups of people and their energy is drained when alone.

Poll Question: Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Please participate and vote on the right. Thank you!

Our culture in Kuwait is an extremely social culture due to the small size of the country and population. There is always someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows probably everyone. Families are also large, and some families are also very well connected because of family and marriage ties.

When we consider these facts, we realize that mostly no week goes by without some family occasion. These occasions are sometimes weekly, or appear suddenly; a cousin getting married, a baby being born, a nephew graduating, someone passes away, someone is sick, someone leaves the country, someone comes back from a trip, a celebration, an anniversary, and the list goes on.

I have noticed that introverts are mostly misunderstood. They prefer to be alone so the extroverts (and misinformed introverts) see them as anti-social. They criticize their behavior as wrong and that people should always interact with others when given the choice and should never turn down an invitation. To an extrovert, this may sound like heaven, but to an introvert, especially one who values his or her rejuvenation time would see this itself as energy-draining. Just the thought of meeting and talking to all those people for hours on end.. has got me out of energy to complete this post! *tehee*.

A person is usually born an introvert or an extrovert, it is not a choice. This has to be considered by parents who find their children behaving in that way. When a child chooses to not want to participate with other groups it does not mean the kid is being stubborn, generally at least. It is perfectly normal and being social is not about being around people, it is mostly about being connected to those people in some way or other.

31 Responses to “What it means to be an Introvert in Kuwait”

  1. KJ |

    I am a highly introvert person but extrovert activities are mandatory as well, and are critical for an introvert. Without exposure, an introvert will have little to think about (in practice, in theory though there is always something to think about)

    Extroverts also need their introvert fix, but they are tragically skilled at it and that is why they always tend to seek social recognition and support. Introverts also seek support but only to reaffirm their solutions when they have mulled over them whilst alone.

    Like you said, it isn’t really about being anti social. Lots of introverts are quite social. In psychology, strictly speaking, introverts are people who reflect upon the goings on in the world with themselves. Yes, they don’t like crowds and such (I don’t like to be in crowds). The important factor for an introvert is the quality of the crowd, for the extrovert though the quantity typically comes as a higher priority than quality, but quality is also important.

  2. G |

    In my case i dont know if i am introvert or extrovert. With some group people i am extrovert and with others I am introvert. But usually I am just at home Playing a game or watching a movie, anime, or tv series. I guess you know me more, but i will put my self as introvert I think because i am usually that way.

  3. Laialy_q8 |

    i am probably a little extreme extrovert and once lived with an introvert … lets just say it wasn’t a very good experience for me

  4. Marzouq |

    Simply, I don’t see it as that hard.. I have my alone time and I’m very social so its a combination of both, not one or the other.

  5. Chirp |

    Had the same experience as Laialy in college!! Spent 3 years with an introvert. Nearly committed a crime :p
    Bas sometimes social obligations in kuwait are too too too much. I love being around ppl, but not EVERY body, only ppl who i care about and interest me.

  6. Elaine |

    I’m introvert person who marry an extrovert. We are completing each other. My husband help me a lot how to be involved in a group of peoples. I dont know exactly what kind of benefits he get from marry with introvert like me. But, he said that I often share him solution of trouble which he never thought before…I think both type have its own strengtness and weakness.

  7. Amethyst |

    A balance is always good. I’m an extrovert, but my daily alone time is important. Sij ena sometimes I give it up, but it’s still my time to do what I want to do all alone.

  8. Kaos |

    Both types complement each other. So be w/e you are and build up your team.. yes an introvert can be a part of a team and extroverts are needed to keep communications up. Its perfect.

  9. amer |

    Extrovert at work but introvert *after* work.

    Far from shy but I really enjoy my solitary time, reading, playing games, watching movies, writing, spending time with family and I avoid social functions unless the people involved are close friends.

    The only social functions I attend are professional related which I view as part of my job description and necessary.

  10. ::: ShoSho ::: |

    Yea I am an introvert.. and JUST when I try to socialize, something bad happens, like just recently, wrote in my blog that I quit completely!!

    But listen, whether you socialize or not, people are ALWAYS ALWAYS going to find something bad to say uffff…

    I am soo PISSED OFF at the moment!

  11. Intlxpatr |

    I am totally introverted, but grew up with a Mom who trained us socially, so when you see me in public, I can pass as an extrovert, but oh, I pay the price. There are some events I dread so much that it takes me hours of solitude to work up the energy just to get dressed, and when I get home, I just relish the silence.

    So many times I have learned to appear to be listening and nod and smile, and really, I am a million miles away. I am married to an introvert, too, and we do just fine. We DO have friends – mostly introverts like ourselves, but oh, when we get together, you would never know it because we have so much to talk about. We don’t get together all that much, though!

