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Photocopied: Your Life

PhotocopySo what’s the problem? You go into an institute or something along those lines to get a service or buy something. Usually you’re already part of this institute because you have an account with them, or, they are part of the government. Naturally they would ask for (a) document(s), and you would kindly and happily provide them.

Here comes the problem. They don’t only check your I.D. but they make copies as well. Every. Single. Time. Not only do they make copies of your Civil ID card but your bank card (ATM, VISA, MasterCard..), other I.D., copies of other photocopies.

Tell me, is there a goofy green drooling monster these people have in their basement that feeds off copies of people’s I.D. and private documents?

Enough with the copying!

29 Responses to “Photocopied: Your Life”

  1. G |

    Loool , when ever you ask them why do you need a copy, when you have the ID? They answer with one word ” Procedure.” What the hell? is it a program or something :P

  2. Marzouq |

    It annoys the crap out of me that they do this… they shouldn’t even see the Civil ID more then just seeing the name, legally they shouldn’t keep it.

  3. Zed |

    zero privacy, thats the ultimate goal, they want to know where you are, when, how and with whom.

    once this is accomplished, you are on the radar and “under control”

  4. Chirp |

    I don’t think its safe to have photocopies of Credit Cards floating around.

    I hear the download speed is amazing :P

  5. Kaos |

    Ee wallah, such invasion of privacy man

  6. MJKOUT |

    i feel bad for all those trees that sacrificed their precious lives to make all this paper bing wasted on these stupid ppl and their copies.

    Identity theft rings a bell ?

  7. KJ |

    That’s just their way of telling you they can afford paper

  8. Hamitaf La Bookay |

    you know what … I never thought about this before… but your write… every where… they copy your documents… what do they do with them… why do they need them…?

  9. Cat |

    urrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh !

    I went to DHL to send something, they took a copy of my ID.
    I went agian 1 day later, the man asked to take a copy for my ID!
    I told him: You just took a copy yesterday!
    He replied: No maaaaaaaaaaaaaam, we don’t keep them ! we throw them !!

    Then why the hell the copying kel shway !

  10. suspic |

    Why’s the xerox machine always in another room, and sometimes you have to go to it and give it to the xerox man? Oh and they charge you 100 fils for them in some places.

    I’m a client doing business with you imbeciles and you dare to charge me for a piece of paper, not to mention make me walk instead of seating me and offering tea? =O

    Okay I’ve been in only one place like that, but I’m still bitter.

    Question, isn’t it common knowledge to not let anyone take your Civil ID number for security stuff? I think everyone has mine.

  11. Kaileena |

    You know..I’m starting to believe there is a monster, an orange one!

  12. ammaro |

    the really messed up thing is with all that information, they can actually do quite a bit of damage to you if they really wanted!

  13. Amethyst |

    Is ThePurg rubbing off on you?

  14. AlleyCat |

    Talk about identity theft.. personally i think it has something to do with the kuwaiti gossip radar… u know they huddle in circles after hours and hack into governmental systems to find out all the shit u;ve been hiding … and then probably give u an alias and post all about ur life as a story on some blog… and no i havent been drinking.. or smoking..

  15. GreY |

    Dude you are lucky they are just copieng your documents, for us, our Salary certificate, and Passport , ( original) are kept with ‘them’. We are not copied but slaved man!

  16. joud |

    hehe true, i feel like i can never have enough copies of my civil id, or enough passport size pictures

  17. Mrm |

    bureaucracy, yum!

  18. Nasser |

    lol! yeah their minds work like that..

    They really shouldn’t but imagine, the whole country is like that.

    :/ That is really not a pretty thought.

    It isn’t, but who’s stopping them. Yes it sure is! ;p

    It is, and It is dangerous.

    You know, you’re so right. They just don’t have ppl doing it here, or if they do, not many, when it starts to increase they’re going to be the ones to blame.

    Heh, man I WISH that was only it!

    I have no idea why they really need them. I would hope someone who works in such a place would enlighten us.

    What the.. lol! That’s very stupid of them!

    Yeaaah! That is mostly with government places isn’t it? And they talk about the e-gov. It isn’t close to being “e”. It is a security risk to give out your ID.

    Orange? I thought it was green! :/

    They could, anyone who has access to these files could. And they don’t really care about keeping them in a very safe place.

    I don’t know the guy, neither do I read his blog. Why do you ask?

    Heh, you know, that really couldn’t be too far fromt he truth. It is that sad.

    I thought there was a law passed that they can’t keep the passport with them anymore!! Please let me know and check if thats the case.

    lol. Yeah, and it is always two pictures, or 4 or whatever. Like they’re really going to be using that many for whatever purpose. Maybe they like the thickness of the folder after it has been filled lol.

    Extremely… and I don’t think its the good kind.

  19. eshda3wa |

    et7es ma 3ndhum salfah

  20. Amethyst |

    Because he has weird thinking patterns like the one you show in this post;p

  21. Shoush |

    Maybe they enjoy photocopying. :P

  22. 3baid |

    “It’s all part of the procedure” :/

  23. Nasser |

    nope, none at all!

    Weird is good!

    lol! That much? ;P

    Yeah, procedure.. that is about 100 years old.

  24. Elaine |

    I never let my ATM and credit card being copied…So far only my ID ever been copied.

  25. Laialy_q8 |

    i just have this feeling that the info should be confidential and it is no way confidential in this country -_-

  26. Lone Ranger'ess 63 |

    thtas wht happens when ur too scared and u dont have a set path in front u.. u need more than one backup to support u. hence, the useless photocopying.

  27. Nasser |

    That is good. I hope you’d never have to get into that situation!

    So true, and it isn’t like you can easily trust them. It is confusing.

    I don’t think they’re too scared, just too lazy to do a good job..

  28. This Lady |

    Where i work, i think they make it a requirement to photocopy EVERY.SINGLE.ITEM. even emails and memos! What a waste of paper!

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