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Salmiya Graffiti, and an Indecent Mannequin

DSC00183 DSC00184 DSC00185 DSC00186 DSC00187#1

I was out shopping with a friend and we saw these cool graffiti out in old Salmiya behind Marks and Spencer.

A friend (who shall remain anonymous) pointed this out today when were at Marina Mall.DSC00191#1

67 Responses to “Salmiya Graffiti, and an Indecent Mannequin”

  1. desert-roses |


    reminds me of LA great wall… is it LA? :p

    elmohem..we need these kinds of art anyways….

    lol a7es kel shay 8elta badliya :P

  2. chikapappi |

    well, I think that’s bad – they are messing up public properties :/

  3. Laialy_q8 |

    they should allow for those with the talent some space to show their artisticness rather than random tidbits in random places

  4. This Lady |

    i wish there was a public graffitti wall where artists can vent their frustrations onto.

  5. Cat |

    ana agol ye5a9e9oon lehom mekan feh space yersemoon feeh bdal ma ye5rbe6oon bel sheware3 w 3la el mabany cuz hkel rasmah 7elo :)

  6. 'GreY' |

    i like those XForce guys ! they have been graffitting every toilet in Marina Mall , the maintainence takes it off , they come back the next day and write again …. i mean i have noticed them for the last four years .,… may be there is still time to grow up !

    Indecent manequin ? is she for real or a real manequin … cz i dont find anything indecent !

  7. Mai |

    I agree with “This Lady” ..
    every time I see these, I wish they give them a huge place to do whatever they want! Not on street walls!

  8. Nasser |

    La wain LA :p o 3adl mako badliyat lol.

    They are. But they have no other place to do it.

    Yes the should!

    This Lady,
    That would really be awesome!

    Mafroth walla.

    LOL really? Take some pictures next time! Yeah the mannequin is lifting up her skirt hehe.

    Yeah, but it is very artistic!

  9. Very.Q8ya |

    I like their art-work, better than a plan wall

    I don’t see anything wrong with the manican =/

  10. Amethyst |

    I like the M! Randomly that is..

    Kaifha the mannequin.. 7ata hathi ur gna take away her freedom of expression?;p

  11. Nasser |

    raf3a tanorat-ha :/

    Yes, random it is :p What? Yes we have to take away its freedom! I say “NO” to mannequins flashing us in public! :p

  12. Amethyst |

    LOL! It’s not flashing. You just see what you WANT to see;p

  13. Nasser |

    It so is! Look at it lifting its skirt.. what the heck is that!

  14. Amethyst |

    Tsk tsk tsk.. Kaifha, it does what it wants to do! It’s a MANNEQUIN, it doesn’t flash people..

  15. Nasser |

    lol, it can’t.. that’s immoral..
    besides.. it does flash people, even if it might lift and then go “psych!.. haha”

  16. Amethyst |

    LOL! It’s only immoral IF people are seduced. Are you?

  17. Nasser |

    No I’m not, my friend might have been (lol..) What bout those poor kids walking by? Innocent kids with virgin eyes!

  18. Amethyst |

    They won’t be seduced by plastic or metal or whatever! It doesn’t move! It isn’t even alive enough to have a face.. It’s a headless thing with a lifted skirt?!

  19. Nasser |

    Yeah but still.. I wonder what the person putting the mannequin in that position was thinking!

  20. Amethyst |

    Pervert.. But 3adi, people will be fine.. The virgin eyes will be blinded by other stuff;p

  21. Nasser |

    lol, you’re right they will be blinded by so many other stuff! ;/

  22. Amethyst |

    Khalas, let’s turn a blind eye on the mannequin;p

  23. Nasser |

    God help us all! :p

  24. um-mit3ib |

    ya7lailna 3indina mawaheb ;p

  25. Nasser |

    eh mashallah!

  26. fadidra |

    kash5a we have graffiti artists.. who knew!!

  27. Amethyst |


  28. Very.Q8ya |

    she’s not raf3at’ha, hathey aslan a mini-skirt o ba3dain its only a manican! =/

  29. Nasser |

    Yeah mashallah, apparently we do!


  30. Nasser |

    I know its only a mannequin, but its an observation. It is marfo3a! ;/

  31. Vixen |

    i don’t like graffiti … it’s uneasy on the eyes. like chika said, public property!

  32. Nasser |

    None the less it is creative :D Yeah public property, but that is what graffiti is about.. vandalism lol.

  33. :::ShoSho::: |

    They should be told to se their talents some other places.. I don’t like to see it on public places.. but their energy, they could use it in a good way.. maybe a club or something or create an art gallery or something like that!

  34. :::ShoSho::: |

    se = use

  35. EniGma |

    i love graffiti, to me that’s real art, one of the highlights of the metro in paris is the graffiti actually..

    and what’s wrong with the mannequin?

  36. asoom |

    I don’t really get it. If it’s the mannequin holding up her skirt or dress or whatever, well in all honestly her skirt remains longer than the shorts on the Saints girls which is why I have to photoshop photos that they’re in looool.

    But I guess you are talking about a Middle Eastern Muslim country….

  37. suspic |

    For the love of god, a joke of a picture about a slutty mannequin and it turns into a debate about freedom of expression?

    Did someone say aqeemo el7ad 3la altimthal alkafir?

    God..anyway, why the hell do mannequins have 10 inch nipples nowadays?