  12. Navy Girl |

    soooo very extrovert !! :D

    oh and i know where the question came from !!! someone just asked me that LOL :D

  13. Nicole |

    Have you ever heard of energy vampires?
    I get the feeling that a lot of people over here are ones ;)
    I usually am an extrovert, but becoming more and more the opposite.
    Well, for some other reasons than energy as well….. :S

  14. Sarah |

    for me it’s 50/50! sometimes extrovert, sometimes introvert… but in general, i prefer spending time with ppl i know and i care for. I prefer quality time with my friends over quantity. I don’t like it when my flatmates invite ppl over that i don’t know but do i have a choice? I like to keep “my home” a sacred and private place. :D

  15. Hope |

    Im an extrovert from the outside, introvert from the ambiversion (somewhere in the middle)

  16. greyshorts |

    ‘ It sucks to be an introvert in Kuwait ‘ should have been your title . You and your high words .

  17. eshda3wa |

    im an extrovert.
    but i like being with a certain group of people
    even as an extrovert the social obligations are just way to much for any sane person to handel!!

  18. Skinny Bumblebee |

    i think im both, depending on the mood. ;p its possible!

  19. F. |’s hard to tell…I enjoy being around people…and on certain occasions, being around people gives me energy. But I also sometimes find myself alone doing something by myself, and that also gives me a sense of accomplishment or self worth…so I don’t know.. :S

  20. Very.Q8ya |

    Extravorted lil-nokha3

  21. Very.Q8ya |

    lesh i can’t vote

  22. hammoodee |

    i’m an accidental extrovert, however, some people are social, and some are forced to be social and wear masks which is wrong, i think one should not be a fake extrovert

  23. Kaileena |

    My energy drains when I’m alone and with people! Is there a third -vert or am I mentally disturbed?! O_O

  24. Angelo |


    Actually, I was to be an introvert, but since I came to the USA, I suddenly became an extrovert. Even my friends detest that I bring a certain energy and spirit to the group. Hmmm, maybe that happens when I started taking psychology courses.

  25. Mrm |

    im an ex-extrovert. im much more of an introvert now. and yes, WE ARE MISUNDERSTOOD!!!!
    just a note: anti-social does not mean unsociable, it means being psychotic and unable to function in society…look it up huy :B

  26. soul |

    ana homovert ;p Bs Sometimes when i am around some ppl (garga type) i become deaf, blind and mute! O my brain shut down, thats a samandaiga-vert! 9ej! My system ey9eer lag

  27. M. J. Kout |

    i’m introvert with some extrovent moments that i need to be with a grp

  28. Lord Jay |

    Seriously, you can’t be an introvert and an extrovert at the same time, or depending on the mood or whatever other mix and match sense + word some people are presenting. It’s like you can’t be both black and white at the same time, or depending on your mood or whatnot. There are other terms designed to aid in the delivery of your meaning. For instance, instead of saying something is “both hot and cold” you could say “lukewarm,” or “cool” or another specific word to help project your meaning. Instead of saying “black and white” you could say “gray.” Language itself is ambiguous without having people shred it to bits. So be kind on others and make the effort.

    And you can’t be an introvert on the inside but when you’re out in public you’re an extrovert, or passing as one. Introversion and extroversion are not simply put “the state of hating social activities,” and “the state of enjoying social activities,” they’re psychological dispositions that effect behaviors in a critical fashion. Introverts are not misunderstood, the usage of the term is. Instead of using those clinically acclaimed terms, why don’t you use other ones such as “social” and “antisocial.”

    Finally, though this is not proven but personalities in modern psychology, NLP studies, and other similar branches are thought to be a creation. So being born with a specific personality does not label one so for the rest of his life. He has the power of changing it.

    Oh the bliss that is both Semantics and Psychology :)~

    Having said that, I’m more of a picky chooser of societies and acquaintances now. I wouldn’t go far enough to say that I’ve become a misanthrope, because it’s not people in general that I hate, but persons with specific personality traits.

  29. Hasen |

    I don’t think there’s such a thing as an introvert. I used to think that I’m introverted, but actually, I realized thru some experiences that being alone really depresses me, so I thought I must be an extrovert, but then, I compare myself to some extroverts, and man, I can’t do like them.

    I think introverts are actually just like extroverts in that they are energized when around people, the difference is, who are those people? If you have some kind of fear from meeting *new* people, then you can’t be extrovert around those *new* people. However, around the people you’re used to, you will be an extrovert.

    I also believe there’s no such thing as being born either way, it’s all from the environment.
    If your parents for example always taught you to always sallim 3nnas and stuff, I think you’re more likely to be extroverted, because you’re been trained to deal with people you don’t know,
    but if your parents keep warning new from strangers (among other things), you’re more likely to be introverted because you don’t trust people whom you don’t know.

  30. lil |

    You can’t be either this or that. I mean, you can’t be a full time introvert nor can you be a full time extrovert. We all fall somewhere in between on account of our inevitable fickle nature. So, I guess that makes me an intro-extrovert (^_^)

  31. Nasser |

    La of course, everyone needs some balance at least.. any extreme would lead to problems~! :l

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