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SebaQ el SMS

Esdh3wa.. tra ermothan 3ugub bacher (enshalla) o em6arshen msgat, o emailat men youmain? ;p

Eshd3wa.. akeed 3endek/ch msg men el sena ely 6afat taby edez-ha, o tawek leget el fur9a.. embacher eshway, bs maykhalef ;p

Eshda3wa.. men cham sena, edegon o egolon embarak 3alekom el shahar.. o ba3dha eb cham sena msgat, o al7een.. msg o y’Allah ba3d.. ;p

Allah kareem ;P o Salamatkom..


37 Responses to “SebaQ el SMS”

  1. manutdfanatic |

    Let’s see..

    I think got 70 percent of that. ;P

  2. manutdfanatic |

    *I think I got

  3. Laialy_q8 |


  4. :::ShoSho::: |

    but its sad people don’t call.. I HAVE to call.. i don’t think messages are enough

    O embarak 3laik el shahaar..

  5. Mrm |

    i sensef an intruder. did u write thisf??

  6. Nasser |

    lol 70 percent aint bad at all! lol..


    3alena o 3alech :D

    No its me alright =p In the flesh

  7. asoom |

    I understood “youmain” and I understood “Allah kareem oo salamtukum”

    I wonder if people get that effect when I transliterate on my blog

  8. Nasser |

    I was going to write it in Arabic text but figured it would be troublesome since my keyboard doesn’t have the Arabic letters. And it happens to me sometimes when I read your blog (or even during the videos you posted) but I get the gist which I suppose is alright :)

  9. manutdfanatic |

    You do realise you’re going to have to translate the whole thing for me?

    One of the ways to learn. =P

  10. Ruby Woo |

    if u think thats bad.. We just got a “niq9a”! When I read the card, it said mbarak 3alaikom ishahar. What? Why two days in advance?

  11. Aurous |

    In a few years people will send one sms each year for all the occasions :p
    I got one of those but it was for a joke :)

  12. Marzouq |

    Too Funny!

  13. Delicately Realitsic |

    Its annoying me !!!

    Y3ni taw ilnas!!

  14. FourMe |

    3alaina w 3alaik.. shfeek alah yhdak et7al6am chinik 3ayooz baygen 3ashaha :p

  15. Nasser |

    lol. Alright, I’ll figure something out.

    Ruby Woo,
    lol! That too, laish..

    lol.. that is more efficient =p or Just send one for the whole lifetime.

    Hehe, yeah.

    Delicately Realistic,
    It is isn’t it!

    LOL! you got me laughing too much way too early in the morning, shakhbarii =p Why don’t I have access to your blog?

  16. chika |

    kel 3am o enta bkheir!

  17. MJKOUT |

    i think ba3ad cham sina beser one digest sms tindaz awal el sina feha kil el monasabat ( 3eed , rmithan , birthday , 3eed wa6any , kilshay ) tdizha ras el sina 7ag el kil wo khalas u get the whole year sms free

  18. KJ |

    In English O_O

  19. FourMe |

    because I don’t have your email to send you an invite.. send it.. [an email was here] wa3laya 3ala ma email gemt amshy w a7athif fy eb kil blog kil ma a7ad gali invite g6ait hal email.. sbeel mo email.. ok ana ely baygeen 3ashay mo ent :p

  20. Shaymaa |

    lol, I am waiting until Ramadan eve and then make my calls…

  21. Grey |

    Wish you a Blessed Month of Ramadan .

  22. Nasser |

    wenty eb khair :)


    Err, well ppl were sending Ramadan greetings 4 days before Ramadan! That’s not logical!

    Got it ;P Thanks! Allah e3enech 3al (random) meyanen ely bethefonech bel msn 3ayal :P

    That seems like the best time :)

    Thanks, you too man!

  23. Nasser |

    and now that I managed to contact you, I removed your e-mail from your comment.. to save you from those random crazy ppl who add others to msn.

  24. Navy Girl |

    LOL hehehe :D

    Happy Ramadan F Student :P

  25. Nasser |

    Happy Ramadan enty, unfair grade griver that’s the best name I could come up with =p

  26. MJKOUT |

    Remember what i said earlier ? well someone sent me the full packaged sms good for all year / all events

  27. Nasser |

    It has begun! =O

  28. G |

    I hate sms because they send it in bulks and it always rings at midnight or after. Also the good part is that you know that your friends are ok ^^

  29. ??? |

    ee wallah 9edagt…the messages i got this year yen3adoon 3al a9abe3 :(

    well, mbarak 3laik elshahr anyway! :)

  30. Navy Girl |

    HA HA HA , a7md rabk i gave you + !!

  31. Hamitaf La B |

    There was this one annoying message that I got three times…. I wanted to kill the author of that one…. !!!

  32. Balqees |

    i hate it i hate al sms’at 7ag ramadan est’3frallah
    klha 3 wla 4 msg tejeeni 100000 marrah mn kl alnas
    5la9 5laaaaaaaaaa9

    i hate it :S

    anyhoo mubark 3alek alshaher :D

    i’ll find r num for next year and text u all the text’s i get :P

  33. Lone Ranger'ess 63 |

    all that i can accept, except lama yitsharihown! … now that’s unbearable;s

  34. Nasser |

    Yeah, the timing is sometimes bad!

    3alena o 3alech! :)

    LOL! El7emdellah 3ala kel 7al :P

    La ermothan, mayser you kill! =p

    3alena o 3alech. LOL! La thanks, I don’t want any more texts!:p

    It is isn’t it.. ;l Ba3d, ohma ely ma dazaw gabel ba3d.. e7em.

  35. Lone Ranger'ess 63 |

    Ya I 1st started off with the “2 can play this game” take… until I realized that it actually ignites the flames;p currently, im settling with “fi3lan, imga9ra ib7agich/7agik.. imbarak 3alaik/3alaich lshahar:)”

    It duz wonderz!

  36. Nasser |

    Hehe yeah it does ignite the flames, but the being cooperative is the best strategy then :)

  37. Arabian lady |

    Sub7an Allah ;P .. For me i like the greeting msgs madre laish ;P ..

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