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Picture: Kuwait Oddities

I took this picture in the parking lot next to Bank eltasleef wel edekhar. Click on the image for a clear view. Elevator

14 Responses to “Picture: Kuwait Oddities”

  1. Laialy_q8 |

    i have no clue what that is -_-
    sure looks confusing

  2. N. |

    That’s the elevator control box. It has been attached side ways! With the sub floor buttons at the top of the box! o_O

  3. MishMisha |

    what the hell….??
    why would somebody do that?

  4. N. |

    I have no clue! but it works.. lol.

  5. Peony |

    only in kuwait..

  6. Nomad |

    reminds me of towlie “wana get high?” lol

  7. Fayoora |

    LOOL! Aham shay :P
    Ta5aluf , No?

  8. Marzouq |

    hahahaha! Standard Kuwait thinking!! The Buttons for floors were “An Afterthought!” looool!

  9. cixousianpanic |

    looking at this has left me cross-eyed!!

    i must sue!!

    or just send me a free jolt slapper and four boomarang zanoobas and I’ll settle :D

  10. N. |


    what’s towlie gotta do with an elevator? :p

    Very much so!

    Yeah, and what a wonderful solution lol.

    4 boomarang zanoobas comin ur way, heads up :p

  11. DiiGMaa |


  12. N. |

    DiiGMaa ^_^

  13. commenter |

    Retro, weird and fun :P

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