  38. AlleyCat |

    hahaha and we believe the ‘west’ is corrupting us… sometimes i wonder if we’re way worse than them… we’re such closet freaks lol

  39. Nasser |

    Where else would they do it? Besides, I believe most of these graffiti artists would do it in public places because that is what its all about.. I could be wrong!

    The mannequin is lifting up her skirt.

    LOL @ the Saints girls! Did you know that miniskirts are a big no-no here? Unless they wear something like some type of pants or something.

    lol, yes it has turned into a debate.. as you can see, women are debating the issue. I only put it here as a joke lol. I actually don’t know why there is a huge emphasis on mannequin nipples.. that is a question to be asked..

    LOL! we are closet freaks, and in some freakish way, it actually excites us!

  40. Nomad |

    admit it it was joooooooooo! *points finger at N*

  41. lone.rangeress |

    At the the Graffitti: i like the “m”..perfect measurements mashala

    At the mannequin: does the shop’s owner really think that he can attract customers that way?! …are we running out of standing positions??

  42. Very.Q8ya |

    witha marfo3a? I still dont see anything wrong with it :|

  43. Kaileena |

    Hao bismillah 3alaiha this mannequin is considered decent compared to the ones posing in the storefronts these days!

  44. Mrm |

    that is vandalism not graffiti. and mo 7ilo… so yeah…my 2 fils

  45. Nasser |


    The M looks very old school! lol they probably are..

    I just brought it up as a joke.. :/

    I don’t pay much attention.. It blinds me.. ;l

    It is 7elo, and yes it is vandalism.. controversial art..

  46. joud |

    whats wrong with the mannequin ?

  47. Nasser |

    the mannequin is flashing passers by..

  48. Mrm |

    hatheela 7ilween…mo ghetto wanabes in salmiya enjoying the thrill of vandalism.

  49. Navy Girl |

    to be honest i like it ! its really nice :D

    bs hey whats with that mannequin ?? :/

  50. Navy Girl |

    oh so your nasser now :P

  51. Shaymaa |

    Navy Girl, lol, I think you missed the “coming out” party!

    About the graffiti, I think it’s very artistic but what your showing us is probably the only graffiti-as-it-should-be in Kuwait. The rest is just kids scribbling their names and pride on the wall… I think someone in Kuwait should organize a contest for the “real” artists on walls where everyone can see them yet not disturb the appearance of school walls and co-ops. That way they’d promote artistic skills in the kids, keep them out of trouble and keep Kuwait clean.

    DIESEL once held a worldwide online contest for artists of all kind.. whoever submits the best piece of art gets to display their art on HUGE buildings or walls that DIESEL had already selected in various countries. It was amazing. They do a different “art” contest every year for the creative people.

  52. blue dress |

    Loool. whats wrong with the manquine?
    Isnt that how everyone else is dressing like? ;p

  53. howahkan |

    I love graffiti!! Yet, I would fancy seeing more arabesque element in the graffiti art. Would be great if Banksy would pay us a visit and graphitizes our disused walls in certain neglected areas.

  54. Nasser |

    Mrm at least its a beginning!

    Navy Girl,
    Yes I am, I always was.. lol.

    What you said gave me an idea. What if the government would select certain walls and make them publicly available for graffiti, of course with appropriate content! That would be perfect! :) I wonder why Diesel does that, they’re a fashion company aren’t they.

    blue dress,
    lol! More or less..

    Mixing graffiti and calligraphy? wow.. that would really be a sight!

  55. Shaymaa |

    It would be great if you could get the government to agree and offer a few walls! Then we’ll organize the contest!

    About DIESEL, they’ve been doing this for quite some time. It seems like besides being a brand they have a LOT of interest in bringing artists together… I never figured out why, promotion maybe? but it’s so cool of them.

  56. loya |

    daam we have young ppl who like hal ashya, why doesnt the country it7elehum 6oofa, kil shahr someone designs in w/ his/her graffiti,,, ya3ni yed3emoon il shabab

  57. Midoe |


  58. palo-girl |

    :) hello
    long time no see

    nice graffiti :p

  59. Marzouq |

    Those are pretty cool, I wish that they could develop their talent so that they could make even better pictures, these guys are good with talent that needs encouragement!

  60. Nasser |

    Yeah that is pretty cool!

    They should, but I don’t think they will anytime soon!

    ee walla!

    Yeah, long time indeed :D Nice to have you back!

    Yeah we’ll see, hopefully we’ll find better graffiti elsewhere by the same ppl!

  61. |

    shes not so indecent… we have naked mannequins here in bahrain, lol…

  62. KJ |

    at least no graffiti of genitalia were found!

  63. Nasser |

    looooooooooooool! That is hilarious! Did the MPs respond? I hope so! :p

    hahah true!

  64. Music Site |

    I hope they know how to clean them exactly like they know how to mess up,

    this is sad, it could be nice drawing but still a mess.

    Thank you for sharing this,

  65. Nasser |

    Yeah I’m wondering if they actually know how to clean it. There are ways but oh well, you’re most welcome!

  66. "SAINT" |

    nice and btw there is a parking in salmiya behind MARINA (parking building) it is deserted it is full of graffiti!!! and good ones and on the last (up) floor there is a vry big graffiti (realy big) so… check it out….. and wen u c “SAINT” TAGZ … AM DA ONE WHO DREW ‘EM!!!

  67. SAINT |

    well……iam an artist in kuwait i draw SAINT i wish cops let us draw freely not hiding like rats and der are many arrtists in q8 but hiding !! if any contest comes up plz tell em !! PEACE

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