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New Building Burning in Downtown Kuwait

This is what I saw when I arrived at 7:40pm September 29th 2007. The top few floors of what seems to be a new building are burning pretty badly. There is a helicopter circling the location, probably finding a quick route for ground support. However, I couldn’t find anything about it anywhere in the radio, or TV for that matter. All I could think about was how the owner the building must feel. Allah ekon fe 3ona, o enshalla no one got hurt!

Location: Murgab, Kuwait

20 Responses to “New Building Burning in Downtown Kuwait”

  1. Fayoora |

    Lol I was there just now trying to take pictures for my photography class ;$
    bas i couldnt get close damn it.
    Shfee il Helicopter? a7ad ifahimneee

  2. Amu |

    I was there at 6:15pm…I got few pics on my blog too…The fire was really bad. But I didnt see the fire fighters doing much. I guess the fire is out of their control or they dont have the required equipments to handle such a case…

  3. shoosha |

    ashwa no ones hurt!! hatha aham shay

  4. Laialy_q8 |

    OMG this is weired I just woke up and my mom was telling me about it cause she saw it from the Material market

  5. chikapappi |

    You know, the most thing I fear is fire… allah yekfena heyye enshallah ajma3een

  6. Vixen |

    Allah ykafeena elshar!! Omg it’s truly scary, hope everyone’s fine.

  7. Phoenix |

    ya i heard it took the firemen over half an hour to get there
    malat 3alaihum!
    did they grab coffee on the way wela shino!

  8. Navy Girl |

    :( oh i really hope no one is hurt !

  9. Very.Q8ya |

    eee i saw it in today’s news! 7addda ykharri3
    bs wain il building??? chena KFH aw il Ahli bank?
    atwaqqaa3 hathaak il soob

  10. Drunk'n'Gorgeous |

    Great live photage! How come there’s no live commenting, though? Woulda’ been redundant? Ok, point taken.

    I don’t think anyone got hurt but *crosses fingers just in case*

  11. N. |

    Yeah, they blocked the roads! It looks very dangerous!

    You have some great shots there, I don’t even know how they put it out later on!

    eh, I hope so!

    Yeah! The fire is huge btw.. and you can see it from the 1st ring road!


    I hope so too!

    I wouldn’t know, but Kuwaiti roads aren’t very friendly for emergencies(especially the ones downtown).

    Navy Girl,

    It is in that area, but probably on the other side of the street. It is a new building, ma khalesat, lel7en ga3d yabnonha!

    I was about to do that, I was outside the coffee shop I usually hang out at, I just decided to leave it be and let the news ppl take care of it:p I hope no one got hurt too. It looked very vicious.

  12. Marzouq |

    I had no clue that even happened and nobody even mentioned it in the papers. Really odd to say the least. There is insurance for that reason… but we shall see if they pay out but curious to reason why things caught on fire.

  13. N. |

    Yeah, I’ll try to find the article and see what is it all about. Sabotage? Accident? Who knows!

  14. AlleyCat |

    It was actually on the news last night on Al-rai (approx 12midnite). Apparently its the 3rd almost completed building to ‘mysterioualy catch fire’ in the past 3 months… hmm anyone suspect anything? ;p

  15. N. |

    Hey Alley! I wasn’t aware of that! “mystery” ha.. I’d like to know what “mystery” this is all about! Are the burnt new buildings all from the same contractor? ooooh! Sabotage? Could be eh? Or bad construction and power cabling. OR maybe someone forgot to put their cigarette out. Either way, further investigation is needed for sure!

  16. palo-girl |

    3anjad Allah y3eeno

  17. N. |

    Ee walla.

  18. Shale |


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