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The Building Just Shook

Was it just our building, or did anyone else feel it? Our building is in Sharq. I thought I was getting dizzy or sick because the world was swaying gently. A colleague mentioned that out loud and it turns out the building had actually shook very gently for about 10 seconds.

Update: We’re on the topmost floor, the 7th floor and people on the 3rd floor haven’t felt it. It might be from the construction close to our building, so thank God it isn’t an earthquake.

Update 2: It was actually an earthquake in Iran.

29 Responses to “The Building Just Shook”

  1. Zed |

    i think thats a sign and you should get the HELL out of there

  2. chika |

    offf! kheir!! our building does that all the time :$ ok! are you in souk al Kabeer !!? @@

  3. blue dress |

    loool, that would be funny!
    I think its the rusty AC

  4. Navy Girl |

    i aint in Sharq .. but a bit close to it & nop didnt feel a thing ! but it depends on your building .. back before when we used to be there .. our building used to shook its head and dance a lot lol :D it was an old building !

  5. eshda3wa |

    is it another earth quake?

  6. Ra7aLaH |

    eykhar3 ;/

  7. N. |

    exactly what I was thinking, but I stayed calm and we’re on the top floor, the ppl downstairs didn’t feel it.

    La not there, souk al kabeer is in murgab isn’t it? I think it might be the construction building next us that made us “wobble”

    blue dress,
    What would be funny? :p Feeling a wobble in the building?

    Navy Girl,
    lol! ha, shesalfa? ;P targes ba3d!

    I don’t think so, doesn’t look like it.

    yeah! it was a little scary, but it seems everything is OK.

  8. 'GreY' |

    Keep a parachute ready ! lol !

  9. Ra-1 |

    Sharg or Mirgab?

  10. Zed |

    are you sure its not something you smoked last night

  11. N. |

    lol I was thinking the exact same thing! I should have one nearby, or a compact glider! Wouldn’t that be cool! wow!

    Sharg :)

    I’m sure what I smoked last night had nothing to do with it :P

  12. Marzouq |

    I think they are planning to knock it down with you guys in it… just jump from the window with a cape.. you will be fine! loool!

  13. pearls |

    wow, better have the building checked if it’s up to earthquake’s standards or not

  14. Amethyst |

    It’s a sign from God that you should leave the place. Yumma!

  15. howahkan |

    hmmm….i wonder if that quick fright brought into mind a new product idea/invention for Slapper ;) lol

  16. princess |

    shook gently!! my god i read it then swayed in my chair!! SHAKO!! walla marat is all abt the stupid hehehe anyway N why r u in that building dam ina it has the ability to shake gently AGAIN WITH THE SWAYING!!

  17. N. |

    Hahaha! That did cross my mind, it was just the probability of being safe afterwards was in question lol!

    They should, but I don’t think they would anytime soon.. and that is not a relaxing thought.

    “It was a sign from God that you should jump” Oh really? :p It probably was a sign, of something that I do not know, but I am planning on leaving, so we’ll see how it goes.. it is just too slow!

    lol, you’re sharp ;D And stay posted for upcoming new and innovative products!

    lol! forget swaying and shaking, it WOBBLED! lol.. sadgeny I wanna get outta here elyom gabel bacher bs the application process bara is slow! ;/ and It was a frightening experience!

  18. Laialy_q8 |

    you should have an exit strategy … i would have been under the desk from the get go

  19. N. |

    Isn’t that what happens in extreme modes? My mind started flashing with exit strategies, and yes the desk, the door, sliding down the elevator shaft.. u name it.. hehe

  20. shoosha |

    7asafa :( i wanted to witness one in kuwait

  21. N. |

    la7ga enshalla :p

  22. Navy Girl |

    yeah never heard the noise ?? :P

  23. ananyah |

    eeeek scary! i woulda ran outta there so fast loooool

  24. This Lady |


  25. EniGma |

    LOL ams I felt my bed was shaking but I think it was me being too tired and sleepy (i’m back to my insomniac ways)

  26. N. |

    Navy girl,
    lol what noise! La there was no noise :p

    lool! If I was a girl, I would have done the same! lol

    This Lady,

    Again? lol, oh boy you should get back to eating right, once you get like that you have to know its what you eat thats makin you this way!

  27. It was an Earthquake in Iran | N. |

    [...] Yesterday I posted about the building wobbling (my new word). It turns out it is the aftereffects of a 5.1 magnitude earthquake that hit Iran. It was later reported that it was felt on the coastline in Kuwait. My colleague and I thought it was related to a construction nearby. [...]

  28. Very.Q8ya |

    hey N. , at what time was that?

  29. N. |

    This was betwenn 8 and 9 in the morning. around 8:40 maybe.

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